Samon the Summoner

It's finally over, anons

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Dump the chapter, fag.

Alright I'll start from the beginning

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I never thought I'd see the day.


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I can't believe it ended this quickly. One of my favorite mangos

The End lads

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Thanks for the dump.
What about the extra chapter?

Sureeee why not

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I feel like crying why isn't this manga with 19 volumes and an anime

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>13 years old

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Puberty comes at you fast

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>the mask says "kill" on it
Holy shit my sides, she really went all out on that outfit.

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>please select the all the street signs

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And done

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Thanks again user, I'm gonna miss this manga and all of its characters. Hopefully Numa will learn from his mistakes and come back with an even better series.

Same here man

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Thanks, user.
Is sad that this was axed, but I like that the end wasn’t a forced romantic couples, even if it kept the coupling thing.

What would be his main mistakes? For once, full battles didn’t work, and Samon relation with hell could have been more like Azazel-san.

Aside from the lackluster battles, he didn't really do much to develop the "send Tesshi to Hell" and "Get Anri to become Samon's friend" plots outside of those two serious arcs and that one flashback chapter. Sure it's normal for gag manga to do this, but it only works if the non plot relevant chapters are funny or interesting enough to carry the series. He was on the money with the characters, but the humor itself was really hit-or-miss and it felt like he wasn't sure what to do after the Mastema arc was over.

I think the two highest ranking chapters were one of the Kago chapters and the wrestling match between Samon and the Saltpile. Those chapters were both funny, a tad heartfelt, and really brought the best out of the characters he created. If his next work utilizes those aspects more then he can really have something going for himself next time.

The best part of the manga was by far the characters and his ideas.

Best demon

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Agreed, he really had something going on with a rotten scum duo who would move heaven and hell for each other and a tough as nails girl with Teruhashi-tier charisma by virtue of being the most decent human being in the entire series. The demons were cool too but I honestly liked the human cast's adventures a lot more.

Looking back, the romcom aspects were kind of boring and I really didn't care about that demonic love triangle.