ITT: Characters that grew on you

Use to think his design was bland and boring, but after sending Vegeta to sleep, shirtless and getting PTSD as fuck I like him very much and is the 4th-5th DB antagonist as he represents pure non-evil power.

Also unironically like that he confirmed that he's too autistic to have a relationship with people

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Opposite here. He was mysterious but his backstory was really underwhelming.

Blame Toriyama

he's literally a bland template both design and storywise

This, it's background was nothing special, at least how it was exposed, and I hate how he was bad at putting out of the ring the adversaries. I think he his the classic "I wanna fight you again" character that will be forgotten for the next big enemy on the series.

>beaten by a retarded sociopath flanked by two mass murderers
Jiren was the good guy

He's really just a stepping stone for introducing El Hermano to the series.

>Use to think his design was bland and boring
That's because you are stupid, user.

Agree.....shirtless jiren best jiren

He’s fucking bland

>shirtless Jiren

He's simple, stoic, and strong.
He's a good villain considering the complex, insane, memorable one already died 2 years ago.
You don't try to one-up Zamasu with an even crazier, edgier villain. Jiren was a good choice.

>inadequate social skills
>few relationships
>obsession with a singular subject
>repetitive behaviors
>flat affect
>repetition of certain phrases
>extreme inflexibility to change
>emotional tantrums
>difficulty properly understanding abstract concepts

Well Sup Forums? Should he be diagnosed with autism?

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You can call him autistic, but he needed that kind of focus to get the strength he did. Literally, no one else accomplished what he did, even at the end of Super.

He confirms it in the end

Tard strength

>I think he his the classic "I wanna fight you again" character that will be forgotten for the next big enemy on the series.
So just like Hit.

He’s not a villain

But he never got Ultra Instinct.

>Android 17
>mass murderer

Wut? Android 17 literally killed no one in the normal timeline (except his creator). He was a douchebag, but not a murderer. Only Future Android 17 is the mass murderer.

He looks like Buu.
Toriyama ripped off his own character. Seriously, see some pics of him when he is shirtless and his pinkish/red power around him makes him look exactly like buu.

Hell even in the OP, you can see Buu in him.

>looks like buu
U on drugs?

>looks like buu

Same here

this, he got worse with every appearance

his ultimate character seemed totally contrary to how he was initially presented, and not in a good way

he was ultimately just there to serve as a cheap foil to the "power of friendship" message that came out of nowhere at the end

Everyone from universe 6, especially Champa and Vados

I do complain about how the designs in the db world can be beyond lazy but Jiren does not look like Majin Buu.

Goku is autistic too in a different way.

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At least he has good taste in waifus

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I actually like bug man now

It's a show with the exact same face template used on everyone. There's only so much variation you can expect from that hack.

Yes he did you fucking moron

>he must have a 10 episode complex backstory for Sup Forums to like him
What matters is the tournament, not his backstory.

I get you. He kinda looks like super buu or whatever he is called.