What is your favorite Ghibli film?

What is your favorite Ghibli film?

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Apart from the obvious ones? Whisper of the Heart. Was shocked when I found out that the director died of overwork - he sure would have been a better successor to Hayao and Isao than Goro and the dude from Arriety/Marnie.

My Neighbour Totoro

I asked what your favorite one was you don't have to say an underrated one to seem cool


Whisper of the Heart ain't underrated.

My favourite is Kaguya.

He said
>Apart from the obvious ones
So it makes me think he is avoiding saying the more popular ones


Spirited Away

Go ahead and hate me I don't give a fuck

Howl's Moving Castle but if counts then Castle of Cagliostro

spirited away is the objectively best one, but Castle in the Sky will always be my favorite.

Arriety/Marnie are good, but you're right, it's tragic that Kondo died. Clearly he was experienced at Ghibli from his prior track record before Whisper. It must be total shit to for that to happen to a long-time colleague/friend.

You can read what Hayao M. said at his funeral, if you're interested:

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No reason to hate you. A lot of people who "hate" Spirited Away are contrarian fucks

user we are in a Ghibli thread no one is going to hate you for liking a good anime movie

>Castle of Cagliostro
mah nigga

I'm sorry that you have
good taste.

Never got the film's love but it's Miyazaki at his most detail obsessed, for better or for worse.


Fine, Spirited Away is the obvious one, happy?

I had no idea about this, thanks user.

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Yes. I just wanted an honest answer on your most favorite Ghibli film

i first saw this movie when i was like 6 or 7 no face scared the fuck out of me. but that only helped me further appreciate this movie when i rewatched it in my late teens

definitely the best

Princess Mononoke

Howl´s moving castle

Spirited Away is the most atmospheric one

That deer god thing was nightmarish. I'm glad I didn't see it when I was real young.

Seriously? This fucking thread again? What is it with Sup Forums and (((Ghibli)))?
Listen up, cucks:
(((Ghibli))) is overrated. None of these films have any redeeming qualities to them. It's all just a bunch of retarded leftist memes made by some elitist, pseudo-communist jackass who does nothing but preach about MUH (((HUMANITY))), MUH (((MORALS))).
All of these movies just show some dumbass kid and their attempt to fulfill some bullshit childish fantasy. Absolutely disgusting.

It's shit. (((Ghibli))) is shit. (((Miyazaki))) is shit.

Prove me wrong, you autistic fuckheads.
Protip:You can't.

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This bait sucks

Miyazaki will fuck your ass tonight and delete all moeshit from your computer

give me ONE good anime movie not tied to an existing series

I wish I could watch "Imaginary Flying Machines". What's the point of making something to put it in a museum?

Why are you saying it like anime movies tied to an existing series are any good? Literally all of them except for EoE and that Gintama movie are shit

I thought the ending could've been better tho.

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this scene in Totoro was a watershed moment in my childhood sexuality

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Not him but pic related.

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just so I don't get some fag saying any of them are good

This, GiTS, Ninja Scroll and a shitton of others. Miyazaki and Ghibli are still great though

Mononoke. The head coming off bringing about an apocalypse was fucking intense.

Castle in the sky was similar but was much more whimsical about it.

No one is going to hate you on a ghibli thread. it's one of my favourites too

Is this some sort of new copy pasta shit

Just report it you blockheads

Yeah, the Nightwalker terrified me as a child. Great theme though.

Am I the only one who sees a lot of similarities between Mononoke and Shadow of The Colossus?

The dad was voiced by the guy who created Earthbound.

Ueda is a fan, at least of Nausicaa.

Porco Rosso

Even Hideaki Anno says that Nasicaa is his favorite. I didn't enjoy this movie at all

Castle of Cagliostro followed by Princess Mononoke.

It's hugely influential so you'll find a lot of animators cite it as a favourite. I think it's really great.

It's the vanilla choice, but Princess Mononoke.
It's still the best epic fantasy animated movie of all time, I don't think any other comes close.

I don't really watch children's movies so none. All the more power that you dare admit to this on an anonymous imageboard though. But should we normalize and accept this type of behavior I wonder? What good would it do? To me all his movies are sterile, one-dimensional propaganda, wasted-budget and a shit no-shade art-style on top of pedo-trash.

But if that's your thing I have nothing against you as a person.

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I liked the first half of Wind Rises a lot. The second half where it became about his romance I felt was weaker, but I enjoyed that the movie was more a series of vignettes than a sweeping narrative. Not that I want that in every movie, but I appreciated it here.

But why would you enter this thread in the first place?

One one person mentioned a Takahata film in the thread. Only one person had any sense of taste. Wew.

OP asked for my opinion? Am I not allowed to voice my opinion because it's different from yours or something?

Anno worked on Nausicaa, and was trained by Miyazaki. Obviously he is attached to it because of sentimental reasons. If you look at a list of Anno's favorite stuff it reflects himself, regardless of quality And also let's not forget Anno's attempt at trying to be like Ghibli with his Nadia: Secret of Blue Water TV show (which Miyazaki was also involved in at producing).

It's highly overrated. I would argue that it is the weakest Ghibli (technically it isn't Ghibli, but whatever) film.

I adore Takahata, my favourite Ghibli just happens to be Miyazaki.

What's your favorite Ghibli film?

I watched it exclusively because of Anno-sensei. The movie is boring as fuck and so is Porco Rosso. Both of them are like black sheep of Ghibli/Miyazaki

Probably, though it's not as though there's much competition. Orochi and Horus were great if you're okay going that far back.

I don't think it's overrated at all, but hey man whatever floats your boat.

You'd think it would be a category more people would wanna go into. More animated fantasy epics would be awesome.

The Wind Rises

What's your favorite decade? 80s, 90s, or 00s.

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Princess Mononoke

00s because Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle

Nausicaa, Kiki's, then Laputa, in that order.

Only Yesterday

Nausicaa because of the porn it spawned

I like a lot of Ghiblis but Chihiro has always been my favourite.

I haven't seen any of them.

I can never decide between this and Mononoke, but I think I'll have to go with this one for the sheer delightful creativity. Although I prefer Mononoke's soundtrack.

Oh? so you are OP then. Thought as much. Just blurring out my post from your memory eh? That's a bigger issue than before.

Castle in the Sky will always be my favourite ghibli movie.
80's personally. There was a charm to these ones.

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What is your favourite anime movie?

Wouldn't really call princess mononoke a kid's movie.

Castle in the Sky

I am OP but I wasn't the guy that asked you why you entered the thread. You said OP asked for your opinion. I asked you what your favorite Ghibli film was. So what is your favorite Ghibli film?

Porco Rosso and Grave of the Fireflies aren't kid's movies as well

ah yes the "prove my opinion wrong" meme, one of my all time favorites

how about you go fuck yourself instead

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>Some of the architecture seen in the film was inspired by a Welsh mining town. Miyazaki first visited Wales in 1984 and witnessed the miners' strike firsthand. He returned to the country in 1986 to prepare for Laputa, which he said reflected his Welsh experience: "I was in Wales just after the miners' strike. I really admired the way the miners' unions fought to the very end for their jobs and communities, and I wanted to reflect the strength of those communities in my film."[7] Miyazaki told The Guardian, "I admired those men, I admired the way they battled to save their way of life, just as the coal miners in Japan did. Many people of my generation see the miners as a symbol; a dying breed of fighting men. Now they are gone."[8]

The one I can relate to the most.

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Kiki's Delivery Service

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It's not technically Ghibli but neither is Nausicaa so I'm going with it anyway.

Castle of Cagliostro is simply Miyazaki's best work. Takes the fun adventure elements and beautiful animation from what you see with his other films, but this time the characters are actually interesting. It also has the best music of any film because it has Jazz flavor instead of the generic Hisaishi sound we're use to.

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inb4 retards start shitting on this movie because lupin is actually a nice man in it
>REEE white knight lupin!!! fuck miyazaki!

>Castle of Cagliostro
My favorite Lupin movie. What is the second best?


To be fair. They have a point. It's a great film but a terrible Lupin film. You could make the argument that he is an older more mature Lupin but at the end of the day, it's not really him.
Probably Mamo. There's a ton of great Lupin movies.

Oh I hate that. Fun fact, it's Monkey Punch's favourite anime.

>everyone hate the manga for being too edge
>everyone hates cagliostro for being too non-edge

You can't win.

It's not. He has said Green Jacket was the best representation of his character. He has even said Cagliostro is a fun movie but it's not his Lupin. He's even made the famous comment "I wouldn't have him save the princess, I'd have him rape her".

From each director
Whisper of the Heart
Castle Cagliostro

thought of each of them as my favorites at some point in time.

Its gotta be a toss up between Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso. Castle in the Sky has got the amazing sense of wonder and exploration, and it exists in a living breathing world. Porco on the other hand I feel like I could safely recommend to just about anyone barring the most jaded fucks on the planet. Its so fun, faced paced, and funny that anyone can enjoy it at least once.

What kind of retard hates the manga? It's a perfect blend of of humor, edge, and slapstick.

In 2003 at least he ranked it the 6th best animation, the highest from Japan, on his entry for the Laputa list.

Even in Japan the manga is not really cared about.

Men of excellent taste

I don't expect a manga from the 1960's to be cared about. Especially considering there is no real narrative. Every chapter is it's own story.

Princess Mononoke is trash though.

Hows it feel to have shit taste

coming from you? It feels pretty good.