What are your favorite fan theories?

What are your favorite fan theories?

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The one about Ash being in a coma.

not that one

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I like the one where one where araragi walked her home gently.

What, are you saying Araragi didn't walk her home gently?

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Homura being Walpurgis was a really hot topic and a creative theory that put emphasis on the nature of Witches

Shame that Uro choose to just keep them as flat villains and went for the godawful route of Homura being a devil


Also my personal theory that Diethard survived and will be villain of R3. When this actually happens I'm going to laugh so much. HE'S EVEN STEALING SCENES FROM SHIRLEY IN THE RECAPS.

everything was just tadakuni's dream

Jesus didn't die on the cross.

I was really hoping Rebellion would take advantage of that with the whole thing being set inside of Homura's witch barrier, it was so disappointing.

Captain Tsubasa was actually Oliver Atom imagining everything while in comma. In the last episode he wakes up and turns out he doesn't have legs.

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Nice headcanon

Clannad and SukaSuka are some how related.
>The other world.
>Tomoya and Willem finding some thing they want to protect near the end.
>Would you love a place after everything is gone from it?
>Unorthodox marriage proposal
Death of main heroine
>bonus: Kikuko Inuoe voices "mother roles"
>It's your turn to cry

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Wasn't that a scrapped ending to the series?

shinji isn't a virgin

I always thought it was just urban legend bullshit

Nah, it was just an urban legend that people took way too seriously because Captain Tsubasa was around before the internet became as popular as it is nowadays.

The bus death theory.
All of the members of guilty kiss died during the night bus trip they had, the white ray of dreams was also present on the 3 of them all throughout the final ep as well as Chika acting like some people have died and hearing voices.
Season 2 did not end with it's OP but with season 1's OP implying this is an bad end route.
The songs are also about miracles and happy endings.

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The hell were the LL threads smoking when they came up with that?

Flying buses of death.

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In the end of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru's second season, Shinju did not actually give Yuuna the power to defeat the heavenly gods. Everything that happens from the moment the other dead yuushas show up all the way to the end is just an illusion created by Shinju inside his barrier, after proceeding with the shinkon and absorbing everyone.

Shinju wanted the yuushas to feel at peace inside the barrier, so he created this illusory world with the outcome they hoped for: No heavenly gods, no need to fight anymore and no more sacrifices with the hero system gone. They unknowingly accepted Shinju's illusion as reality and now live happily inside of it, while the real world outside was destroyed by the heavenly gods along with the people who didn't have enough faith in Shinju to get absorbed.

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>for the godawful route of Homura being a devil
but that was the most logical route

Bruh, it took her countless resets to empower Madoka's karma enough to turn her into a deity

Meanwhile: all it took her was few weeks of brooding in the new world to be on that same karmic energy. Not to mention that Madoka, as a goddess, was unaware of her intentions.

desu I like this better than the actual ending

>Bruh, it took her countless resets to empower Madoka's karma enough to turn her into a deity
the same reset aply to Homura plus her wish never came true until the end of the movie

It's the exact same shit as every other coma/dying dream, purgatory, etc. theory. You can shoehorn that garbage into almost anything.

I actually believed that back when the show was airing, it wasn't until when I saw the real last episode that I realized it was just an urban legend.

>it’s another “this character is just a hallucination” episode
Old and busted.

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