JK are OK

JK are OK.

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that body

Gonna need more evidence.

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I don't get it

JS are sexier.

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Yes, I'm just saying some JK are ok. JC>JS>JK

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So do I watch her anime or no?

>How could anyone find this sexy
How could you not?

I'm not gay

Yeah, you'd have to be gay to not want to mate with this.

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Too sexy.

What's wrong?

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I guess exceptions can be made.

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Sexiest JK.

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I might not be a lolicon anymore.

It's sad when these kind of threads die.

Tama is just amazing.

what the fuck are these letters and why have they only shown up in the past year

OK for me to be in jail, don't you mean. I live in Canada.

joshi {chū | shō | kōtō }gakusei
middle / elementary / high schoolgirl

If she can wear bikini in the beach EP.

JC: Elementary
JS: Middle school
JK: High school

Middle school girls are the absolute best.

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JS = joshi shougakusei = elementary school girl
JC = joshi chuugakusei = middle school girl
JK = joshi koukousei = high school girl

alright so JS is worst 90% of the time, got it