THe kobaya is Numero Uno

THe kobaya is Numero Uno

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mada owaranai yo!

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Why is this particular series loved by spics? have they really fallen to the kyoani hype?

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IT's loved by everyone, you just focus on spics because one stole your bf

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Thanks, user.


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That "HA?" looks weird

>just this once...

>nickname is the Greek for The Beast of the Bible's Book of Revelation
>Aleister Crowley moniker
I fucking love this mangaka, but this also raises a lot of dubious questions surrounding the deeds and goals of Shouta's dad. We already know that he's a plagiarist and world-hopper who associates with chaos dragons.

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and he works for this girl

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So is the manga just wildly different in feel and tone than the anime, or does it just slowly get that way since it's so much further than the anime?

>Kobayashi tricked into being a witch
>works out even better because she is constantly paired with a dragon due to a complete fluke
>all set up by a guy who can time travel
This is some fucking PLOT, BOYS. inb4 Magatsuchi is after Tohru's power, and it's convenient to isolate her within a sense of complacency; safely under the thumb of a human employed by this own sub-contracting firm. And thanks for the translation, OP.

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In case you care, when I googled テリオン I found many more results about "Master Therion" than biblical references.
Though it's probably due that one boss from Persona has that name.

There's another dragon which appears in the manga named Iruru (not featured in the adaption). After her appearance, the manga gets a little more adventurous with the magical/other-world shenanigans and sub-plots.

>tooru anything you wear looks good on you

That page and are so good. They're so casual now.

>Kobayashi flukes and fakes her way through he exam all the way to the #1 spot.

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the anime was a pretty faithful adaptation with some changes and added scenes. the biggest change would be the removal of iruru/ilulu. but if you want a reference point, the anime covers up to volume 4 (but the final episode is from volume 2)

A little of both. The anime tended to beat the dead horse a bit when it came to the character gags and upped the drama in a couple of scenes, but the manga really has changed slightly as its gone on.

>the biggest change would be the removal of iruru/ilulu

She wasn't removed, they just stopped before adapting up until that point.

I loved that announcer interaction so much - really hope we get a season 2 of the anime

Shota's balls dropped

pretty sure she removed, not sure if due to time constrains or what but they did adapt the few chapter of the 4th volume that didn't revolve around her, like parent's day wich was changed to the sports festival, or the dialogue in pic related wich was repourposed for the emperor of demise

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Good chapter. Thanks bud.

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>really hope we get a season 2 of the anime

so that's what all the years of experience with sql were about.

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SQL and PHP are not magical, they're diabolical

Which perfectly fits the nature of the firm president.

>13 posters aside from OP
Makes me kind of sad that this manga doesn't get the fun discussion that it feels like it deserves (at least lately, anyway; I still understand that the series contains a rather dense amount of SoL fluff). Most threads are short-lived and focused on the cast. Maybe it's just that the sub plots are still playing catch up with the impact that all of the series' fetish bait (for lack of a better phrase)?

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i want to turn emily into a living onahole

>mexican goddess with giant tits
gee i wonder

he soaked some british girls panties too, what a chad

I understand that chapter 69 is the last one from this volume. Has an 8th volume been confirmed?

>thick dragon

Post you're face when Tooru's official western name is Thor.

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well that is thor's name in japanese, so its not really wrong

What does it feel like to ride Lucoa? Paizuri?

Never said it was wrong, that pic is an ad from gekkan action. So it doesn't get any more official than that, the point is that literally no translator (Official or not) actually got it right.

Who is the more powerful lesbian witch Kobayashi or Akko?

Kobayashi has a superior familiar. The fact that she doesn't actively perform any magic is moot.

Kobayashi did ask if she was named after him after all.

When are we finally gonna get a proper date chapter?

How powerful is Tohru? Is she supposed to be a primordial being? How do you pronounce Tohru anyways? Toh-rumor Thor-ru?

No clue. Everything usually becomes a group activity. You could do a chapter where they all meet up but then get separated through hijinks are alone with their respective partners. Elma will more than likely find food.

*and end up alone

She's powerful enough to intimidate her father: an ancient dragon and head of the entire chaos faction. She's supposedly less brute force and more utility, though. Elma is the direct power type while Tohru performs most of her feats via magical enhancement or direct spellcasting. As for her name, phonetically, it's just: TOH-RU (トール; often romanized "Tooru" which is honestly more correct anyway). Even if it's officially spelled "Thor," pronouncing that name in Japanese comes off like how it is said in the series.

>primordial being
Isn't she only like a few hundred years old tops?

does kata even have a way to make that "th" sound?

I guess it's a choice between ぞ and と. but they don't really have a perfect way to pronounce that, similar to the "l" sound.

>>Kobayashi flukes and fakes her way through he exam all the way to the #1 spot.
She is now legally licensed to be a mage. But at this point this is also certainly intentional on the part of her boss. Basically he is using his software company to recruit potential mages, but using in-house programming language that matches magic spells.

>How powerful is Tohru? Is she supposed to be a primordial being?
She isn't ancient. She is young by dragon standards. What is unusual is that she was born with a special ability to spontaneously generate mana out of herself. This means she can sustain spell casting nearly infinitely despite not using any external power source, and more importantly dragons near her can also recharge mana from her proximity like an aura. But Kanna said that "Touru's mana tastes horrible", so it is only useful in a war. Kanna prefer to recharge via power socket.

Also, this means Touru has a distinct advantage fighting on Earth, where nature mana levels are low. She isn't affected by the lack of ambient energy, while everyone else would need to recharge at some point. Though godly dragons like Lucoa has such immense mana reserves that she probably would never run out.

Touru is an aura-bot, by videogame terms.

Does he know about Tohru? I’m sure Shouta told him.

Where does Lucoa store her mana reserves?

>Where does Lucoa store her mana reserves?
in all the right places

>Where does Lucoa store her mana reserves?
We are talking about a feathered serpent that dwarves Touru by several orders of magnitude. Her EYEBALLS are each larger than Touru. And if legends are canon to her story, then she survived at least one if not more apocalypses in her home realm.

>Does he know about Tohru? I’m sure Shouta told him.
I am sure he found out what he could about the company his son keeps. He would be a bad father if he wasn't aware of the kind of beings his son is visiting the beach with.

How wouldn't he? He was there when Thor's father met kobayashi at the company building.

Thanks OP! super cute chapter
needed more ELMA

>Numero Uno

This meme is probably older than you


>Does he know about Tohru? I’m sure Shouta told him.
That is almost certainly why he registered her for mage examination. He already knows Kobayashi is over-qualified, considering the quality of other entrants. If she could come number 1 with no preparation in the written exam, he only signed her up with expectation of her passing easily.

Thanks for the dump.

>so its not really wrong
yes, but Kobayashi asked her if she was named Tohru after the norse god (Thor) and she replied that she was named after an Human writer
>when your familiar is a top tier Dragon
she must be a powerful mage then

>asked her if she was named Tohru after the norse god (Thor)
I don't remember this.
In any case, just because she wasn't named after the norse god, it doesn't mean that her name isn't supposed to be spelled like that.

cute. Thanks OP

Personally, I temporarily dropped it around chapter 40 so I could wait and read a bunch at once. Translations were kinda slow at that point if I remember correctly.
I will probably try to catch up soon though.

thank you for the dump

>rips a god-sword out from a wounded dragon
>"It's probably because you lacked faith." despite the fact that she has been hired by a shadowy archmage and was secretly being groomed into a witch
The plot thiccens

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>Kobayashi has the qualities of a powerful mage
>Kawayanagi is a fucking god-tier assassin
>Jigokumeguri's company is run by mages
You know, i wouldn't be even surprised at this point if Haru makes a cameo and reveals herself to be a fucking Lv 150. Archmage(would be nice if we can also see Kawayanagi too). Goddamn why is this manga doesn't get any attention at all.

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was all part of COOL's master plan

fun fact (althought i don't know if it's true) when she said she wsas named after a writer, she ment jrr tolkie. his japanese name is pronounces tohruken. and tohru's dragon form is probably also a reference to smaug since hey are both green with yellow eyes.

jrr tolkien, sorry

Smaug is red

Yes, but Tohru's dad likes human novels and the corp president (whom he hangs out with) is a plagiarist.

>Maidragon is actually in post-Ojojojo timeline 10 years later
>Haru makes a cameo in Danna Ga Wakaranai Ken and probably next in MaiDragon
>She's now a MILF Ohohoho Ojousama Archmage with her daughter


get with the times user jeez

Proof or i riot