WTF official manga

>got a decent job, now making solid money, decent savings going
>figure I'll go ahead and support some of the manga I've been pirating for like 20 years
>official licensors actually have a pretty good selection nowadays and it's not a decade behind either
>buy a bunch of volumes of my favorites
>In 30-60% of dialog bubbles they LOVE to EMPHASIZE random WORDS.
>this is insanely irritating and distracting to read
What the actual shit is this? I've learned to read a decent amount of moon runes over the years, not enough to not want to read translations too but I know the original doesn't have BOLD TEXT every 5 words, it's used judiciously like normal. I've done a lot of typesetting and editing myself over the years of both manga and doujins and never saw this. Where the hell did this styling come from? It seems to be everywhere and serves no purpose at all beyond making me want to repeatedly punch their typesetters in the nuts and regret buying their shit.

I hate this, I expect scanlations to win on speed and of course are free and sometimes cover niche stuff commercial localizers won't, but paying should at least get me a high quality experience. God damn it. Why are media companies always punishing me for doing the right thing?

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>Not importing your mango to actually support the creators


I do that for doujins and a few manga but it's pricey and official localizers must pay a licensing fee per copy these days, shit ain't no tiny micro thing anymore for better and for worse and nip companies don't hate money anymore then other corps.


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Isn't that a thing in western comics? Most publishing houses that work on manga do those too. So typesetters are probably the same, not some weeb scanlators that found a job there.

>Isn't that a thing in western comics?
Oh, well that'd explain it. Thanks user, never considered that but guess it makes sense.
>we want the capeshit audience
I will continue to be bitter though.

Why does she look like Fraw Bow from Gundam?

Go away.

is this the latest epic meme?

that hairstyle wasn't uncommon in a lot of 70s/80s stuff was it? Or maybe miura just liked gundam before he devoted himself to idols.

>Schierke post time skip
Good to know Guts has some fallback options if this whole Casca thing doesn't work out in the end.

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Using meme abbreviations is considered degenerate here. Not that people care much, but someone will definitely ask you to leave.

>meme abbreviations
That's silly. "What the fuck"/WTF dates back so far into the past and is such a basic eternally relevant exclamation that it seems more of a meme to suddenly demand it not be abbreviated then a meme itself. I haven't been on Sup Forums as much in the last few years but it definitely wasn't a thing before that going back to like 2006.

I mean, yeah if someone went "what the f***" I'd expect that to me mocked, that's stupid anywhere and this is an 18+ site in particular, but not an honest wtf. Whatever I guess, communities evolve and develop new norms.

>they LOVE to EMPHASIZE random WORDS
Seven Seas in particular is infamous for doing this to the point that they've said recently they're going to tone it down in future releases.

Did they ever explain their reason to do that random emphasize?

I don't know that they have. My personal suspicion is that it comes from Japanese being a hard language to translate to English, and sometimes it's hard to keep both the tone and meaning of a sentence. Other anons in this thread say it's because of convention in western comics and I'd definitely believe that.

Maybe if you actually KNEW japanese, you WOULD know that sometimes even the SLIGHTEST deviation from normal, like using KANJI where KANA is usually used, is perceived as EMPHASIS, not to mention various more obvious techniques like INTONATION and emphatic KATAKANA.


You're absolutely right. There are a lot of peculiarities in the Japanese languase and there's no great way to translate them, much less a correct one. You have to work on a case by case basis. All OP is saying, like many others have, is that they don't particularly care for caps being used for emphasis, or at least not as often as they are.

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>Where the hell did this styling come from?
It comes from the American comic book industry. Never seen it in translated manga, but I guess editors are trying to make it look more like burger comics now.

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>superman and spiderman
Wait a second....

I dunno, I just googled "spider-man comic page".


You should go too.

>convention in western comics
What a nauseating convention. It should be kept away from Japan-originated media.

there were a few crossovers,some of them got very stupid