Hi! I was better than Dragon Ball Super

Hi! I was better than Dragon Ball Super.

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Fuck off

I could write a fucking fanfic right of the bat that is better than DBS

Nice try but not even fanfiction is as bad as GT.

I miss you GT, please come back in the form of a complete do over that turns you canon while upgrading the quality of the show, but without changing anything in the story.

Someone post that Big Bang Kamehameha

Only Sup Forums spice have this opinion.

no matter how much you want it to be true it will never be true. also you have to go back

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Super stole material off GT. GT had the first “black” villain, Vegeta Black.

It also created the Blanco meme, in Vegeta Blanco

Pic related

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GT actually bothers me because it's full of fantastic ideas that are executed in the most horrible fashion. SSJ4 concept is awesome. But the magic pants completely ruin the design.

>Super stole material off GT

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People who honestly don’t think SSJ4 Gogeta is better designed than SSJB Vegito need to re-evaluate themselves

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That pic is epic bait

Fuck even the whole concept of SSJG was stolen from GT

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GT was all about design, but it all went down the drain with the animation. There's not a single memorable GT fight. Vegito Blue Final Kamehameha looked so fucking good, meanwhile you know how that piece of shit Big Bang Kamehameha looked.

GT is good as a concept but nothing else. It could end up being decent if remade.

Esto es el fin, súper

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Still better than Super you nu-shill

Yeah bad animation on most fights with good animation on big fights like in Super is worse than no animation in every fight like in GT. Got it, retarded spic.

Vegito's hair looks like crap with those clothes.

I’ll agree with you in the animation of Big Bang, that was a disappointment, but supers animation is nothing to praise about either.

GT final>Super final. Especially since GT actually bothered to give Goku the sweet release of death, something Super will never do thanks to braindead fans.

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>Good animation

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>supers animation is nothing to praise about either
Animation in 130 and 131 was better than anything GT has to offer. Hit vs Goku, Kefla vs Goku, Jiren vs Vegeta, GoD Toppo vs Frieza, Anilaza vs U7, Hit vs Dyspo, Gohan vs Namek/Goku vs Pretty Black Hole, Zamasu vs Vegito, Zamasu and Black vs Trunks and Goku, and the 1 Hour Special all had good to decent animation, with very few dips to shit animation.

Find me one fucking GT fight with good animation, find one memorable fight.

This surpasses anything you can post about GT.

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GT is canon to the original DBZ anime!!!

how the fuck would that work with super retard

This is the most retarded thing I've seen all day. You better be trolling.

>Newgrounds-tier animation with Windows Media Player backgrounds

>b-b-b-but GT
lmao get the fuck out Sup Forumseddit, sorry your garbage subfranchise got canned after 60 episodes.

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Sup Forums loves the garbage that is Super tho

nice falseflag

Can Goku survive a nuclear bomb? Legitimately curious, did any DBZ character ever fly into the sun before?

GT had one good thing come out of it
>SSJ4 design

Super has nothing going for it. Shit story. Shit animation. Shit fights. Shit characters. It is a cash grab abomination.

Unironically yes

GT had better natural character evolution
Better world building
Better art
Better music
Better enemies

And yet somehow people say it's worse

GT has literally none of that

And yet you still failed to post anything better from GT. I guess GT is such trash that even Newgrounds-tier animation with Windows Media Player backgrounds is better lmao.

>natural character evoltion
Goku evolving into a gold monkey then into a ssj4 that SOMEHOW makes him an adult again is not natural. detransformation makes him a kid and SSj4 strength fluctuated way too much.
>world building
nigger what, the only places we go to are completely forgettable
watch closely and you can see all the quality and poorly animated scenes
only Dan Dan is best.
>better enemies
Only Baby's design is good. everything else is either repeat garbage or trash.

Fuck you i took the bait

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SSBKaioken >>> SSJ4

Did GT ever explain why Goku never used Kaioken after Namek?

Everything is better in GT.
The opening animation alone shits on everything from Super.

>The opening animation
ToP opening is better than the one from GT lmao.

>still fails to post anything better from GT

Did Z? You think Super is better than Z?

It was always implied that Kaioken was no longer relevant because of SSJ. SSJ is a 50x multiplier and it goes on from there.

Kaioken is not a transformation.

>only Dan Dan is best.
How to spot somebody who has never watched GT

>Goku evolving into a gold monkey then into a ssj4 that SOMEHOW makes him an adult again is not natural. detransformation makes him a kid and SSj4 strength fluctuated way too much.

He still aged like every other character. In Super they even look younger somehow.
>world building
>nigger what, the only places we go to are completely forgettable
Still better and more alive than the shit we got in Super
>watch closely and you can see all the quality and poorly animated scenes
Lol do the same for Super and come back
>only Dan Dan is best.
Everything is better and well paced unlike in Super that goes between its battle themes like every battle is the climax
>better enemies
>Only Baby's design is good. everything else is either repeat garbage or trash.
Still better than a purple penis head and a boring gray superman with the Sasuke complex

Only Zamasu was interesting imo

>Superfags believe this

Yes I am aware of that. I am saying that Goku no longer used Kaioken because it was a narrative device to boost his base PL in early Z. The last Kaioken in DBZ was a 20x used against 50% Frieza. His SSJ transformation gave him a 50x boost. It was implied that Kaioken was no longer needed and that the extra strain was incompatible with the SSJ form.

I was thinking on this while at work, and I actually agree with OP that GT was better than Super (mostly because it didn't meander for majority of an arc, given its short run time), but that doesn't mean it's by any means as good as DB or Z (I'd say they're both better than Buu at their best).
Also, here's the 4 main arcs ranked (since DB and Super have 5 arcs, the first two for both are merged)
>First arc
Saiya-jin > Hunt for DBs/21st Tenkaichi Budokai > Movie Recaps > Hunt for Black Star DBs
>Second arc
Red Ribbon/22nd Tenkaichi Budokai > Freeza > Baby > U6 v U7
>Third Arc
Demon King Piccolo > Super 17 (it gets points for being short and consistent) = Cell > Goku Black
>Fourth Arc
23rd Tenkaichi Budokai > Shadow Dragons > ToP > Buu
So, as a whole, it'd be DB>Z>GT>Super, meaning that the DB franchise has been giving diminishing returns with each new entry.

>Thats why i got canceled in episode 64

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Cooler got blasted into the sun and came back as a robot, but I dunno if non-canon characters count.

>without changing anything in the story
GT's story was the worst part. Fuck, the first half of GT was jettisoned for being horrendous and brought back as "GT: The "Lost" Chapters".

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>superfags hating on DAN DAN
Suicide yourselves

Dragon Ball fans had standards back then
Super would have gotten canceled after 3 weeks in 1996

If Super came out when GT did, they'd stop at Goku Black and rush the shit out of it.
And GT only stopped airing because of a consistent downturn in popularity since the Buu arc and a new series gave a reason for people to drop out.

I've never seen Super, but dammit you guys make it enticing.
I really want to see this most of all

>Implying Super would have lasted more than 3 weeks in 1996

It takes time to fully cancel a show. Super coming out right after Z though would have an actual huge drop in popularity, and they'd probably give the first 2 arc a 'Lost Episodes' treatment.

Read the manga instead. Toyotaro tries to make a genuinely decent story out of the mess while the anime is a mess of which character the guy in control wants to suck off next

Actually you're right. Super wouldn't have been canceled after 3 weeks since it would have never been approved to air back in the day when they saw that shit-tier animation, shit art and especially the content of the first episode.

Both were meh, Super had WAY higher highs than GT. But GTs ending was Kino. The Goku vs Vegeta rivalry lives on, Bulma and Goku having one last goodbye is actually super sweet and heart warming considering the original Dragon ball started with the both of them.

Super didn't have anything

SSJ4 Goku blasted Bebi into the sun

Super is mostly bad because of the Android 17 wanking.

honestly, if it didn't have that and they buffed Vegeta and Gohan some more, it'd be pretty good.

GT has an actual ending, in that every character gets a definitive end. It's not Super where everybody is exactly where they were at the start of the series by the end, far from it. Trunks became CEO of Capsule Corporation, Bulma, Vegeta and ChiChi moved on from Goku, as did Gohan and Goten (and if we take DBO as canon, they show off Ki to the masses), Piccolo is keeping watch in hell, and Goku is making sure the Dragon Balls don't get abused. It's nice, and the ending slideshow makes me feel genuinely happy and gives a real sense of closure.
With Super's ending, it feels like the end of every other arc, and the only thing I liked was Jaco cameos and Freeza's little bit at the end.

Goku and Bulma had one REAL last goodbye in Super.

And the original DB was better than any of the post-z shit.


Im sorry OP, i dont see anything you posted in your picture. Maybe you should post some canon material instead like pic related

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Here's how you improve Super
>remove the first two arcs
>remove Winnie the Pooh and the robot, replace them with a Namekian and Caulifla (or someone else)
>remove Buu and the weak guy from the tournament, replace them with Gohan and Jaco
>have Gowasu and Zamasu spectate the tournament and Goku's interaction with Zeno (as well as other universe's Kaioshin's)
>just do everything the manga did with Goku Black, which includes keep Super Saiyajin 1 for Goku Black, as well as Rose
>have Future Trunks and Mai stay in the present
>for the ToP, leave out Tenshinhan (he did fuck all in both versions), make an excuse like he came down with a disease, and replace him with Future Trunks
>keep Freeza-sama
>replace every non-important scene in the ToP (like Ribrianne scenes) with Goten, Trunks and Mai's adventure catching poachers
>cut out 80% of Zeno's scenes

But they see each other right after it

>improve super

I think honestly it's time they move on from this kinda shit, it's getting old. There's only so many times more power-creep can take hold on this series before normies take notice

I'd rather even watch a show about pilaf at this point, god knows watch him and his crew develop would be more fun.

There's so much they could do not involving power creep. Goten, Trunks and the Pilaf Gang just fucking around would be nice. Some stuff set during the 7 year time skip would be nice as well, where it's just Gohan, Vegeta and a few others. Set a comfy Hunt for the Dragon Balls arc there, make it Gohan, Lime (I think that's her name) and random people they meet along the way, and just make some bullshit excuse as to why Gohan doesn't just get them in 20 seconds, say he wants to be rebellious and drive a car.
They could also adapt some of DBOnline.

>Set a comfy Hunt for the Dragon Balls arc there
Oh this retard wants another cancelled series. You your SoL shit doesn't work here, it sucks, people hate it and it almost got DB nuked once.

Super isn't ending though, user.

That's true. Honestly I just like the prospect of a Pilaf based gag anime, while all the heavy shit's going on with regualr DB they could let toriyama go back to writing comedy again and possibly actually develop pilaf. If plot is a concern, it'd just be the three roaming from town to town looking for the dragon balls and trying to assert himself as emperor.

Not as a permanent thing, like a short 12 episode arc set between two major arcs as a filler. It's better than purple goo Vegeta.
I'd also be fine with more of the main characters doing mundane things as filler.
I know, it fucking sucks

Toriyama would probably love to do that. Jaco was a comedy, and that was one of the best things he's done in years.

That's a shame, I was really looking forward to the Gegege no Kitarou reboot, and I mean that with 100% sincerity. It's about time that show got translated.

I really liked GT. It wasn't good at all but I found it enjoyable regardless. I thought the aspect of actually exploring other planets in the universe after we'd really only seen Namek was really cool. It pains to me no end that Super introduced all these different universes and Goku can still barely get his lazy ass off Earth except to go to some really boring looking tournament locations.

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At what point are a lot of these people going to realize that they're completely out of touch with the millions upon millions of people who enjoyed Super and that new Dragon Ball stories will continue for a long time to come?

Is there a new chapter out yet?

This but unironically.

Link please?

why was gt goku so dark skin

My point exactly, Toriyama clearly can't into action stuff and it shows. I'm convinced most people who stuck around during or after Z are in it for "MUH CHILDHOOD"

>still posts nothing for GT
time to concede

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New DB will come until we get another flood of content like 20 years ago, which is why ratings for DB went down anime wise. There was too much DB on the market and people got tired of it.

Bottom is so superior it's not even funny
Super looks like plastic trash

Toriyama's old aesthetic died somewhere after GT and now all he can do are cancer patients with noodle arms.
And I enjoy GT, but now for anything related to nostalgia. I enjoy it because it's the last bastion of Toriyama's old style.

As soon as the old hag kicks the bucket DB will die and thank god.

>Goku will have a male voice actor in your lifetime

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>"f-fuck he got me"
>"i know i'll shit on Takahashi's masterpieces than posting a good GT fight"
>"that oughta show em!"
i said concede

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>implying they won't get another hag to voice him

>adobe aftereffects presets
>character barely moves and is mostly stills or camera pans

You don't know shit.

>DB will die
No, Toei will continue forcing it. Star Wars continued without Lucas, and GT was our prequels phase despite having minimal Toriyama involvement. Right now we're in the nu-Star Wars phase where it's played safe decades later and the normalfags who watch it casually, the type who buy shirts of Goku with 'OVER 9000' written on it. What happens next God only knows. Hopefully Toei goes bankrupt, but One Piece tards will never let that happen despite their constant crying about the shit animation.