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If Deku and Momo had a kid, what would they be like?

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>producing anything that lives

that womb is barren as a desert OP

Her alluring outer facade suggests otherwise. Why is this foul temptress allowed to exist and tempt innocent boys to thought that can have no natural completion?

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anyone got a link to that one doujin where Momo is getting fucked by Ida and make an onahole for Mineta, I lost the link and forgot the name

>thread starts delving into actual discussion
>mods delete it

This is why I phonepost

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fist momo needs to stop being disgusted by deku

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>Momo getting fucked by Iida

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this turbofaggot always target us in sundays

last post was someone bitching about ms joke and aizawa getting together

Momo a shit

A beautiful failure

quirk: all for creation, creation for one
some shit that don't make no sense

Imagine being Momo's kid, and wondering whether or not you're her actual child or just a byproduct of her quirk. Shit's bad, man.

Friendly reminder that Mina___ will win the Dekubowl.

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Won't happen because she already belongs to Bakugou. Just like the rest of the girls in 1-A.

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I too have been looking for this one for fucking ages
it's the one where Iida tells Mineta to "wait his turn"
don't think it was a doujin, just 1 image

they would probably have serious self-confidence issues.

No Alien Queen will win by devouring Deku.

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Apparently there’s a collab with a nips fashion brand? What the fuck, who are they targetting?


She'll slurp him up like a smoothie.

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Oh shit, will Deku shoes finally be a real thing?

The most stylish portion of the fanbase

When will it happen so we can get a new MC?

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she'll be too busy getting plowed by half the school to care about nerdy little Deku.

I don't get Shinsou being there. Why would he care about Deku? He's only ever met him like once.

Shinsou fans don’t have much to work with

>She thinks he's crazy and weird
>Has never seen him truly be a hero

That'd be a fun thing to see. It'll never happen. I hope the anime expands on their conversation in the hospital.

What will the class think if they saw pic related
What will Bakugou think?

I just realized that none of the kids have seen him go nuclear madman outside Ochako and Tsu as part of the shellshocked squad and him going crazy back in festival

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Hey illidanposter if i tried really hard could I win the deku bowl

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It was a bad one anyway

Probably OP of that thread is a ban evader

This sunshine lights each thread

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Well, then again: with the current heroes, how would you beat AfO, now that All Might can't?
Hard mode: Shinso isn't efective

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tin tin with hair lookin mutha..

please don't be mean to Mirio

No one can now. The fact that none of the other top heroes thought they could help All Might means that the gap in power is too wide.

mineta balls the midnight gas

With cememtos dig a hole just on his feet and throw Eri, she sould handle the rest

I dunno about hard mode, but the answer to your initial question is the Sleepy Squad.

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Wouldn’t Aizawa be no help? He couldn’t do anything against the first noumu.

Unironically have Eri rewind him out of existence.

>T U M B L R N O S E S

I want Deku to cuck Todoroki

tbqh their style god a lot better since that picture, hell they were the same artist that drew the pic in

Checking the archive, there have been at least 2-3 threads pruned in the last 9 hours. Though I can see the reason with the last one, as the title was written incorrectly and this thread already existed. But why prune it when at 200+ replies already and not immidietly. Then again nothing value lost.

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So are these two actually training together or is this just wishful thinking from Shinsofags?

>tumblr noses
At least they aren’t unnecessery red.

Like you said, no value lost. It’s not like another thread doesn’t immediately pop up.

I honestly don't understand how 'shipping' threads are allowed on this board but then I remember this website is run by manchildren now.

and in during fucking yuro time.

Some of both. They were seen walking together in a panel around the School Trip arc in their own panel. Nothing is confirmed, but I wouldn't call it entirely wishful thinking. Seeing as they had never spoken before that, there is likely some significance to that that will show itself later on.

Which is odd, because the day time threads are much worse

I wonder how long Hori’s going to keep dangling Shinso around before he gets formally reintroduced. He’s obviously got something planned for him.

Have Monoma take a trip to Tartarus and have him touch Overhaul and Kurogiri. Then have Monoma teleport his finger right next to AFO and pop him like a transexual balloon.

How can he do that if he's the traitor?

You can’t. If he gets out, it’s game over. Especially since he knows the identity of the OFA holder and said OFA holder is not strong enough yet. He will definitely immediately target Izuku and the only thing he can do is run and hide and secretly train until he’s ready or pass his power to someone else then give himself in
>pass his power to someone else then give himself in
You know, I think that was what happened with Nana: she wasn’t strong enough to take down AFO but he discovered her identity and started homing on her, so she quickly and secretly passed her power to Toshi then gave herself in and fought a suicide battle, stopping AFO from hunting OFA users and giving Toshi some time to train without worrying about AFO

>mods are fucking retards with no parity


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Stick one of Mineta's grapes to his mouth. AFO doesn't have a nose, so he'd suffocate.

Diff user
Not for much longer I think, between now and the start of their second years. I predict that he’ll be formally integrated to the hero course by the second year but has his heroic debut in story (if you can call it that) this semester. So maybe this “SoL/Gentle arc” is actually “Shinsou’s arc”, just like “Summer camp/Kamino” was actually “All Might’s fall” arc.
Or he’ll get his time after this arc.