Yuragi 104

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[side] I was once a normal bakedanuki. But I was handed a talisman. And now I am...
104: Magical Girl Koyuzu-chan: re

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Another gag chapter is not too bad.

If anyone missed the new anime info:
Yaya: Yui Ogura
Nonko: Ai Kakuma
Nakai: Sayaka Harada

PV: dailymotion.com/video/x6grvzp

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[right] Full throttle!!
"You can change the size of someone's breasts...!?"

"Are you serious Koyuzu!?"

"Transforming organisms is one of the hardest things out there,"
"But my specialty just happens to be breasts"
"That and, well, it's just a transformation, so it'll go back to normal after day"

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can't wait for those uncensored Tanuki nips

>Transforms Kitsune breasts

Here's the webm of the Pv. Also I made an imgur account uploading the available Vol 1-6 colored raw tankobon of the manga. I'll continue to add the remaining colored volume tankobon once they release.


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>"You can change the size of someone's breasts...!?"
The biggest priority for Koyuzu.

30 minutes of image uploading failure, so this is just a test

"I see...!"
"Oboro, you want yours bigger?"
"Yes... Fuyuzora likes bigger breasts... I think"
"I just want to see how he'll react if I make them big"

"Can you help me out Koyuzu?"
"Sure thing!"


Not again...

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>colored raw tankobon
Tankobons are the one's that shows nipples, right?

>"Yes... Fuyuzora likes bigger breasts... I think"
Move over Sagiri/Hibari, Nonko is the true dark horse in this race.


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Aww come on.

"Those're about Yuuna-chan's size!"
"So Yunohana and the others carry this much weight everyday..."
"It might affect my speed"

"But I can grope them... look at them..."
"Now Fuyuzora can...!"

"I'm in your debt Koyuzu!"

"I'll go assault Fuyuzora now,"
"So I'm taking my leave"

"I got it!"


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"In order to make everyone happy..."
"I should change everyone's boob size to their ideal form...!"
"Breasts aside..."
"Make sure to ask them first, okay?"

"Okaaay! Wanna do it again? Yaya-chan!"
"Sure why not."


Transformation scene

"The Tanuki girl who loves bobs and can transform herself into anything!"
"Magical Girl Pokorun!"
"And her familiar Yayarun!"

This internet sucks balls again

Is it too slow to upload the rar and have someone else dump it?

RIP. If you can’t manage it tonight, people can probably wait.

Fuck it. Someone help me dump this stuff.


Just gonna paste what I have on this notepad since I finished it already.

page 5
"I mean, I guess I want them smaller..."
"For my Chuuma ninja work."

"Big breasts aren't meant for intense movements..."
"Oh I see."

"Then tell me when you have a mission."
"Pokorun will make your boobs smaller with her magic!"
"Well, they're not that bad..."

"So you don't need my magic...?"

"N-no, that's not true..."
"Y-yeah, let's try it out!"
"Could you try it out on me just once!?"
"You sure!?"

page 6
Okay, bring out your boobs
Bobs!? Here!?
I gotta see them or I can't work my magic
Kogarashi isn't back yet, so it should be fine.

Is... is this okay...!?

Okay, here I go!

Wh... what the...

page 7
Those're about Hibari-chan's size!

S...so light!!
How can I be this fast!?
I didn't expect this...!

Thanks Koyuzu!
I'm glad she's happy!
Now let's move on!

page 8
Hm... this is better than I thought.
I should seriously consider asking...

F... Fuyuzora Kogarashi!?
Why're you heeeeere!?
I finished work early today!!

O...our breast size...!?

page 9
Yeah! Pokorun can change your boob size to whatever you like with her magic!
Hmmm... I'm kind of okay with my size now...
Same here...

But if you make them bigger...
You might look more mature,
And Kogarashi-kun might actually like things that way, right?

W...well, might as well, right?
Y...yeah! Sure why not then!
Alright! So bring out the boobs!

...is this okay?

Okaaay! Here I goooo!

page 10
Th...they're so biig!

How's that?

Oh I'm sorry...

I've... been alive for nearly a thousand years.
But I've had the same body the whole time...
So this is what it feels like... to grow...


Okaaay, now...
Ah! Koyuzu-chan!!

page 11
Hibari's boobs!

She heard from Oboro-san! Please!!
Hibari'll treat you to something tomorrow!!

Okaay! Ponpokoruuuun!

S-so this... is an F cup...!?

Crap... gotta hurry!!

page 12
"How's that Fuyuzora...?"
"Do my big breasts excite you?"
"Didn't you stop attacking him naked, Oboro-san!?"

"I just tried some things out"
"J-just put some clothes on!!"
"Those three look so happy with their bigger boobs"

"So you did all that Koyuzu?"

"All the magic of Pokorun!"
"I see!"

page 13
"Cast your magic on me too!"
"I'l like them smaller"

"Unlike Sagiri, you don't move a lot... so why do you want them smaller?"
"For work. They're not super heavy if I put them on my desk."
"But you know, sometimes they bother me"

"Okay then!"


"Oh my! Oh my goodness! I can see my feet!"
"Thank you Koyuzu-chan!"

page 14
"Koyuzu-san! You're here!"

"Wh-what happened? Are you..."
"Are... are they gonna get mad at me again...?"

page 15
"Teach Hibari your technique!"
"Fuyuzora's reaction... was very useful"
"I learned a lot from today...!"
"I love my mobility now!"
"I think this size is perfect"

"Everyone's thankful to you, Koyuzu-san!"

"What happened!?"
"Does your tummy hurt!?"
"I... I...!"

page 16
"I... I'm always"
"Bothering you guys..."
"So I'm so happy...!"

"Okay... I'll get rid of my magic now"
"If you ever have some worries about boobs,"
"Remember Pokorun's magic...!"



page 18

They're even smaller than before!?
Is this what people call... bakfaire?"
"Oh dear"
"I-I messed uup!"
"This is all Yaya's fault... sorry...!"
[left] No, good job Yaya!
[bot right] Now that rainy season is coming, what will Chisaki think!?

Man I hate my internet. If anyone's gonna dump, just make sure to label the pages.

This one is page 4 by the way

Sure, I can do that for you.

Page 4

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I can dump the colors after the black/white version is finished.

Page 5

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Page 6

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>1000 years
God damn, I remember during the last solo Nakai chapter most people were guessing a couple hundred years at most.

Page 7

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Page 8

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Page 9

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Page 10

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>Those nipples

Page 11

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holy shit

Page 12

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So Yuuna wants her Yuuna's to be bigger ... and that is fine.

Page 13

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Page 14

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Page 15

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Any chance of someone typesetting these?

I kind of want to see more panels of smaller-chested Nonko.

Page 16

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TS user comes later on, be patient

I hope Sanada Asami voices Oboro

Page 17

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Page 18 (last)
You can start with the colored ones now.

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Starting colors.

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Thanks. Also, someone help dump this Kimetsu chapter. This internet isn't letting me make a thread.


Spread for TS user

>worst girl becomes best in one page
So this is the power of Kozuyu..

The whole cast

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Cannot do it from my phone..
Looking for a gentle soul..

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I'll try within a couple minutes if no one else can

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Never mind someone else got it. Thanks whoever this is

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Last page.

That was the same user that asked.

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>tiny titty yuuna
I like it

Thanks for dumping
>That was the same user that asked
Ah I didn't see that

>アール イー
Is that how the :re in Tokyo Ghoul:re pronounced?

Adult Sagiri will be gorgeous

When the anime airs, I could replace “stuff” with “subs”, but catposting is solely centered on the manga translations.

But then she’ll decline to what her grandmother is. If we ever get a flashback or time travel chapter, I want to see the Ameno grandmother in her prime.

Thanks as always
>Chisaki chapter
Finally more best girl, i miss bird too.

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>I've... been alive for nearly a thousand years.
>But I've had the same body the whole time...
>So this is what it feels like... to grow...
The struggle of a seemingly eternal being.

TS user here. Just checking to let people know I am working on it.

Hair has been drawn.

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Need more cow tits.

good job user, take a rare Hibari for your efforts

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You think the TS user could do those 6 volumes? I know that the 1st official volume version comes in U.S but I doubt it will be the color version, also still no kindle release of it yet.

More news?

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and vegene

That's the page with the VA announcements.

Thanks anons

>[bot right] Now that rainy season is coming, what will Chisaki think!?
Finally, another Chisaki centric chapter. It's been so long.

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Time to start dumping what I've done so far for checking.

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