Did you like it?

Did you like it?

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a lot

spent the entire season waiting for a jojo reference
didn't get one
still a solid 8/10


But there was one.

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No, I didn't like it.

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7/10 for no hambaga or living toilet

yes? also you need to be at least 18 to post here

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>nge ripoff poster
>talking shit about anything

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2nd half

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>literally redit: the anime

Its was good

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>the only anime in this season to get renewed for s2 next year
Really makes you think

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Anyone have a download link for the new Hoshiiro Girldrop manga? I want to scanllate it for Sup Forums.

how much did it sell

am i the only one who hated the bob epic team skits?

I need the Jiren and Goku edit.

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The bad animation was funny but I had a visceral reaction to how ugly the mouths look.

It was pretty good, yeah. Hellshake Yano was my favorite.

Is it really S2?

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The best skits were let's pop together and the Australian zoo

haha so epic xD

Thats essentially what you are doing anytime you blurt out the m-m-muh roodit scapegoat.

It's PSG all over again ;_;

You sound upset


Great dumb entertainment. I surprisingly enjoyed Bob Epic Team segments the most. Some of the show tried too hard to be meta sometimes.

Dude animating this show is easy as fuck you only need to work in 5 minutes of animation (opening, segment intros, ed get recycled), it’s doing well on nippon land, got multiple investors after the Batman ad and pretty much got unlimited source material.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets turned into a permanent anime.

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Eisai Harumasukoi > Let's Pop Together > Poppin' Destruction > Love Me

holy shit. how did i miss this?

It's literally the focus at the 12th episode, the final episode.

we riked it

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I liked the OP, it's my OPOTS, but not exactly.

>how much did it sell


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What isn't 'reddit' by your standards?


That was the best part.

Pipimi is even voiced by Pucci in this episode.

reposting it here so everyone can see it tomorrow

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No, dropped after three episodes.


No, I also hated them. Lazy and generally unfunny. That along with repeating the entire first 10 minutes over with different voices is why I dropped it after three episodes. The only good parts were the made up other show.

>Dropping it after episode 3
Must be sad to have no taste.

>having a palate that appreciates the taste of shit

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I never get upset.


Aand... it's on YouTube now. youtube.com/watch?v=9hH9kqwh41g

Nana's enka version, yes.

Of course not. It is fair to hate bobunemimmi.

But you have to respect AC-bu's efforts though.

this fuckin bait

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Yo, i really hope this song gets a full release with the OST
Sounds amazing
Reminds me of nier

more than likely it'll just be that segment. King signed up for a shitload of tiny one-off sounds

Nah mate, it's my honest opinion.

Both Popuko and Pipimi were voiced by ASB Pucci and EoH Pucci.

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I'm not angry


Yes now fuck off

It was mildly ok I guess? Some of the skits were cute, very rarely were they funny, and overall the best part was just seeing some famous VAs say some goofy stuff once in a while

Why is it I want to hug everything Bkub draws?

I loved it

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What was the best skit?

>CptnNameless has this as his Channel Intro video

Loved it. First comedy series in awhile that actually had me laughing my head off at times.

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Right there, blonde guy with shades.

I liked the memes it spawned, which is all I expected

Not at all. I guess I should be more knowledgeable about this sub culture before getting all the references.

Bob Epic Team is my favorite thing to have come out of this.

I'm upset that it's over.
I think there were two at least.

I hope the second season has longer episodes. It felt like it was over as soon as it began.

>he thinks there's going to be a second season

If you hated the first skits its undertstandable since they weren't that good

if you still hated them after episode 5 however you are a plebian

>along with repeating the entire first 10 minutes over with different voices is why I dropped it after three episodes.
I can't understand how it's possible to be this retared.

Same. Hellshake was top but aside from that the skits were ugly, incredibly one note, and a giant disappointment if they happened to be one of the strips you wanted to see animated. Not only that but it's the only thing that's repeated through whole show, every episode, and it's the worse thing about it.

I like the anime aside from them but I'm already kinda hating the fact that Bobshit is going to make a possible rewatch grating. I never skip over episodes or scenes in them but PTE might just be the first series I do just that.

Not liking Japanese Street Pop style art is a valid opinion. It is incorrect though.

Bobuko for MUGEN


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>incredibly one note
The humor is a hit or miss yes, but Bobunemimimi section is loved and parodied by fans because of how absurd the skits are. I'm glad that the 4th wall hide n seek one one was made by AC-bu.

Girldrop Ep12 preview

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Yes, you gigantic faggot.

I loved it like i'll never love another human being


I liked the part when they said hambaga

Popuko > Pipimi

We're all in agreement on this, right?

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I'm pretty sure they're saving them for a OVA or even a second season
Hating Hellshake Yano isn't fair at all, Mitenai was nice as well, both of them are easy to appreciate regardless of your tastes

Hellshake Yano and the one with the alien cat pretending to be a cat were pretty good.



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