This is Inspector Heinrich Lunge, say something nice to him

This is Inspector Heinrich Lunge, say something nice to him.

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he got forehead space

He is Japanese.


Lieber Heinrich, du bist ein herausragender Polizist!

Your computer thing is tacky.

Gott sch├╝tze dich, Heinrich!

Your wife is getting fucked by the delivery boy Lunge.

>implying /ourguy/ has time for sluts

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Why didn't he just listen to Tenma?

I always thought he was pretending to not know because everyone who knew ended up dying.

>It's Lunge episode

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Eternely TRIGGERED with people that post Monster's anime and not the fucking manga.

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Alpha as fuck

Why? I thought the anime was basically a panel for panel adaptation.

>literally a 1:1 adaption including the art style

It's the same shit just paced a bit slower.

Exactly. People prefer to watch something over read the good original shit.
I hate animetards.

Maybe people like voice acting? You're reading comics not a book. Don't feel so smug.

Best boy.

a good character stuck in a shit show

You be the detective
I'll be the flying fish

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The killer he was after was only dreaming of committing suicide in a small rural village. Monstrous ending.

>not a big enough fan to like both

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Don't mind me, just driving by with my wife

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demon child

Don't mind me, just taking a picture of my husband

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He is Japanese

His name is Runge not Lunge you dumbass
Lunge was a VIZ mistake

Don't mind me, just mindbreaking my precious little sister

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Will you fuck off with this tryhard attitude?
The anime was a phenomenal adaptation and it deserves every praise it gets.

Goddamn this anime had such good digital coloring.
There were a lot of times where the anime looked dull and phoned in but when it looked good it looked fucking good.

Thank you for dutifully raising your daughter so that I could fuck her tight pussy and knock her up.
t. her husband