How is this possible ?

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She's a slut for girls but shy for boys.

It's like, you have a vast reservoir of untapped slut power, and could go Super Slut 2, but currently you cannot fully access it.

Virgin sluts are a common thing in anime.


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Rin is 17 years old, and 22 in timeskip, user. And she is a girl.


Lewd body made for buttsex

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Look! Rin found a new hobby other than old men!

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Rin a Cute

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Are you saying it’s impossible for a virgin to be a slut?

Takes it in the ass.

Simple, anal doesn't count

Because sluttiness is a mentality, not a physical trait. Hence, Rin is a slut and Sakura is pure.


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Yes. It's official.

>On this occasion, I’ve manifested by borrowing the body of a pure young girl.
She even points out what a slut Rin is:
>That Goddess from the Middle East... She's called Ishtar, correct? She's quite beautiful, isn't she? As if guided by karma, I can't help but feel attracted to her. However, don't you think she's somewhat excessively showy...? To have too much freedom can occasionally be problematic as well. Ufufu...

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Secondary scum.

Immaculate conceptions

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The demi-servant info is literally the one worthwhile thing about it, since it shows what the nature of the possessed character is. Also:
>Nasu: Matou Sakura, pure kouhai-type heroine

All girls are sluts and are not virgins

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>The demi-servant info is literally the one worthwhile thing about it
Go to

Why does she have hair down there?

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I remember one girl in school who sucked off like 5 guys at once and had them all cum on her face, but she wouldn't allow anyone to fuck her because she was a "good christian"

>being this mad
We knew about Sakura's affinity with Parvati even before FGO, you know.

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Literally who. I dont read/watch/play secondary garbage

Oh, you know, just the goddess of purity and being the perfect wife.

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Goddess who infested herself with worms hence her connection with Sakura.

Indian goddess is subhuman shits, pajeet.

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Hail to the King, baby.

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This video should make everything clear. Skip to 1:28.

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>Rin fuses with goddesses: they learn responsibility and how to take love seriously
>Sakura fuses with a goddess: becomes boring as shit
What did Nasu mean by this?

FGO is primary material now buddy, you can’t stop it.

Indian mythology is literally Aryan.

That was an illusion she created to scare off some shallow suitors, actually.

Perfection is boring. The message will be that Durga who's a balance between Parvati and Kali is the best one.

>FGO is primary material
Secondaries mentality, everyone. No one cares about that shitty gachashit here, go back to

My cute wife Caster is more pure than Rin.

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Only fake Type Moon fans would be seething in anger at FGO, which is what you clearly are.

You're even admitting that you are a secondary subhumans garbage.

Whoops, looks like we’ve got a seething ESL here. It’s okay bro, it’s still not too late to check out Nasu’s main project these days. You’ll end up being the secondary at this rate otherwise.

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>good christian
>sucks off 5 dicks at once
must be a catholic

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Because she's not a whore. Hairy snatch is the sign of a virgin.

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>get a 3 day ban for posting the H scene that literally only had Saber's nipple showing that was spoilered
>but this is acceptable

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On all boards at that.

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>Post some random naked mortal woman
>Nobody cares
>Expose the sacred body of our King before peasants' eyes
>Get branded and whipped

You got what you deserved.

thats what I get for lewding perfection

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This slut pleased my entire ship's crew.

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Take your stockings off, Tohsaka.

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>Didnt even know that 75% of Sup Forums are ESL.
Newfag pretending hes browsing Sup Forums since 2004 are retarded.
>Playing Fate Grand Order
Thats what exactly secondaries do
>Check out Nasu’s main project these days
Nasu main project these days are shit, hes milking fate until god knows when (because ¥¥¥¥) while true Nasu fans are waiting for Tsukihime remake, Secondary-Kun.

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>Newfag (...) hes (...) are
No, ESL, you need to go and stay go. GO is tertiaryshit for sure, though.

Ishtar sounds fun

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Reminder that Jason canonically has a micropenis.

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Saber > Rin

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>Go away

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I wonder who could be behind such slanderous accusations.

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>True Nasu fans
>Shit on Nasu's work

Both are shit but Rin at least is fun.

That's right fate fags. Keep fighting among yourselves. Watching the franchise you put on a pedestal slowly die and turn into nothing but fap material is absolutely glorious.

>turn into nothing but fap material

We started from that point you dumb extra.

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Yes. Sakura>Rin too. The top spot can go either way, but Rin is firmly at the bottom.

Happens all the time take pic related, engaged to one bloke gets knocked up by a spirit, yet still a "virgin"(slut)

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You can have the exhibitionist fetish - posting lewd pictures and teasing people all the time, but wanting your first time to be special, with the right guy, on a camera.

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Calm down your drills.

Rin was made to fuck blonde drills.

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slut means bitch in japanese


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Not for free.

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What are her going rates of lesbianism vs regular fucking?


completely defenseless!

Go away Tamamo.

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its like poetry

>crossboarder memes
>muh worms
Absolute poetry.

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Take a look at Sup Forums to see plenty.

Wouldn't say Parvati is boring, Sakura always walks on the line between light and darkness, and the people Nasu compare her to do the same.

She is also compared to another goddess, Hariti, who committed many atrocities but also redeemed herself completely in the end.

Parvati has many, many aspects, and is keyed to the origin of all things while having an important role as one of pillars of Hinduism, and Sakura's Imaginary Element and what it symbolizes thanks to new lore in FGO.

It's just DW completely borked her intro. Why, I cannot fathom, since they could have made serious bank with Sakura if they did it right. The problem is they made the duality that Parvati and Sakura have not as obvious, but you see in the rare times Parvati gets angry or serious.

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