Ryuuou no Oshigoto

How married are they right now?

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Ginko a shit

Reminder that Ginko is canonically a chronic panty pisser.

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The husband and wife kind of married.

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Not at all. You can't marry a ten year old.


They'll have a kid in 9 months, that's how married they are.

I want to marry red Ai.

I assume Ai wears the pants

>Has the name, twitter, and patreon all in one image

Jesus fuck

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Too late, she's mine

>1,243 patreons.
>At the bare minimum 1300 dollars.
I guess it's working.

never said she wet herself though.

Literally my daughter.

Imagine getting to be her diaper for matches Then mentally playing out the match and feeding her the best strategy in secret code.


I'm going to marry your daughter.

I'm afraid you'll have to wait until she is of age.

She is of age in plenty of countries around the world, I'll just bring her there.

Inshallah you don't get beheaded in the process,

It's nationally public knowledge that the Ryuuou is a lolicon that has a loliwife at this point in the series.


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Gunko's jealousy meter was over 9k here in this scene

What's that green food?

youtube.com/watch?v=CxmU0xY3LnY See for yourselves

When you think about it, her only fault is being a hag. It's not like she isn't cute or anything, nor did she do anything wrong in particular. Her only fault is that she exists, for too long.

Ginko is Sup Forums's town bicycle

Why does he get to have TWO Ais?

She wishes

She told her mom in front of everyone that he has made her into a woman.
The room that was prepared for them after the ceremony had only one futon.
They now always sleep in one room and Ai crawls into his futon by the morning.

>tfw put it on hold after episode 4
>tfw finally catch up
>tfw missed all those threads

What a ride.
I wish I was here for the Ika episode.

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we liked her
sexually, like an animal in heat goddamn

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Rough, non-consensual dick-biting with Ika-musume. De geso.

Who's trying to rape who?

Because a dragon hoards all the treasure.

Blue Ai knows the dragon dick wouldnt be fooled twice from the other comic so she made it look like red ai was gifting it instead. But he saw through it and used the drugs on red ai instead to get her
So, failed Blue>Dragon, actual Dragon>Red

She's only a bike for one

once one person has ridden it, the next person can use it, maybe if they paid her shed also be a more modern city centre bicycle rentals
the slut
i bet she has a front basket so she can take it from the front too
the slut

>last episode is about to air

S2 never. Maybe it's for the better since no one would want to see volumes like 6-8 animated.

3 mins

get in here niggas


my wife is so understanding

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>no OP

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What happens in 6-8?

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Kill yourself.

Mostly focused on shit characters like Ginko, Yaichi's master and then two old hag female pros that barely appeared in anime before that.

you first pedo

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spoil me

I think every light novel reader want to see the following:
>Ai almost making Yaichi jump on her
>Keika winning an important match
>Ginko being btfo again

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Makes sense. Fuck off back.

yeah keep seething, retard

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At this point there shouldn't be any Ginko after how blown the fuck out of earth after this episode.
The show can't even hide how much the author shat on her character.


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It'd have to have a lot more of old hags and old men, so fuck it.

Kill yourself normalshit ironic weeb.

Have to push the normalfag shit. In the LN he actually recovered thanks to resting on Ai, not like this joke scene where he didn't even rest properly. Fuck anime.

finally meijin got a face

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Oh it's just you LRD, kill yourself

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>dat pose

Literally the Habu of our generation

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What happened? I'm at work, did my wife Ginko was mistreated by the faggot again?

>ywn have a loli disciple
>ywn have lolilap pillow
>ywn have a loli cook for you
>ywn get engaged to a loli with a filthy rich family
>ywn have rich mother in law to corrupt the police department for you
>ywn produce the next generation of Shogi alien with a loli
Isn't fair

Yes, I'm both LRD, THK and anything else. Posting shit tier images is against the rules by the way go back to twatter.


Uh huh try report me then retard.

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woah he actually won against meijin

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>posting images from twitter while a show is airing in Japan and they're the only images about the episode on the internet is bad
No, you aren't LRD, THK or anyone else. You're just a newfag from one of the many Sup Forums-tier shows airing right now.
In any case, your autism will end in less than ten minutes so you won't get a chance to derail the thread with this subject.

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She showed up!

best girl until the end

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>girl with bangs covering her eyes finally reveals them
I fucking love this.

She didn't get enough screen time, but this series has some great designs for side girls as well as main.


Is it AOTS?

literally Habu.

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What the fuck is this ending, did they just jump to the next spring skipping the following LN volumes? Because it was winter during the Ryuuou battle. And of course they cut him giving interview and saying that he won thanks to taking a disciple and then carrying her in his arms. I'm really about to become LRD here after this shit.

I have stopped watching anime regularly long ago and don't watch anything else this season don't worry. And no, they aren't the only images on the internet. If YOU and that other normalshit weren't newfags you would know where to get decent screenshots.

Rate the show

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It could have been AOTS if it was 2 cour. Too rushed.

Fun and had some of the cutest character designs I can remember right now/10.

Just stop talking about yourself in third person, fucking queer.

Best lolishow of the decade

That's why Ai is so best