Violet Evergarden

Why is she so strong?

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side effect of never being loved

Also what's that thing called when you have some tech being way too advanced? There's a name for it but I can't remember.

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Who hurt you user?

I would be the strongest man then

lots of choccy milk

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I just checked 5ch and the basement dwellers are PISSED that this is doing to sell.


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>this is doing to sell

so well*

What chapter # is the train scene?

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trash fanart

She believes in herself

Shut up kamina. You're already dead. Rest in peace already

Does that chapter explain why Violet is superman?

So the south and north went to war just for resources?

It's never explained, only hinted and kept foggy.

I need a milktruck farmgirl wife to marry and make lots of babies with.

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Who doesn't go to war for resources?

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is that water CG?
looks pretty good desu

From what I've gathered from threads she is either the avatar of some war goddess or a demigod in the vain of the greek gods (Think Achilles)

Here we go.

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Hey. Put that down.

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no u

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but I love her.


I pity those who cannot enjoy this masterpiece from Japan.

To be fair, a very high intelligence quotient is necessary to understand violet / evergarden. The plot is very subtle, with most of the plot going beyond the head of a typical audience without having a solid grasp of visual storytelling. There are signs of autism, but it is skillfully woven into her personality. Her personal philosophy is taken up largely from the literature of Narodnaya Voja, for example. Fans understand this. The depth of this plot
I truly appreciate it and have intellectual ability not only to not only move emotionally but also to notice deep things about life. As a result, those who hate the Violet Evergarden are really ridiculous. Of course, "Gilberto-sama" who does not understand the deep meaning of Violetz itself is the father and son of Russian epic of Turginev. I am imagining IRC's symptom that Ishidate's genius wisdom is spreading on the screen of the television, so it confuses his head and hurt her head. What a stupid .. how I am those sympathies.

What is the best version of Violet? Why is it full autist loli violet?

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because you can give her lots of Loving head pats and Choccy milk and tendies

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What is this?

some autist translated the rick and morty copy pasta into japanese.

We almost have a new episode... Just three more days.

You'll survive.

I've already rewatched episode 1-11 multiple times already. I'm barely surviving as it is.

How can kyoani consistently push out quality character designs? I can't remember the last time I thought one was ugly

user there's only 2 more episodes, are you going to be ok?

>KyoAni only has fujo shows for the rest of the year.
No user, I don't think I'll be okay.

Could you make it any more obvious you're a samefag?

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So is Saberclone a virgin? Whaddaya guise think?

Most likely. She's killed anybody who has tried to take it away.

Why did the combat look so awful? Whenever Violet is actually doing anything they fall back on shitty anime tropes like her arms behind her body, moving too fast for people, and *teleports behind you* tier nonsense.
Christ, KyoAni, I get she's supposed to be super special but you could have done a better job with it.

back to your NTR threads.

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She didn't teleport behind anyone and it's already been established that she's faster and stronger than any human. She runs like Naruto probably because those metal arms would unbalance her.

Yamada-san has a new movie coming out.

You're a phony. It was all me!

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It'll be a while until it gets subbed though.

>he needs subs
Oh, I'm sorry.

>he needs subs
I do too upto a certain point

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It's just high school dialogue for fucks sake.

Why is she augmented?


Are we being spammed by that /qa/ bot?

I too have noticed a resemblance. I thought I was the only one.

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I want to give her my brooch if you get what I mean.

I replied but forgot to attach my reaction image. I sort of just left the thread in shame for a bit after that.

What was your reaction image?

Now that Violet got development, do you miss the autistic robotic Violet?

Will be fun rewatching VEG.

Absolutely. I love deadpan, autistic Violet.

Not really, no. Human Violet is the best thing to ever happen in this story.

>Do you miss her
not really but on the rewatch, it will make me appreciate how far we've come with this beautiful human being

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Which of her expressions we still did not see in anime?

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>Implying she wasn't ordered to begin performing "morale-boosting exercises" by the major

Look Gilbert, I turn my self into a pickle. I'M PICKLE VIOLEEEET.

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She should have appeared smug in some scenes in Oscar/Ann/Leon chapter. Violet is kind of troll pretending to be more robot than she is and smiling when no one observes her or is shocked by her behavior.

>animating the distortions made by the raindrops on the windows
Is it autism or love of the craft?

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The glass effects were great in ep 2 overall

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It's called a filter

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Why is she so beautiful?

Do you think the anime will end with them being together? I feel that it would ruin on the whole stuff about Violet learning to live on her own. On the other hand, not gibing them a happy end would probablt get a good part of the fanbase mad, so that's the route Kyoani will probably take, after all they cut all the stuff that would be interpreted as romantic between Violet and other male characters, probably want so keep Violet pure for Gilbert.

What about the blood?

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After all the suffering Violet has gone through, I want her to have a happy ending so I hope they do get together.

The anime will end with her death, she becomes a hero for preventing WW2 and the patron of all AMD.
I man can dream.

Being Fujita self insert

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>commander get shot out of nowhere
>better shout and shoot your gun and expose yourself even more instead of taking cover
>your friend that you carried on the should get shot again
>better run to an open hillside instead of taking cover, again

The chuuni axe would be more logically than this.

who's Fujita?

Best shot of Episode 2.

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>headcanon about what will happen in the next episode
>100 replies

Yamada's girlfriend.

Headcanon of next episode is better than circlejerking with random screenshots.

Director of VEG along with Ishidate, director of episode 2 and 5 of VEG. Director and storyboarder of famouse night park scene in Hibike.

ITT: best of new generation KyoAni episode directors that did not had debute as series directors yet, the other one is Ogawa

Well at this point they're probably going to follow the LN. What they do with the actual ending, that's up for debate.

and yeah pretty much

She also personally animated VEG ED

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Her author is a hack and she's self-inserting into more autistic Saber.

>mediocre sales, specially for something with this much time invested into it and so heavily publicized
It's clearly underperforming.
>inb4 muh chink money
Now, I'm not saying that it's impossible for Kyoani to somehow strike gold with Chinese streaming, but until someone actually posts concrete evidence that shows the studio is getting a sizeable amount of the revenue the paid viewing generates, you can't make the claim that it makes all that difference.

Ogawa just shat on her with his recap Hibike movie and episode 10 of VEG.
And speaking of directors, Ishihara has yet to show up. Meaning they saved their best director for last.

Violet Snow next episode?

You mean Yamada's lapbitch

All developed Violet does is cry all the time. I rather have the Violet that got confused and insecure about how she should react.

>All developed Violet does is cry all the time.
Come on, she held her tears for whole 10 days. You coudn't even for 20 minutes when watching it.

Retard Strength

VEG was never hyped in Japan, the otaku audience hate it with a passion and it still is projected to have an opening week almost as good as Hibike if not better.