Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Chapter 27

Another long-ass chapter

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Last Page.

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That's it for tonight!
The anime better be good.

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Thanks for the dump OP

this manga cute as fuck

thanks for shared

Hell, the last chapter I saw was the one with the lighthouse, I have no idea why I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me, OP, I'll probably pick it up again.

I actually laughed here.

What kind of dumb mutt do you have to be to not want Hazuki to give a birth to your puppies?

Percia is superior.

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This series is a lot cuter and more exciting than Kaguya. Thanks OP. More chapters and developments when.

In the latest chapter Percia is in Towa visiting Inuzuka's house. His dad died when he was 6.

literally worst girl, worse than Chitoge

The fact that you're even comparing them tells me you don't even read this.

So what's with this taking photos trend anyway? Recent chapter of Kaguya and Aharen-san also deal with the same shit.

This chapter is from last year.

I want to fuck Percia's mom.

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I didnt notice we were so far behind the raws.

Latest is 49. 50 comes out tomorrow. Oh yeah Percia's mom showed up during the school festival and warned Percia against being in a relationship with a black dog because of how she saw one such relationship be destroyed when she was still a student at Dalia, and the two lovers being broken up and having to leave the school never to meet again.

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Thats sad. Gambare baka couple.
MC's family seems very important compared to Perucia's. I want to know more about them.

Also I hope there will be no more harem additions and focus entirely on their struggle.

Why isn't this manga popular on Sup Forums or at least has a huge following with many threads where people constantly discuss?

Ain't it great? No best girl shitposting.
There really isn't anything worth discussing or speculating.
And one thing I like about this is there is no MCbowl.

Right now Airu is acting as the family head, I bet if his dad was still alive he'd be cool and support Romeo. However Percia's family isn't anything to scoff at, her father is an Earl and was influential enough that his daughter was picked to be one of the kingdom's princess's, Char, friend. The wild card right now is Inuzuka's mom. We know damn well Percia's father is going to be against her marrying a Towan, her mom might support her if push comes to shove since she's a tsundere to her own daughter.

Oh boy its another superior jap culture of acceptance compated to feudal western pigs

>Ain't it great?
Not really. It's nice to have a lot of people share discussions, make funny memes like from manga panels, etc to make these threads lively and fun. Threads for this series are plain dead. It won't be long until this thread reaches page 10 from no new people bumping. Hopefully the anime will make threads for this series much lively which i'm sure it may happen like any other series.

No, it's more that his dad was laid back.

That honestly sounds horrible.

People told me that Perucia is cold as shit but until now she only is because of their secret. Otherwise she has lots of goofy moments

Team Cat or team Dog?

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She's actually very lovey dovey whenever she knows they're alone.

Team Inu

Kumaberu-senpai best prefect.

The dorkiest prefect.

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Does the other one ever get solo screentime? It seems the focus was usually on the useless one.

It's called not being a manslut.

The face of success.

I hope that aint MC's "harem"

Guy isn't a manslut.

fucking dork cat cute