Just finished the Deadman Wonderland manga. I thought it was pretty average but let's have a conversation about it...

Just finished the Deadman Wonderland manga. I thought it was pretty average but let's have a conversation about it. What did you guys think?

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I never finished only saw the show and I was saddened by the main guy not becoming a bad ass in the end like future diary or hmmm like akame ga kill.

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I think I finished but forgot almost all of it, so I guess I didn't like it enough to remember it and didn't dislike it enough to remember it. I would say it was average at best.

Dropped it. It's impossible for me to like the MC.

word it was pretty average

Don't really blame you. I wasn't really that taken with him either.

>watched the anime and was pretty frustrated how it simply "ended"
>decided to read the manga because I really liked Shiro
>dropped it just a few pages in because the MC was unbearable

This japanese fetish with wimp, crybaby MC's ruins mangas and animes.

Shiro is hot.

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Oh damn, you see her tiddies in the anime?

Kinda shitty ending

It was a stupid idea to use blood as power.

For some reason the opening is riddled with character's tits

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Shiro x Ganta’s relationship is the meat of the manga and the only memorable thing from it. I marathoned the manga in one sitting just to see its conclusion. Everything else is meh

Azami was a cutie too.
I actually think she made better gf material than Shiro

>one sitting
You're a fucking madman. How many hours did that take you?

best girl asami dies so who cares?

never read the manga, but I thought the anime was pretty cool.
It had one of my favorite intros in all of anime, the kind that I actually sat through every episode. The lyrics of the into song were highly relevant to the plot, so I looked it up and apparently the band that made the intro was called the "Deadman Wonder Band".

The premise was stupid as hell.

looking back, this opening felt like a a trap compared to the actualy style.

there's a panel(not sure) that has her in full nudity showing her back

so basically shiro was a yandere all along and now ganta is forever trapped with a jailbird

I've always thought it should have stayed on the death games shit from the early chapters more. It goes into battle manga way too fast

Really enjoyed the relationship between Shiro & Ganta. The other characters were interesting enough to keep me from being bored, but not really memorable.
The pacing of the plot was kind of weird though, as said they instantly went into death games, and then after the death games the pacing never settled into a proper flow for me.

The story was essentially reliant on a gimmicky setting, which requires the writing to compensate to maintain interest, and this wasn't achieved. The writing is average at best. The characters are not interesting or memorable aside from the also gimmicky lead waifu bait. It had a large budget and looked pretty nice, and the OP music was distinctive. A classic stinker anime that's loved by plebeian mainstream western consumers. Nothing worth talking about.

the manga is so different to the anime

I didn't finish it
hummingbird best girl

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it was great a lot of crazy moments 8/10 manga my only problem was that i really want to see what happens after Shiro woke up

>Nothing worth talking about.
like everything in life

Wasn’t really THAT bothered by the MC unlike most people, probably because I have a particular mindset when seeing these kinds of characters. But Ganta was practically a poor man’s Shinji with about 34% less depth compared to him.

But yeah, the story surely seems Shonen because god damn does this whole story seem improvised as hell. Prison guard suddenly became an ex-mercanary badass and prison chief is revealed to be an ex-hikikimori who just wanted revenge against someone who destroyed his PC. Plus the cast became way too overstuffed with unnecessary characters that die right after they were introduced without any breathing room for development. Most of the development are mostly just flashbacks to their backstories anyway.

Yeah, it was kinda mediocre. Wasn’t Fairy Tail levels of frustrating, just boring.


>future diary
Who the fucks thinks anything from that piece of shit is good or even calls it by its english name?

>mangas and animes

This is about right. It was never bad enough for me to drop but I certainly wasn't too invested. Made for some decent night time reading though.

Please restrain yourself from philosophic shitposting

It was years ago so the precise number escapes me, but half a day or so (~12 hours?) didn’t sleep even though I had a quiz the next morning. Spent the ealry parts of the day running on adrenaline alone then crashed halfway. No regrets, was totally worth it /blogpost

it was really good until the mangaka came back from hiatus and nuked his own ending.


Could not stomach that garbage, dropped it 30 chapters in

I can understand why people wouldn’t be into it. It’s not exactly sophisticated entertainment, but something about it really hooked me.

It was your shit taste