Getsuyobi no Tawawa

Boys waiting to catch imouto's button pop.

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Waiting does have its virtues.

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Weekly dose of fat tiddies, thanks.

Isn't it just that it's like a tradition to give a boy a button of your uniform?

how big is she now? how much energy is produced when that button comes flying out of her ?

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>himecut tawawa

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Is that imouto?

I think it's the other way around. Then again, a button that could survive the strain a Tawawa puts on it could be considered a talisman of strength.

Sure is, I'm glad she's not acting like an angry lesbian for once.

Jesus. Isn't she supposed to be in middle school? What the hell are her parents feeding her?

It's something in the water.

tawawa city experiment is part of abe's plan to repopulate

"H-her second button!!?"

TL Note: There is a custom of sorts in Japan revolving around romance and the second button of a uniform.
It's the button that is closest to their heart.

Is this the first chapter she got to herself? Wonder who her dude will be.

Not anymore. She just graduated.

I doubt this joke hasn't been done before. But I can't believe it isn't done all the time. It's such an obvious gag. But then, no one before Himura has been this dedicated to the tawawas.

Nah, they just ask for her second button, this is a custom that many user in this thread already pointed out.

I don't want them to grow up

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So how many different girls are there in this Tawawa series? I only remember the anime shorts girls.

as many as drops of rain in the sky. ]

probably easier to number the businesses named tawawa in that magical land.

This tradition is only meant for graduating high school male seniors, though.

These guys are pretty shameless.

No girl wants to destroy her highschool uniform that she can use to roleplay in the far future

Same as what she herself ate growing up, looking at the mom.

Who will win her? Did Ai-chan already graduate?

Will she find her own Salaryman too?

I hope she will focus all that angry lesbian frustration she has for the Volleyball lez chick towards otouto-kun.

I just want imouto to be shy, naive pailoli like the first time she appear.

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Damn, Ai has to be graduated by the time of OP right? Imouto looks a couple years younger there.

She already did.

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Any user willing to dumb the chapter where she aim for volleyball captain's shota little brother? I'm using workplace's internet right now and for some retard reason everything else is blocked but Sup Forums

I can't imagine he would have skipped the graduation ceremony, but there have been a lot of pages of her at his place. Given that Imouto suddenly had longer hair and a surly personality, my money is on her just getting a redesign to be more interesting or something.

Is he fucking wearing a skirt?

That's the lesbo.

>spats and skirt
>short hair
>running shoes

How long before she tries to rape the dyke, or the dyke's brother?

>she aim for volleyball captain's shota little brother
Redirected, straightened yuri is disgusting.

Also there's not actually a chapter of that, so why not have the chapter where that happened, beginning with these two girls.

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Already happened.

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a lesbian and a non-virgin

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It's hilarious how friend-zoned she got there.

Why does Ai like salary man so much? Dad related thing?

Oh, someone already posted the climax, well, whatever

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Call the police.

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Jealous of salary man, I am.

Economic stability, clearly.

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>loves her
>loves her tits, but still looks her in the eye
>treats her with respect, makes her feel special
>walks her home gently on the weekends
And, as a side effect of the Tawawa chemical runoff, all Tawawas are monogamous and intensely territorial. He's hers, and hers he shall remain.

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ah dammit, these luscious lumps, these bodacious bumps, these crazy knockers

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God I wanna dick these smug little minxes.

Lesbians always have a fear of 'stupid men' abusing women's breasts. Not all men are like that.

Some are smart and abusive as well.

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>"DFC is the best"

be afraid of drunk mikos

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Not gonna lie, I wanted a best friend who cared about my sex and dating life.

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So jealous of shota otouto right now, but oh well, that's manga for you.

Next page is

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my big sis never had that much interest in my penis

anons, if your big sis asked for your penis so she can fuck her clearly straight best friend, would you?

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>it's not like you're using it anyway
this is child abuse-level savagery

i believe tawawas are not for lewding but i wish there were more

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Lots of milk.

>That house
Oh god it's horrible.

they drive me fuckin crazy

>Those TL-notes
>ESL tier English everywhere

mfw no Tawawa to love me also did the guy get with the convenience store clerk?

Those are staggeringly dead eyes

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She's being bullied by those closest to her.

>You'll never motorboat a Tawawa
It hurts to live.

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I need smug paizuri.

>google devilish tides

uwaa indeed

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Nah, it's a reference to Himura Kiseki's Kancolle Ushio series. Whoever translated that didn't get it and just did a blind TL.

Whens Part V getting translated?

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I don't know why the blue tint on all the pages makes my boner harder.

I thought blue was a calming colour, but seeing blue just intensifies my need to fuck those tawawas

Did it ever go beyond that, or no? Is she still interested in Salaryman?

I mean holy fucking shit, I know the tawawas are adorable, but I did not expect to find their boyfriends are also adorable

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Never mind, I read up on it. Technically, Salaryman didn’t get cucked because he still fucked her first. At least that’s what I believe.

Was there an indication anywhere that she's with someone else?

Nah, I know he got written out, but nowadays she’s just with the lesbo. I hear he appears every once in a while to remind us that it isn’t yuri, even though Ai doesn’t swing that way.

Doesn't seem very close with those Tawawas in the way

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i bet you don't fap anymore

you sound like a girl and a normalfags

yeah, and I fap to exclusively vanilla doujins too.

Scratch that, I meant never.

Not them, but what does that have to do with the thread?

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because you are a normal

Ever get that feeling of just going into threads and spewing out your favorite buzzword?

no im a little girl

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What normalfags do isn't 'not fapping', it's that they went super pretentious and called it 'masturbation'.

Masturbation, what an obnoxious word.

Too much smug.

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>vanilla doujin and H-manga

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tawawa has some good ones.

There's that one where the tawawa had sex with shotas, which fulfilled my fetish of /ss/ but also filled me with hatred of /ntr/, thus the best I can do is half-mast.

For the people left who don't get it.

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oh shit

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dyke is fucking shit

What would the male equivalent of a tawawa look like?

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What should be done about the problem of "carnivorous" tawawas?

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Chad, literally. Pink wife beater and all.

Dashing and strong, with a kind face and a noticeable bulge.

Wait, is there a childhood friend romance story on Part V? A high-school Tawawa fell in love with someone of their age range?

Fuck. I hope this gets translated soon. I can't read a lick of Korean.

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How pure were Salaryman, Sensei, and Senpai before -- you know? I like to think they were pure maidens (male).

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Getsuyoubi Tawawa has the same problem as Senran Kagura or To-Love-RU.

The sexiness of the original art is so distinct no doujin artist can rightfully replicate it, and I'm sad the artists will never make porn of their work.

Can't beat the tits