Winter season

After being heavely dissapointed by Violet Evergarden and Darling in te Franxx, i can say that this show was the best from this season.

PS: Glad if you can recomend me something

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lol stfu Sorifag stop pretending you watched VEG or Franxx

Violet Evergarden is far above everything else this season mate.
Objectively speaking, that is.

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To be fair VEG is much better than SoraYori, it's not even up for discussion.

I recommend you check em

VEG is just more boring kyoani all style no substance shit

You wouldn't recognize substance even if it sat on your fucking face, indonesia-kun.

>this mad your favorite show of the season did worse than Yuru Camp and Sora Yori

Wanna talk about money? I can go there.

SoraYori would be 10 times better if it was a full Keion clone, it's already very similar but it just needs to rid itself from the shitty drama.

Check what?

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Violet Evergarden. The characterization is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of photography composition most of the feelings will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Violet's robotic outlook, which is deftly woven into her characterisation- her personal philosophy draws heavily from Isaac Asimov literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these feelings, to realise that they’re not just feels- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Violet Evergarden truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the characterization in Violet’s existential catchphrase “I want to know what 'I love you' means”, which itself is a cryptic reference to Erich Fromm’s German psychoanalysis book The Art of Loving. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Kana Akatsuki’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them.

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This but unironically.

>Hurr muh China
Not even your precious chinks can save you from Yuru Camp and Sora Yori outperforming it by the literal thousands.

VEG has made more money on bilibili alone than both SoraYori and Yurucamp predicted BD sales combined, though.

There's also empathy towards PTSD

If only it was just China throwing money at it, every fucking episode racks up a million dollars in paid views.
But no, that's not it. Nor big daddy netflix bankrolling the entire thing before it aired, no.

From BD projections alone it's going to either get very close to Hibike's numbers or beat it.
Let's also talk movies and second seasons, did your shows get one announced yet? VEG did.

7/10. The characters were fun and their interaction where enjoyable but a lot of the drama the which, separates it from other slice of life titles, is as basic as it gets. Like with with Hinata's episode, some girls you see on screen for 3 seconds in a flashback where mean to her so it's emotional when her new friends confront them? I mean it kinda work, but only because you see that a character you like is sad so you must be sad too, not because you truly can sympathize with her, they barely devoted any time to her problem. So overall a good CGDCT show with some decent but albeit underdeveloped drama and adventure elements.

By that logic, then where's Classroom of the Elite's second season? It flopped horribly in Japan, but supposedly it did amazing on Bilibili.

Not pay to view. It got nothing from china besides the license money.

>Every good KyoAni show died for TOILETTO
>It's still not as popular in Japan as Sora Yori or Yuru Camp
>Chinks somehow have worse taste than the nips


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Both Sora Yori and FranXX are my AOTS
Come at me

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Poor lad lost the argumentation already. You might wanna check those jap site popularity lists too buddy.

Watch Shoujo Shuumatsu

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They somehow got worse about episode 10 and refuse to admit that episode 11 was absolute trash.

You and I are a rare breed. That, or the sane people are hiding from the shitposters.

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>haha look at me and my irrelevant meme show that not even the biggest lolicons on Earth care about
Stay in your threads pup.

It's fine and all if you don't think VEG is good but unironically thinking Sora Yori or Yuru Camp is better then it in any significant way is actually retarded. Both those shows are surface level slice of life shows that exist so you can ogle at the cute character designs. And no Sora Yori's minuscule amount of dramatic depth doesn't excuse the show from being guilty of it.

>And no Sora Yori's minuscule amount of dramatic depth
As opposed to VEG's painful, near nauseating amount of dramatic "depth"?

Villain of the year

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>11 was absolute trash
t. brainlet

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You wouldn't understand human connections outside of cute girls shit anyway, call it nauseating and be done with it.

>put a filter on trash
>3rd worlders eat it up

Yeah if VEG's drama has the depth of a inflatable pool the Sora Yori has the depth of a frying pan. Neither are that impressive but bashing VEG and praising Sora Yori for doing the same thing even worse is laughable.

>generic soldier dying number 57832
>good writing

I don't see 3rd worlders filling the catalog with VEG threads like how they do with FrXX and DB.
What's the next bogeyman mate?

ep 11 wasn't about that soldier, is was about Violet returning to a battlefield but instead of taking lives it was her trying to save them. It wasn't nearly as good as ep 10 but it's not that hard to understand where the emotional emphasis on the episode is being placed.

Don't explain shit to him you fucking idiot. VEG's approach to human emotions and human connections is beyond his reach, just let him go.

>I don't see 3rd worlders filling the catalog with VEG threads like how they do with FrXX and DB.
No, they instead try to stir up shit in franxx, camping, and sora threads, fail, and go back to their veg threads that die after 200 posts. You're not boogeymen, just bugs. Maybe when hirshimoot gets desperate enough for a /BRICS/ board there will be a nice damp home for you though.

And if scrutiny was a knife that kiddie pool would burst. And then all the little evergarteners begin crying like faggots when the thin layer breaks and a torrent of piss and shitwater becomes visible to everyone else who were too patrician to swim in shit

go back to Sup Forums soylent

What's this then?

Guess what, muh sora and yuru threads also usually die before the bump limit.

You know, the whole "Somebody dies and Violet cries after writing her letter" shit getting old after three episodes aside, that scene where she jumps out of the plane, parachues down, Naruto runs and kicks the trained soldier's asses no trouble because they were apparently too retarded to do anything to her while she was still midair really reminded me that this show was one big giant gimmick. It really is Rick & Mortygarden.

Say whatever you want about me, but Sora Yori is a better show, and no amount of lying or name calling will change that.

>VEGfags on suicide watch yet again

>VEGtards are still clinging to threads of better shows to stay relevant

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Fuck you, I just watched K-On because of comparisons like this, and y'know, it's actually pretty good. But it's got nothing on Sora Yori.

It does make me wonder what the fuck happened to KyoAni though. K-On has a ton of personality and creative directorial touches, and VEG looks so shit by comparison. Nine years ago they clearly understood how to convey character through animation, but now they seem to have completely given up for sterile on-model blandness.

VEGfags are autistic and can't handle facts, so don't worry about it.

>OP invites shit
>shit happens

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shes a super soldier. It's very much established 5 normal soldiers can't do anything to her. The show does nothing to contradict the already established rules of it's universe. You can critique literally any actions scene in any piece of media ever and go "wow why didn't they just shoot that person when they have the chance". People are really pulling at strings complaining about that scene.

>But it's got nothing on Sora Yori
the absolute state of Sup Forums

>disappointed in VEG
>likes SoraYori
>anything at all in the name field
>asking for recs
I didn't actually need a confirmation, but thanks for proving that fans of that trash are dumb newfags.

Superior animation.
Superior OST.
Superior sound design.
Superior character design.
Superior writing.
Superior directing.
Superior consistency.
Superior characterization.
Superior execution.

Keep dreaming boy.

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>What's this then?
A loon that gets told he's a moron in a Franxx thread.
>muh sora and yuru threads also usually die before the bump limit.
By volume this is true for Frannx threads as well, but overall there's still more hitting the bump limit than veg. It would probably help discussion in actual veg threads if they didn't need to stretch themselves over their own threads, stalker threads, and the actual popular shows of the season.

It's boring though, nothing can fix that.

K-On's good and fun, but I don't feel much emotion from it. Its own attempts at drama like with Azusa aren't as impactful, and it's not as funny as Sora Yori. I like the characters but they don't feel as real and multifaceted as the Yoris. Also as a personal preference thing, I like the tone of Sora Yori more, where the characters are proactive in trying to accomplish something.

Franxx is only getting a temporary boost in replies because of NTR, which draws people who give no fucks about the show to shit on its characters.

It's not even about the characters who write the letters anymore.
Episodes 1-7: About us exploring how connected Violet is to Gilbert.
Episode 8: is her going through depression and limbo
Episode 9: she finally gives up living for gilbert and starts listening to what he told her: live for herself
Episode 10: She expresses sympathy for Anne
episode 11: She expresses empathy and compassion for Aidan. But also shows us about how she really hasn't healed from Gilbert's death

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Is this yuri?

>Superior animation
Ep 11 QUALITY says otherwise.

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Picked up.

Subjective. What nothing can fix is that little worm eating your brain.

There's no denying that FranXX is more popular. But guess what, it's the 3rd worlder show of the season besides DB.
They even admit it replying to this shit VEG discussion dies after 3 full threads or so, there's only so many walls of text you can shit out before it dries out due to lack of waifu war shit and the like.

>Subjective. What nothing can fix is that little worm eating your brain.
It's objectively boring.

VEGetables gtfo

Ressistance is futile. Surrender your threads and put away your keyboards. All your hype and success now belongs to us. This year is the year of Violet Evergarden, and ten years later will still be refered to as such.

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But I hate Violet Mortygarden.

As far as characters go i feel like Sora Yori is nothing but a pale imitation of k-on. The personalities of the main 4 are extremely similar, but in k-on they play off each other much more naturally. Sora Yori just kinda glanced at the character dynamics in k-on and went something like that but with DRAMA, then shoehorned some underdeveloped dramatic bits. K-on never focused on drama, with the most emotional thing being their graduation, but that worked 10 times better then anything in Sora Yori because at that point my feelings towards the main cast was so strong.

>Violet Mortygarden

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Spics love Overlord, actually. White people love FranXX.

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To worthless otaku, yeah.
>t. former hikki

VEG is the 3rd worlder show of the season. Franxx is the 2nd worlder show of the season.

Sora Yori is literally not even the same thing as K-ON though?

Nah. Sora Yori is better on every level. It even looks better. God I love how expressive and vivid these characters are. So refreshing after VEG's countless shitty beauty shots of Violet's boring face as her hair aggressively wastes keyframes in wind that doesn't affect anythiing else.

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Oh yeah, and Torikago is better than VEG's ED.

You fucking wish. FranXX literally turned out to be a soap opera full of NTR and teen drama, 3rd worlders love that kind of stuff.

How did Koizumi-san get so popular in Kentucky?

>Mississippi likes shitrus


>VEGfags insulting anything for being a "soap opera"

As far as the slice of life comedy bits goes, which is easily the strongest part of Sora Yori, they are pretty similar. But I did note how they put a very different focus on drama in my post though didn't I.

Close, though. Premise and characters are similar, even the comedy. The only thing it has over Keion is the shitty drama.

>Nevada likes PTE

>Dumbfuck veg newfag falls for obvious bait

I can count the lines on that low effort trash with my hand.

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If you legit think it looks better then you are either 1. being contrarian for contrarian sake or 2. Need to get your eyes checked. Those character designs are honestly pretty hideous.

Having literally just wached K-On in response to comments like this, I can confidently say that they aren't even remotely similar. Kimari is a relatable average girl with a big dose of perspective and self-refelctive maturity, not an airheaded cute dumbass. The character relationships in Sora Yori are so much better developed than K-On because everyone in K-On is too nice. They're immediately friends with each other for no reasons other than they're all unrealistically nice people. Meanwhile in Sora Yori we see a little bit of friction early on, and there's a lot of development as characters get closer to each other and start to understand how the other person thinks and feels.

The best K-On does is the Winter Days episode, but it's not even close to Sora Yori's writing for any episode.

Are we having fun in this thread or are we legitimately arguing.

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There is no arguing that VEG is AOTY, this is undisputable fact. So obviously fun.

Looks like a monkey desu.
And that tall introvert chick looks like an ayy lmao.

VEG may be shit but at least it doesn't have triggerniggers spamming shittons of threads about it to create false hype.

Kimari is very much a cute air headed dumbass. She is easily the lest developed of the main cast, which is string considering she takes the role of the main character. K-on is a slice of life comedy, and one of the best at that, so having friction between the characters would be stupid, and what friction are you talking about in Sora Yori, they all get along pretty well. Whenever there is any friction it comes out of the blue, like when Yuzuki get along with the cast perfectly but then randomly can't talk to them for half and episode because she doesn't feel included in the friend group? nothing even led to her thinking that, it was inferred that she felt like and outsider the whole time but there was literally no evidence from how she interacted with them.

I don't judge character designs by how much I want to fuck them, user. The Yoris are convincing and distinct highschool girls with tons of expressive expressions and animation. And that's wonderful.

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There's no arguing with VEGfags, so might as well fuck with them.

This is a very shallow description of what's going on with her character. Most of the story is told by the visuals and not the dialogue.

>Kimari is a relatable average girl with a big dose of perspective and self-refelctive maturity
You're overselling her to be honest, Yui is very similar to Kimari, albeit more dorky and dumb.

>The character relationships in Sora Yori are so much better developed than K-On because everyone in K-On is too nice
Everyone in SoraYori is too nice as well

>Meanwhile in Sora Yori we see a little bit of friction early on
The only bit of friction was with Yuzuki, the rest became friends very easily, specially Hinata, "Oh you want to go to Antartica, let me tag along haha"

>there's a lot of development as characters get closer to each other and start to understand how the other person thinks and feels.
Not really a lot, it's honestly very shallow, they all have very clear character arcs that get resolved eventually, Kimari with her self doubt, Yuzuki with wanting true friends, etc, the development in SoraYori is nothing special, i'd argue Keion has very shallow development as well but it is more natural and less melodramatic in the way that they develop their characters from normal, daily life circumstances.

Inori Minase has done such a wonderful job in this show. Listening to her voice always makes me so happy.

You should already know that if you post something like this, VEGfags and Franfags will come to shitpost immediately. If you wanna have a proper discussion of why Sora Yori is AOTS, then go to the Sora Yori thread, where we all agree the same thing.

>Show designs character explicitely to try to appeal to weebs who want to fuck them.
>Fail at that.
>Trying to defend by claiming the was never the intention at all
your lying to yourself right now