Samon-kun wa Summoner: Final Chapter

Chapter 83 has been released on MangaDex.

Here's our last time getting to enjoy Weekly Shonen Jump's favorite scum and "good person" duo. RIP to WSJ's best comedy and 30K club member.

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Oh shit it's done. Time to read it all tonight, thanks for the heads up OP


Sargatanas a best

Man I'm gonna miss this series, never can understand japan's taste

pottery ending

>Implied pairing but nothing definite.
Fuck it Japan, why do you always do this.

We were going to find out after they finished their business with the three Hell governors and Anri was properly friend zoned.

I'll miss this one. Some very nice girls for such a simple style.

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I really liked Tesshi as a character (really all of the characters except for the salt guy). That being said the rough early chapters and the unfitting fighting chapters really dampened my excitement for this series. It's sad to see it go though.

I actually liked the early chapters, but I could tell how old the schtick was getting by how fast Samon gave up on the bullying.

Tesshi was a fucking incredible female MC but it's a real damn shame that the author was unable to show off her nerves of steel outside of the bullying and delinquent chapters. It's kind of funny how the final extra chapter reveals that she has a variant of this outfit in her closet somewhere.

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Absolutely one of my favorite comedy series. Been a long time since I had so much fun in a series and that art style is also just SO fun and eye catching. It was a fun to read both visually and story wise.

Sad to see it go, but I can't wait for the next title. I'll gladly support anything that gets made by this mangaka

>Tesshi was a fucking incredible female MC
This, her following in-series is believable because of it.

It was too good for this world.

She still would’ve won that popularity poll even if it weren’t rigged, maybe by a smaller margin

They should've made an anime of it at least.

The manga needed to last twice as long as it did for that to happen.

Not really. They could have just made short episodes out of it and it would have been fine. Or, even then, they could make a full season from the show.
It has enough comedy time for split episodes and then enough full story arcs for a few episodes to link together.

It COULD be done.

I think it’s less about how well it can adapt to an anime format and more about if there’s still a demand for an anime. Is the Gintama director still interested?

Now I feel empty.

RIP scum.

Thanks. Hopefully the author's next work is successful.

Who was your favorite demon?

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RIP in peace Tesshi she was too good for this world

Thanks for the heads up.

Now, if only someone could organize the chapters in sekrit club.