Bardock died for this

Bardock died for this

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Reminder that the Bardock special is not canon, Dragon Ball Minus is

Bardock facing Freeza in space is 100% canon

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Goku already killed Frieza, what the fuck do you want him to do?

Frieza is being redeemed so he can show up to fight Yamoshi in the movie.

Goku is a shit father and a shit son.

he needs to rape the freeza

That movie isnt even canon

Is everyone forgetting that Freeza had his empire crushed, died, got retrieved by his father, died again AND got his father killed, revived, rebuilt his empire, died AGAIN and has his empire crushed for like the 3rd time then went back to hell for some more years where his torment literally altered his mind-state.

He's paid the price for not only his slights against Goku & friends, but also his actions in general. He's literally lost everything multiple times over.

Vegeta and Freiza's sins were wiped away when they died the first time. That's why when Vegeta came back the firs time, he was a different person.


Freeza did nothing wrong.

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They made a pretty heart tho

Xenoverse/Heroes is canon doofus

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Bardock is coming back for the Movie.

Vegeta also got cucked for this

Why did Jiren turn out to be such a fucking pussy?

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he already killed him get over it

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>mfw when this shit show is over

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he didn't forgive frieza and vegeta didn't kill any of his friends and 17 and 18 dint kill anybody

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You don't have to kill people to hurt them, you know.

Tien broke Yamcha's legs