Dagashi Kashi

>best girl looks like a boy

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>looks like a boy
Go outside

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does this make you feel insecure about your sexuality?

>best girl is a really hot girl

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why is it cut off at one of her redeeming features?

Shout out to Hajime for knowing what would up happen.

>best girl is a ditzy megane

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>Knew what would happen
>Still helped Coconuts
Reminder that Hajime is best girl and Hotaru is a false prophet.

did hotaru show up yet or no?


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>best girl is literally perfection

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>MC sounds like Touma

I mean goddamn

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Saya is my favorite. Also she doesn't look like a boy. You internet age kids with the liberal school system we have in this country are unable to differentiate sex. The way Japanimation messes with character designs does not help much either. I can't blame you too much. I blame the socially degenerate older folks.

You're thinking into it too much.
I'm just posting Saya

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I know. I am appreciative.

her makeup makes much more of a semen demon

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Kids shouldn't wear makeup. It's one of the things that really erks me about 80s up to 2010 eastern european hardcore child pornography.

Seriously that was such a nice touch.

Is Saya going full cuck in the latest chapter and telling him to go chase after Hotaru?

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link to the raws?

>best girl looks like a boy

There are 3 girls in this show and All of them look like girls.

Also, all girls are the best girls.

No, raws, but here's Korean - wasabisyrup.com/archives/bRXrGXL-NK8

damn she knocked the hell out of him. I guess no one wants to deal with another mopey Coconuts episode again.

Born on or after 1980? Congrats, you're a millennial too, dumbass. Unless you're over 35 in which case you get a life instead of posting here.

>on 1980
>unless over 35

Shhh... The kids today can't take criticism. This is a safe thread.

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Sexy time

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Why is a girl in her upper teens still eating candy? Grow the fuck up.

What are the chances of Kokonotsu and Hotaru figuring out a way to be together, which they clearly want, and still being able to achieve both of their professional goals?

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for comfort

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What's wrong with candy?

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Makes her look like a whore

A beautiful whore.

Don't be so jealous, Saya. You'd become pretty with makeup too.

>One of few meaningful characters that isn't a titty-monster
>Called a "boy" by spergy twat on 4chins

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fuck y'all


What the FUCK is his problem?

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He wants the hotarus but then he wants to be a mangaka and he's not smart enough to figure out how to get both.

Stop saying that!

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dumb sayafag

Saying what? Meaningful?

Liked boobs

Kino t b h


>Marry Hotaru
>Never run out of material for your manga.

Nobody wants to read a manga about a girl getting her legs amputated from Diabetes.


What other material would you get from a sugar addict? It's the inevitable end and is likely within the next 5 years

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What did she mean by this?

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Her breasts are too large

That's a goddamn lie and you know it.

Maybe in the manga you're reading.

Is this the most underrated show this season

Yeah, it's this one about a tit-cow sugar addict who does nothing but talk about candy all day and never does anything interesting. The lack of exercise and overabundance of sugar intake is a surefire trigger for the beetus.

>The lack of exercise
Confirmed for not reading/watching the series.

The bit we see isn't enough to offset the huge sugar intake.

that? good? pffff

She will burn crazy calories by riding the Coconuts and candy bar, unlike that dried husk of a tomgirl Saya.

He wouldn't have time to draw any manga if he were doing it often enough to keep her metabolism under control.
At least Saya wouldn't be wasted on someone as shit-tier as Coco-no-nuts.

Nice projection.

Oh you're just a butthurt sayafag. Should've expected it.

What's there to be butthurt about?

You would constantly get cuts and bruises all over if you tried sleeping with Saya's bony ass. I'd say that'd get you butthurt enough.

I can't tell if you don't know how sex works or if you're implying that Saya is futa in which case Hotaru is even more completely destroyed in the best girl fight

I want Saya to kill me after i raped her in front of Kokonatsu

That's very nice