Brave Witches

Dumping chapter 8 of the Brave Witches Prequel manga.

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You're awake?

Uhh, did I...

You fell into the river.
You've been asleep for about half a day.

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Crashing into the river at the last minute threw the base into an uproar.

It seems the cause of your crash was a lack of fuel and fatigue.
Honestly, it's a miracle you weren't injured.

[Kanno x3]coughing sounds

Looks like it.

But due to the water in your Striker, it has to be completely taken apart and overhauled.
It looks like you won't be able to sortie for quite some time.

No way!

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Can't you just loan me a different unit!?

I'm afraid to loan a Striker to someone who thinks it's a good idea to fly into enemy territory until they run out of magic.


Why did you keep flying until you ran out of fuel?

...I wanted to shoot down Neuroi.

You're too easy to read.

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Go ahead and rest today.
Nipa-san, Krupinski-san, and I will carry out the patrol.


I'm not going to repeat myself.

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Ensign Kanno? What can I do for you?

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Let me sortie.

Request denied.

You don't have permission from Sasha.
Nor do you have it from Edytha.

Aren't you the one in charge here?
If the commander gave me permission, then I'm sure...

I'm just doing what I was told.
No commander on Earth would oppose what both their commander-in-battle and their flight instructor say.

Don't take away my Striker!

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Nevertheless, having nothing to do is a shame.



There's more than enough work for you here.

What!? Why!?

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Didn't you say you would help me with my paperwork when I gave you that alcohol?

Y-Yeah, I guess...

Then this is the perfect opportunity.

...What do I gotta do?

Just go through those documents and underline the important points.
It'll make it easier for me later.

What about you?

I promised to give Debby an interview.
If you finish, you're free to do whatever you want.


Why not go for a walk around the base? You haven't had a chance to see it all yet, right?

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This really needs S2.

I know I said I'd help, but I've never even filed a paper before.

Well, whatever...

[side of bubble]Geh!
It's salmiakki!
Next time I'm gonna make 'em eat natto.
[Kanno x2]more coughing sounds

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Here's hoping!

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That was easier than I expected...


Just gotta bear with it for awhile, huh...

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Wish I woulda brought a book with me.

Fuso's literary girl lost in thought on a Petersburg riverbank.
A picturesque composition, don't you think?

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Who you callin' a "literary girl"?

You like books, don't you? I heard so from Krupinski-san.

Intellectual Witches are always pretty popular.

What? You don't got 'em in Liberion?

We do, but it's nice to see that girls from Fuso like literature too.
Have you read any Liberian literature?

Yeah, some Hawthorne and Thoreau.
Oh, and Fitzgerald.

Do you mind if I put that in an article?

Help yourself.

By the way, here.

What's this?

One of my recent pictures is in it.

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What the hell.

It's from the other day in the hanger.
Nowadays we don't just do those valiant hero shots, these kinds of photos are pretty popular too.

This is a local paper, right...?
You aren't selling these in Fuso are ya?

I think it's via a shipping service, so I suppose it's possible.

I hope Takami doesn't see this...

I think it's a nice photo.
It's chock-full of that Ensign Kanno charm.

I'm just concerned what my partner will think.

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Speaking of being concerned, Captain Pokryshkin seemed to be pretty worried about you.
You fell into the river, right? I hear that's pretty dangerous.

There's no danger in Orussia.
It's just how it is.

Was Sasha really worried about me?



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I heard you were awake, but is it alright for you to be out of your room?

...It's not like I'm hurt or anything.

Even still, what you did was uncalled for.
Fighting until you ran out of fuel? That was just reckless.

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I wanted to beat the Neuroi...

Those kinds of actions will get you nowhere.
Please, try and rest for a while.

And I don't just mean your body, but your mind too.


Eagerness has its drawbacks.
No matter how worked up you get,
If you don't keep a calm mind, you won't be able to survive the struggles of Orussia.

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I've always been like this.
It's how I've survived so far.

It seems different now.

It's nothing... I'm fine.
I can still fight like this.

...I'm just not sure.

How're the Flying Officer and Nipa?

I heard over the radio that they just shot down an enemy.

Well I'm going too!

No you are not!!

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My repairs will be done tomorrow!
Please, give me permission to go!

This has nothing to do with how complete your repairs are, I still won't allow it.
Right now you're acting completely careless just to bring in some results.
It's far too dangerous.

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But if I don't shoot down more Neuroi, then Takami will never get to come here!
I've got to prove I can be a worthy wingman for Takami!
I want to shoot down more Neuroi!
I have to!

So I'm begging you,
Please, let me fly...!!

...Even still, I can't.

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I'm the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing's Commander-in-Battle.
I have an obligation to stop a subordinate when they attempt to fight impulsively.

Kanno-san, as it is now, you are in no way fit to sortie.


I know.
You're right.
But I still just want to fight alongside Takami.

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Witch inbound! Witch inbound!
They are currently engaged with a Neuroi! Repeat:
They are currently engaged with a Neuroi!

To Be Continued...

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And with that we're all caught up. No idea when chapter 9 will get released as it doesn't have a set schedule, but I'd guess sometime in April.
I'll also be dumping this on Helma sometime tomorrow as usual.

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