Baku no Hero Academia

Find a flaw

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Not sitting on my face right now.

She’s not hanging out with Knuckleduster, so I don’t care what she’s doing

>it begins

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I would fuck her butt but only after Chisaki overhauls her crotch and gives her a dick.

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What happened to the last thread?

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who the fuck is this?

>Implying she already doesn't have the most feminine penis in canon

guerrila idol and vigilante pop step

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my gf

No she's not, Koichi.

Some butt slut

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is boku no hero finally going the fairy tail way?

Because the mangaka is a hack.

It's kind of funny that the off-shoot has more entertaining and endearing characters than the main series.

Because Hori doesn't write the off-shoot

Find a flaw

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>Find a flaw
He's not bulletproof.

>I present you, the jobbers

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Don't mind me, just posting best girl.

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These idiots were such a gigantic waste of time.

for having subpar quirks the 3 bullets who fought amajiki did a decent job

But that's not a picture of Ochako and Aizawa

I agree
Nips really wanted Eri and OH to be a thing, uh? what's wrong with them? their relationship was nothing but abusive and ugly.

Amajiki just had an unfortunate match up since he fought 3 guys whose quirk work really well together to counter him.

>The longest arc in the series so far was wasted on these worthless schmucks.
Hori needs to be slapped for how bad the Yaku6arc was.

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The whole fight was really cool

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Don't worry, the festival arc is about to be longer.


I liked the Yakuza arc and though Chisaki was pretty cool.

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You’re not alone

So how long until we find out if Hori getting a new editor was a good or bad thing?

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BAKA no hero academia

I also really liked it.

Tsunderes are garbage and all of them should die.

Until he leaves and we get another new one

I’m glad we don’t have any among the main girls

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literally all jobbers can't rememeber a single one of them

>yakuza arc apologists
imagine being this much of a shit eater


Chrono was probably the worst. Literally spent the entire fight getting his ass beat and used his quirk once and then fucked off with Aizawa.

I want PopStep to bound onto my face

I wish he'd at least popped Aizawa's eyes out.
What a worthless group of villains honestly.

Yakuza arc will become the Blade Runner of the series. At first it is rejected, then it becomes cult.

The anime will be great

lol no

It seemed more fitting for like a movie plot than an actual part of the series at first, but it looks like Mirio and Eri are gonna stick around for a while.


Anyone got a link to that doujin where Momo is getting fucked by Iida and makes an onahole for Mineta? I lost the link and forgot the name of it.

Vigilantes >>>>>> the main series. Debate me.

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If these faggots actually disliked the arc, they wouldn't be posting here about it. It's just hip to hate on the arc so that they can pretend that it was underappreciated in its time later on.

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Spinoff is already more interesting than main series.

Her hair is actually brown :/

I get the impression that the shitposters expect every arc of Boku no Hero to be at the Chimera Ants/Ennies Lobby level, but it is not, so they automatically say it's crap. I bet my ass that if the current arc happened in Kimetsu or Neverland, they would be saying that it was "the best shonen right now".

Anyway, fuck you all, I'm having fun.

Prove it

Just ignore it

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calm your tits down nigger, none of this shit manga arcs were even greed island level lol

>Remember reading text spoilers for 100% full cowl chapter and thinking the Overhaul fight might end off on a strong point depending on how it looked.
>it's just turns Deku shitty super saiyan
How could so much go wrong in such a short amount of time.

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Damn the lie detector girl is fucking hideous.

>comparing the worst HxH arc with Ennies Lobby

The Chimera Arc is so fucking long winded and I don't see what people like so much about it.

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boku no jelly academia

I hate her fucking smile.

He is saying that the bnha arcs aren't even on the same level as greed island

Nvm I didn't see who you quoted my badm

just accept that the yakuza arc was super shit
imagine if alabasta which was the first big one piece arc was this shit

Yakuza arc was best because Mirio was there.

Will we ever get a real great arc? Kamino was good but it was too short. It's like Bnha only has short moments of hype while other shounen do the same for whole arcs.

I didn't expect any of that shit. All I wanted was an interesting villain group different from the VA with a competent leader. Instead I got a forgetable bunch of jobbers with a main villain that became less compelling the longer the arc went on. Not everyone who thought the Yakuza arc was mediocre is a shitposter.

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>mfw eri will get bleach poured into her eyes in this arc

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this manga is the first synonyimous for mediocre in the dictionary

We can't

>Implying her dad Aizawa will allow it

>all this shitposting
I’ll come back later

The traitor arc will surpass the soul society arc as best shounen. Screencap this.

>bleach widows are now in this fanbase

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>soul society
>best shounen arc

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>Bleach by chapter 176 was in the middle of Soul Society
>meanwhile BnHA is in the middle of a joke arc
It hurts.

>just accept that the yakuza arc was super shit
why should I? it does not radically affect the progress of the story, it has had good interactions and development of minor characters, some of the manga's most creative page compositions, deaths and consequences that have affected how certain kids think.

you can say that certain ideas (loli backpack and vision of the future) could have been better executed, but shit? nah. and the animated version will be awesome.

i would also like to know this if anyone knows

What shitposting? This thread doesn't seem any worse than the other one we've had today.

Give it time. Some shit is bound to happen soon.

Everyday until canon.

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>hxh already had yorkshin and was at the end of greed island
>one piece was about to have crocodile vs luffy
oh noo....

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>tfw there is little good Pop art that I have commissioned 3 pieces to date.
ha ha...

Friendly reminder that Midnight, Mount Lady, Ryukyu, & Mandalay will win the Dekubowl.

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>nanatsu no taizai chapter 176
can we agree that we need to step up? literally nothing happens, except for the hideout raid nothing was memorable

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>>one piece was about to have crocodile vs luffy
Then we still have hope. OP only got really good after Skypea iirc.

not really, it got good at arlong park

Doing God's work, friend.

I remember when greed island started, some people were disappointed.
>how is it possible that a manga with such a brillant arc like YS turned out to be a boring and full of infodumpings card game. HxH is finished.

Many also hated (nips included, see the ToC at that time) Skypea, for being too long and not having much connection with the main plot.

the worst thing about greed island is the bomber, the main antagonist will always be Razor for me

>everyone is alive
>implying they wont come witch Chisaki able to use is quirk a bit and making him a new hand
They are just in jail, they will come back and do things a little better, because with only little better perfomance they would have been based

She always looks like she's doing that thing right after you put on lipstick. I don't know what it's called, but if you've ever seen a girl put on lipstick, I'm talking about how she kinda sucks her lips in for a second to even it out.
Makoto looks like she's doing that in every frame.

At the same time?!?!?
And who is gonna with the Kouta bowl?


wait who the fuck is that