I became a being in another world?!

Does anyone here have any manga ideas?
I’m not Japanese and you probably aren’t either so it’ll never happen, but it’s fun to think about, no?

Here’s a pitch for a shitty isekai:
A person wakes up in a new body thanks to trucku-sama. Thanks to a watered down sage system, he finds himself in a treasure chest hidden in a forest. A strange hunger overwhelms him and he eats all the gold. He feels heavy, but not filled up, and soon he begins to eat the chest itself. Turns out he’s a mimic and he can transform into everything he eats. He decides to never eat a human because it would be frightening to become another being again. He instead eats a small animal that crawls into his chest. Now he’s mobile, but somewhat weakened. He starts racking up kills by climbing a tree and then transforming into his chest form. He gains more and more forms and the more of a specific kind of animal he eats, the more skills he gains from that animal.

After a long day, he rests next to a log under a tree. Inside of the log he hears someone crying. It turns out that someone else reincarnated too! He’s a weakened baby dragon, he came out of his egg too soon because his sentience transferred over while he was incubating.

They help each other out, becoming good friends and rivals. As they grow up and learn about the world, his friend becomes more and more angry at humans for being greedy and destructive. They part ways because the mimic cannot part with his attachment to humanity.

Over the course of his life, the mimic runs into the dragon rival a couple of times. The mimic develops into an elemental after a series of quests to be able to change races as mimics cannot really rank up into anything stronger. The dragon finally reconciles with humanity, turns into a dragonkin type human and marries an elf

The elemental goes on to discover more and more things about the world

What do you guys think?
What are some ideas knocking around in your head?

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I have a manga idea ive been just trying to write it into novel form, but every time i do i just imagine how much better it would look as a manga and then i get demoralized.

>I’m not Japanese and you probably aren’t either so it’ll never happen
Not with that attitude, it won't

Initial D but boxing
It's about a regular, average built guy that always finds a way around the toughest boxers

Pick up drawing, practice every day until your hand bleeds


uguu am I kawaii?

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i cant user, i lost the will to keep fighting. my soul is drained

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With prog rock instead of SEB?

The story begins one evening on the rainy sidewalk of a busy street in a major city, where a group of young men are handing out leaflets for a prayer sessions at a church in the local area. They are obviously ignored most of the time, but they only appear interested in handing out these leaflets to certain youngish men like themselves in the homebound crowd of office workers. The protagonist takes a leaflet and decides to go along, and in a run-down church (stained glass shuttered etc) he takes a seat on a pew along with a handful of other young men also sitting by themselves. After pre-recorded organ music plays, a slightly older guy comes out and stands on the pulpit and opens his laptop (instead of a bible). He then provides something of a statement and an invitation to the young men. He basically explains that he knows that these young men aren't religious, and that they are only there tonight because they are desperate to live in service of some higher ideal, to give themselves away (in part) to something other than solitary pleasures, and to escape from an ugly, violent, brutal society in which they can find no home, nor see any of their values reflects.

What we discover is that this religious session is in fact a trap of sorts intended to attract young men who are so desperate as to be willing to seek religion despite knowing it is an irrational belief (as per Kierkegaard etc). Instead of being invited to join the church, they are instead invited to join the small group of men handing out the flyers, who have just occupied an abandoned Trappist monastery (one of many which are now abandoned due to the monks dying and not being replaced). Like anybody else (including monks, who brew beer, or make chocolate etc), this group must find a way of making money to live there. Their way of making money is to develop illegal Virtual Reality software.


VR is now such an integral part of society that the government has stepped in to regulate it, outlawing obvious s-xual experiences etc. More relevantly however, it has forced VR producers to remind those in VR that they are not in the real world, this coming after a man was found dead after his advanced VR hardware tricked his brain to believe he was in fact in the real world, and that the virtual food he was eating etc was sustaining him. This small group of young men find this particular rule distasteful, as their main desire is to leave this world, which they refer to as Server 1.0.

The protagonist is one of those who joins them, and they travel out in a minibus to the monastery, which is dusty, bare and in disrepair. He is told that his staying there will depend on his being willing to learn coding etc, or at least find some practical way of helping around the place. He is happy enough to do that, he himself desiring to escape society. There is no vow of silence, but they mostly communicate online, even if the person they want to ask a question to is across the room. They find the monk's abandoned robes and decide to wear them (partly so that visitors won't begin to question their activities). While doing this, they try to figure out amongst themselves how to leave Server 1.0 forever, that is to say how to keep their physical bodies alive while living in their own private realities. I won't expand on this too much here, but there is a lot to consider here, in religious, ontological, biological terms etc.


How do I get good at drawing?
I've been practicing for 1 year and I'm still not good

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The protagonist meanwhile is having doubts (as some others do) about leaving the world forever, and attempts to figure out what is left here for him to live for. There is a final scene which I must leave ambiguous, where he hikes back to the monastery on a snowy night to find all the lights on inside, but, having entered, finds the place entirely empty, as if the group had ever never lived there. The question left here is whether he is now living in a completely solipsistic world, or whether the others fled due to their being investigated, or whether they killed themselves, or returned to society, etc.

>manga idea
>it's fucking isekai

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Do you do it every day?

Post drawings

Kino's Journey meets dante's inferno

Protagonist is a mysterious man accompanied by an angel. They travel through numerous hells/dimensions meeting the various sinners there

each episode is introspective look into morals and philosophy. Before they can leave to the next realm they have to beat the demon there in a battle of philosophy phoenix wright style

Isn’t that just Dante’s inferno anyway?
Not the Phoenix Wright thing, but going to each level and discussing shit?

Like 3-4 times per week

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I’m so sorry user

That's not bad, face just needs a little work but you're not hiding hands at least

Get a tablet if you can afford it

That's still better than me and I wanna go to art school.
I always have trouble doing confident strokes for the line art.

I mean yeah but Dante's inferno is focused on the levels of hell and what each level represents in punishment

I imagined this would be more like Kino in that each area are the people living in a certain way like the level of UTILITARIANISM EXTREEEEEEMMMEEEE that the main guys have to get out of

drawabox is very helpful for that

This reminds me too much of the matrix. Good ideas in there.

A jaded guy works at a convenience store; shit happens as he meets and makes friends with people, while hanging onto the single thread of hope he has left. Eventually, somehow some way, the yakuza get involved as one of his coworkers- a love interest- gets kidnapped, with his boss and some of the regulars willing to help him out.
But even after reaching her in the end, even after fighting his way through trained, professional criminals, his boss reveals he's been fucking her the entire time; he just needed someone to do the dirty work for him.
So far the only regular I've thought up of is a proto-cake waitress at a maid cafe, but I've gotta think up some others and make an actual ending to it.

plot twist

she tells him she's still a virgin, as all the fucking was just her ass