Hakyu Hoshin Engi

Anyone else feeling hyped for this winter? I remember reading this manga as a kid and I still love it to this day. I pick it back up every year or two.
Let's hope they don't shit up the anime like last time.
>I remember signing the "Get Hoshin Engi an anime remake!" back in like 2009

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Shinkohyo is best boy

But Winter season is almost over.

Welcome, time-traveler from the past! I regret to inform you that the remake of HHE hasn't done very well. Not only are there few posters in Sup Forums threads for this show, the show itself has problems.
>pacing is all over the place and hard to follow
>various nitpicks from fans of the old series
>current lack of Dakki-chan due to Sennin War arc being the current focus
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but thinks aren't looking good for this adaptation.

Shiiit... All I've seen is a handful of trailers. I could deal with small little nitpicks, but shit pacing is, well... Shit.
I can deal with lack of Dakki-chan too. I love her, but different arcs have different characters.

Well, at least it looks nice? And maybe it'll bring more life to this old little fan base

Fair enough. Lack of Dakki-chan is a bigger problem for me, but it's an ensemble show, so lots of characters is what it is.

Winter 2018 user. Unless you are a time traveler?

I mean, who doesn't love Dakki-chan? She's best girl.
But there's a damn great cast of characters. Always been in extreme love with the art style and designs too

>But there's a damn great cast of characters.
>Always been in extreme love with the art style and designs too
The character designs are indeed quite good.

I've sat on the manga for a very, very long time, and while I regret every single minute I wasted on the first four episodes, I did pick up the manga finally. No regrets there, it's kind of a shame what Hakyu did to it

At least the pacing has corrected itself with the Sennin War, but those first six episodes really did a lot of damage.

Shit.. Guess all the anime is good for is looking pretty.
Really glad you picked up the manga though!! It's such an underrated series (especially so in the west).

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How would you fix this adaptation? You still only get 23 episodes.

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I'm a dumbass and thought it came out in Winter 2018, so I haven't seen it yet. :')

>Default: Be more faithful to the manga dammit

user are you okay? It IS Winter 2018.

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Okay, let me rephrase myself, I thought it was supposed to come out December 2018.
Didn't realize it was already coming out

Ah I see, Winter season kicks off in January. It's a little confusing, I know.

Yup. Been into anime for 20 years and it still confuses me man...

It's technically faithful. The thing is the anime decided to focus on the Sennin War, so they rushed through the first six volumes in six episodes and then skipped another six to start the Sennin War. Technically nothing has been "changed," but a lot has been cut so a lot of depth and context is missing.

The Sennin War episodes have been better but you need to be a manga fan to really appreciate them.

Aaahh... Okay, I get the whole situation. It turned out to be one of those series.
Yeah, you'd definitely have to have read the manga to really appreciate anything from the 1-6(-12?) episodes then.
I doubt they cut things out nicely either. Probably didn't even bother to mention anything that was left out.

But how s it after that? Is at least the Sennin War arc doing well?

>I doubt they cut things out nicely either. Probably didn't even bother to mention anything that was left out.

You are correct. It's really bizarre. They cut stuff out but do nothing to compensate for it. To give you an example, Chou Koumei's arc was cut out, but when Tenka reappeared last episode, he had his stomach injury from that arc. There's no explanation as to how he got it in the anime. Probably the weirdest thing they keep doing is dropping spoilers from later events in flashforwards at the beginning of episodes.

The Sennin War episodes are better, besides characters that were cut out they follow the manga more closely with little to no cuts, but since all the build-up was cut out only a manga reader will really feel the impact from them I think. Basically the anime is not newcomer friendly at all, which is a shame.

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Okay, but the real question... Is it better than the first anime the series got? I heard it wasn't all that good so I never got around to it.

>Not newcomer friendly at all
Fuck thats a disappointment. A huge bummer. Hoshin Engi is by far one of my top favorite series out there.... I want to share it with more people, but lets face it, anime is just more popular than manga.
>Although, as an animator, I can understand

But just that example cut alone is pretty wild. Inconsistencies like that is a HUGE no-no.

The first anime doesn't suffer from weird pacing or structure, but a lot of characters/content was cut and the anime original stuff is fucking awful. Taikoubou and Dakki's characters are also bizarrely written. It's been a while since I watched but if I recall Taikoubou was made out to be an actual idiot and Dakki was some puppet. I think the first anime also tried to make the series more goofy/humorous.

>I want to share it with more people
Same here, I've accepted the anime is like this and I'm just trying to enjoy it, but I'm still really disappointed I can't recommend it. I still try to tell people to read the manga but anime is just easier to digest for many, especially while it airs.

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I just realized I didn't actually answer the question. It's hard to say, production-wise the second one is better, but all the cuts have also hurt the characterization like the first anime, just in a different way. Characters like Outenkun and Fugen are probably spared from this since they were introduced in the Sennin War, though.

They both have their pros and glaring cons. I personally like the second anime more so far.

Yeah, most of what I heard/remember was the butchering of the characters. I think I miiight have started it, but even young me wasn't into them making Taikoubou an idiot.
>Especially considering he only acts like one most of the time
I don't remember if, as a kid, I could really appreciate Dakki-chan's character... Of course I can now though.

I'm a sucker for nice visuals though, so at least I'll watch the new series to see my boys in action... But god, it's gonna be hard with how you're describing it all... It likely has it's positives, of course, but they're likely only positives you'll be able to appreciate if you've been a fan of the manga...

But hey, even if it's poor as an anime so far, hopefully it can bring at least a few people in to read the manga. It really does deserve much more love.
Gotta hope that, at least after rushing the beginning, they treat the Sennin War arc better.
>an extra bummer since the beginning is one of my favorite parts
>the manga has such a strong start

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I always like to ask myself how you could fuck this up so bad, but I tend to ask myself that a lot.

>current lack of Dakki-chan due to Sennin War arc being the current focus
and thats a good thing ┬┤coz konron massacre is top tier Houshin Engi anyways

... sorry if your waifu got shafted

It looks very nice. The animation is kind of limited in the first few episodes but it's gotten better. But visually overall it looks great. The backgrounds are especially beautiful.

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I can definitely appreciate anime with visuals good enough to be hung on my wall.
>Maybe they overcompensated for something
>hmmm i wonder what

It's funny you say that as pretty much everything surrounding the anime is pretty great. Looks nice, sounds nice, has an A-list cast, been getting tons of promotion and merch, and a new manga by Fujiryu is coming out on April 26. It's literally only the screenplay that's fucked, which just makes it all the more disappointing.

Yeah, that's what it looks like. At the very least, there's merch and a presumably decent soundtrack.
I tend to treat series like this as just.. Little bonuses for people that read the manga?
>can't wait for quality merch

Didn't know Fujiryu was doing a new manga though! Wanna share any details on that? Although, I'll still be buying it either way. He's one of the few mangaka I really care about

No synopsis yet, but it's "all new" short series and will run in Young Jump.


Ah fuck, I'm gettin all nostalgic... I'm gonna have to binge read the manga again.

Kind of hoping they're full chapters and not a bunch of 4koma or something... Well, full short chapters.

But here's hoping this new series sparks some more life into things! Maybe add on to the original story a little.

I'm hoping for something post-series, just showing what everyone's up to. The actual plot wrapped up nicely that I'd be satisfied with just fluff. Taikoubou can't avoid them forever.

Agreed wholeheartedly! I can't wait to find out how much content we'll be expecting too. Would be nice if it was enough for a full volume or two.

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it only runs for 2 issues, right?

I... I want him...

If that's true, I hope they're at least lengthy stories. At least 30 pages each hopefully.

It's a monthly magazine so that much pages should be expected.

For sure, but you never know. Just depends on what format theyre gonna go with

No, it's debuting in a combined issue. There's no word on its length.