Kimetsu No Yaiba 103

Since TS user asked for help..

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What happened with TL's internet.

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I dont know. Can you link this tread to thw Yuragi's one please. I dont know how to do it..

It died like the dinosaurs. But text should be fine.

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Yuragi thread.

Heh I need some sleep
Yuragi 104

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(Damn captchas)

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Those are some aggressive crows.

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The last one from the file...

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103: Yori Ichizero shiki [Or whatever TS user called it]
[side] A doll put together from memories...

I know its face...
I've seen it before somewhere.
[side] Who is that doll Tokitou is facing!?
"His arms..."

"Why are there six?"
"His arms? Well according to my dad..."

"This doll is modeled off an actual swordsman"

"We had to give him six arms"
"Or we couldn't replicate his movements"

I feel like I know him, but I don't know why...
"So who is this person? What exactly did he do?"

"Sorry, I don't know the details either..."
"But it goes back to the Sengoku era"

"You mean... it's older than 300?"
"How has it not broken after all this time?"

"It's constructed so superbly, we can't hope to achieve that level even now"
"So if it breaks, we can't fix it anymore..."

"My dad suddenly died and I have no siblings"
"So I have to be the one to fix it."
"But I don't have the talent to fix blades and dolls..."

"So that's why..."
"I see"
"I see..."

"This person..."
"Is amazing"
"He's just as young as I am... but he's talented"

"Well of course!!"
"That boy is a descended of the 'Sun-breath' users!"

Thanks for dumping

Thats all. Now we wait for TL user and texts, thank him for the traslation and because he (or she or it) provided the raw

stop shilling this garbage manga


That's one smug bird

So we have 2 sunbreaths users??? I think the earrings make the difference

"He's a genius!!"
"He's completely different from you"
[Haha everywhere]

"Tokitou-kun's crow? The sun breath is the 'original breath'..."
"So he's really amazing..."

"But he doesn't use the sun breath..."

"Shut the hell up!! I'll gouge your eyes out!!"

"The dream I saw!!"
"I saw him in a dream!!"

"What? You're a total moron."
"Have you ever come to this village before? You're being so delusional you make me laugh"
"So you know a warrior from the Sengoku era? How old are you?"


"Sorry about that... I must look weird..."
"No no!!"

"Maybe it's a memory that got passed on?"
"It's a common saying in my village"
"Appearances aren't the only things that get inherited"

"Living things pass on their memories too"
"When I first began to forge swords, I remember seeing someone wear the same mask I did"
"And I remembered things I've never experienced before"
"We call those inherited memories"

"So the dream you saw must've been a memory of your ancestor's!"

"Thanks, you're so sweet"
"My name's Tanjirou. Yours?"

"I'm Kotetsu"
"You don't have to listen to this bully of a crow"

"His armor..."



"II'll find you. My nose is working"
Even though I don't feel so good now


"You're really good at climbing, huh!!"

"I'll help you in any way I can with the doll"
"Don't give up!"

"You still have a future"
"You have to work hard so you can be better ten, twenty years later on"
"One day, you'll be able to do the things you can't do right now"

"No I can't"
"I know I'm just a pathetic guy"
"Everything... is gonna end at my generation and it's all my fault"


"Don't be too reckless"
"Please, don't talk about yourself that way..."
"Not even a sound... he really is a swordsman"

>doll has 6 arms
>kokushibou has 6 eyes

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Just coincidence...
I say that they are not the same..

"If you can't do anything yourself, someone else will do it"
"But you have to put in effort so you can pass it on to the next generation"
[side] What're you looking at, lackey?
[side] Go away, eyelash bitch [She is a bitch, but maybe I should make it softer]
"If you can't do it, then your kids and grandkids might be able to, right?"

"I wanna beat Kibutsuji Muzan myself"
"And I want to save my sister who got turned into a demon"
"But I'll probably die without fully achieving these"

"But I believe someone will finish the deed for sure"
"Just like how we defeated an upper moon with the lives we connected,"
"Those same lives will one day beat Kibutsuji"

"Let's work hard together!!"


"I didn't want to see the doll break, but now I've made up my mind"
"His session should last to the night. That's why I'll make sure... to be mentally ready"

"So you're ten"

"My brother..."

"You're done!?"

"Yeah... it was great training"
"So who're..."

"I broke my blade, so go and take it [to the smiths] for me"



"You deal with it"

"I don't sense any maliciousness..."
"So he's probably not doing it on purpose..."
"But like..."


That crow is definitely malicious though...
She's really looking down on me

"There he is!"

"Let's just make sure"
"It might still be able to move"



"Not moving..."
"So I guess it's..."

"It's moving Kotetsu-kun!!"
"Good for..."

"It is, Tanjirou-san. Now train."

"Please. Become stronger than that shitty indifferent jerk...!!"
"I'll help you"
"With all I got...!!"

What? Right now?
[side] No hesitation!

Thanks for the TL..

Thank you, TL user.

NO Tanjirou you cannot die...

>"I wanna beat Kibutsuji Muzan myself"
>"And I want to save my sister who got turned into a demon"
>"But I'll probably die without fully achieving these"
No, Tanjirou
Don't say these things

He's just being realistic. He'll do his best, but he's not stupid. People did their best for a thousand years before him and still failed

Scans when

It's sad

You're right. Realistic is not something common on Shonen Jump main characters, Maybe thats why Tanjirou is my fav. The other MCs are always talking big and never metion that they can die (although we all know that they won't). But this kind of dialogue really gives him more depth in my opinion

This is one of those manga where MC and his team actually fails to take down the villain, but the villain gets defeated with foreign intervention through nukes

It's not as shitty as what Togashi does.

Well the parallel is obvious regardless of if Kokushibou is the also the original BSU he's is 100% a BSU.

I don't read his work so I don't know what that really means

I know Togashi is the guy who gave recommendation on this manga but I don't know who he really is and I never cared

Thank you user

>Foreign intervention
>The MC didn't do it so it's shitty

thanks for the TL

>"When I first began to forge swords, I remember seeing someone wear the same mask I did"
>"And I remembered things I've never experienced before"
No no no no. He's not speaking about personal experience. He's talking about others having experienced that.

>For example, someone having memories of seeing the same scene the first time they forged a sword.
>Or knowing how to do something they've never done before.

>"II'll find you. My nose is working"
I'll find you! I have a good sense of smell!

>"I broke my blade, so go and take it [to the smiths] for me"
I broke my blade, so I'll be taking this one.

>"You deal with it"
Dispose of this one for me.

Osamu is still in his own league. Whenever he thinks he can pull a shounen MC speech chars around him correct him immedietely.

>"But I'll probably die without fully achieving these"
kamoshirenai does not translate to probably. Use "might"

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I winged it today since I spent more time getting pissed at my already aucky internet. Thanks for double checking

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Btw I wasn't sure whether to use 'he' or 'it' here. I tried using he for the person, it for the doll itself.

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Okay i’ll go through quickly. Stuck on phone because internet crashed. Also

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16 and 18

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I can't say I dislike it. Guess I should read from the beginning then.

Kotetsu is an actually likeable kid character. How rare are these?

what a cunt

pan 1: [Skipped the crow dialogue ]

Not a cunt, just actual autism.

pan 1 bub 1: If you can’t do it yourself, then someone else will do it.

pan 1 bub 3. So even if you can’t do it, then your kids and grandkids might be able to, right?

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Yeah that’s really about it.

How come no one sees they have the same earrings?

pan 3 side (optional): Aaaghh!

Do you think I should put 'his' or 'its' for the first panel?

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referring to

I think either works. “Its” is more literal, but “his” can also work if he’s confusing his memory with reality (he sees the doll as the guy from his dream)

Well looking at it again, he said it before, so maybe its is better

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Huh, I think his looks better now since it reflects Tanjirou’s dazed and confused state better, since he’s confusing the doll with the man. But, either way works I guess.

the main cast of this series are likeable kids ch 103.rar

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good job, thank you!

Is fan art for all manga this good? The amazing quality of this stuff surprises me every week.

hmm, for some reason p2 quality looks really weird, so i resaved it. ch 103.rar

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There are some great artists out there. But there are also bad ones.

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Kotetsu is Tanjirou's long lost relative.

I have no smithing skills
>Rengoku's brother
I have no sword skills

Inherited memories will fix both I guess

Or hard work and dedication and support from Tanjiro

Tanjiro, despite his ancestry, only got into the position he's in because he was a 13 year old boy taking care of a large family on his own and after they were slaughtered felt compelled to train by himself for years to save the only living relative he still had, he gained his skills from having good teachers and a dedication to pursuing their teachings

If inherited skills was a thing, all his family wouldn't be dead

Good TLfag.

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