Who is your all time favorite ANIME character?

Who is your all time favorite ANIME character?

Pic related for me

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>tfw the shoehorning worked and normies love 17

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Why did this guy get so much love in super, he's a fucking Jobber yet he got to be the winner.

Everyone always loved him. His design in dbz was so fucking slick and went very well with his sister. His attitude was also pretty good like a cool fuse between tony stark and john travolta knamean?

He was technically in the least amount of fights in the series. He fought Piccolo, then Cell walked in and that's all he got.

My point exactly, goddamn inconsequential literal who jobber takes the tournament of power.
He just a fan service hottie.

Lemme guess...


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>guy lost ONE fight
>he's a jobber that is never allowed to survive
>not even win, just survive

Fuck no, frieza is best boy..... girl?

Do you think he and his sister fugged? I always thought they did because I didn't realize they were brothers and sister. I thought krillin just cucked a nigga

Goku is superior in everyway

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18 was based on the female archetype that is sexually attracted to black guys

oh... it's just a dbz retard thread

Not an argument


Apparently loves niggers, fucks tiny beta white men.

While that's true that doesn't answer my original question.
I know 17 & 18 lived in a ghetto and shit so I bet she fucked a bunch of black guys but I just wanna if they fucked each other.

just because he was MIA for a few arcs doesn't mean people stopped loving him

You guys are getting better at concealing it at least

The power of fan service turned the cunt from slightly above SS to SSG2 with no explanation.


>infinite energy core
>what is training

You mad bro?

no homo

I still prefer Piccoro

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He was hanging out on some island fighting the occasional normie while banging some hoe and raising her kids.
How the fuck is that training.

The superior jobber, yes.

everybody love him, he is like that cool cousin that is a surfer, has a good looking body without working out, smart as fuck and still he hangs with you some days because he is a good guy and you are his familia.

you should already know the power scale is completely fucked in dbs

hes been one of the most popular characters for a long time now

I wish Sup Forums would stop throwing the word jobber at any character who lost a fight in a way they didn't like, implying that jobbing is a bad thing per se.
He was against the main fucking villain of the saga who early on was said needed to absorb both of them to reach his ultimate form. He needed to job against Cell for the plot to move forward, and it was ok.