How could one girl be so perfect?

How could one girl be so perfect?

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She really is a miracle of the universe!

>BTFO incels, virgins, losers, fatties, betas, and white knights all in one episode

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What an angel.

She's a slut.

>nothing but Kokoro threads for 2 days

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Stay fat.

>"umm i want Mitsuru-kun's baby"
What did she mean by that

>wanting to stop the best thing to happen to Sup Forums

By being stoned for her infidelity.

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She literally only brushes her teeth like twice a week at best

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>that look when she gets stopped

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I really really like her design. She's so fluffy.

And soft.

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She should give birth to at least 12 children.

Kokoro did nothing wrong.

I'm in love with her.

>ruffles his hair and makes him grab her in one move
4d chess

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bad idea

Isn’t this a common quote from 8man’s series?

>Promise to be someones partner forever
>2 days later you break that promise

I don't get why people focus on the relationship aspect when that alone is enough to show she's a traitorous wretch.

This will never stop making me HHHNNNNNGGGGGGG

Kokoro has more balls than Yui could ever have.

If you're a clingy fatass.

There is literally no person who can say her being with Futoshi is better than her being paired with Mitsuru

I assume because it's easy bait to pretend she did nothing wrong even though she obviously did. Not saying Fatty did nothing wrong, but he sure did a whole lot less wrong.

In other words 90% of this board.

>hugging happily after choosing the guy she wants, knowingly breaking another guy's heart in the process
So cute!

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Futoshi raping Kokoro doujin when

>Muh bitch
Fat fuck got what he deserved. He's a fucking massive asshole, just flaunting his imaginary relationship and stating his ownership over her, without even asking how she actually feels. Absolutely pathetic to see people say that futoshi was wronged.

Which is why it's so satisfying.

By far my favourite girl now. Overcoming personality issues to do what she wanted to do instead of letting others (fatty) tell her what to do.


unironcially this.

Not making the promise in the franks would be suicidal. Imagine if she said no? What then? He starts crying and they can't pilot the frank right before they fight? In a closed space right before a battle, asking if she would promise him something. That's entrapment if I've ever seen it. Futoshi is a fucking predator.

Makes her one of my favourite character in years just because of it.

Because the promise was cheap NTR bait only casual fucks would chop down.

I'm not a footfag but hhhhnnnnnggg

I'd like to thank you guys for the shitstorm, I would've never watched this show if it weren't for the NTR panic on this board

it was a fun watch

Yes because responding yes to "Please promise me" means so very much right before a battle that they could get killed in. Where responding "no" might make the franxx not work and result in their death. A truly meaningful promise, absolutely unconceivable that someone might not hold that up. What a bitch amirite?

Reminds me of being on the sidelines in high school hearing the gossip about who had sex with who, and who broke up with who. Makes me feel really fucking nostalgic.

she is great if you like getting cucked,wich a lot of people here seems to like so i guess its okay

Nah man I love her because I love cucking other people. Relate to people who you share things in common with and all that.

I love how she's humming and playing happily in the greenhouse and being in general good mood because she took the load of having an undesirable partner off her chest.

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Really, here's the deal. The Holy Promise was set up to be broken five minutes later in the same fucking episode. That is downright comedic in nature. Any taking it as serious drama is proof many anime fans are neanderthals with low standard.

desu I got triggered
she reminds me of stacy and chad

Yeah, even though if you want to read into it I think she did nothing wrong. It's terrible writing, the episode would probably be better off if they just cut out that entire conversation.

Making a promise/contract under duress is invalid

Did you think I was being serious?

>Self inserting as anyone other then Hiro
Also, I agree that cucking is better than being cucked but both are still shit.

Is that the law of their land?

more art please, thanks in advance

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I don't get the memes, what did Kokoro do? I dropped Franxx weeks ago and don't want to have to watch again to find out.

>VA warned us about the hate

She killed EVERYONE

You forgot the shows' sales number on that list.

then why are you judging based on RL standards

she cared about her own happiness for once.

She became our goddess.

She is shopping around for the best genetic parentage for her hellspawn ubermensch to help it take over human society.

Happiness of her partner should be more important.

She'll make Mitsuru very happy.

Mitsuru will be happy for once.

She is doing a good job.

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Nice quads. This user speaks the truth.

Cute cute cute cu~te

I haven't watched this show yet but all this tells me is that it's a shitty soap opera with mechs and shit as a background plot.

A healthy diet of Vitamin A17 & A18.

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Thanks doc.

>tfw it's true

Thanks to this anime, I think I understand women a little bit now.

Then that means Abe-sama's plan works. Now go outside and procreate

How can one boy be so perfect?

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Are these the new Hajimemes?

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Man this is not rick and morty. She is a slut.

God I wish that were me

You'll see/hear that exact line in a great many works because "nice/gentle person reminds everyone they're human" is very common.

Why would you create a mecha show when your focus is obviously NTR?

Let's not forget, milkman stole 2 other girls ontop of already having one, goro is an eternal cuckold, 02 stole hiro from ichigo but before that ichigo stole hiro from milkman, the first time 02 showed up she already had a bunch of partners with one of them being her active rider, the blond faggot obviously has a history with 02 aswell. We're only half way through this season, if they keep this pace up then everyone will have been in a relationship with someone elses partner.

>falling in love with a gay guy
poor girl


There's only one thing and one thing only that this boy wants.

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this reminds me of some h-manga where a guy cucks his best friend just so that he can entice him into homo

>Sup Forums has a cuckold fetish
color me surprised

Only if you put yourself in the place of Fatoshi.