Darling in the Franxx

WE WANT NTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Milkman >>>>>>>>> Autistic Fatass

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>knock your friend's clock off
>"why didn't you dodge?!"

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02 will betray us all....
Kokoro will get pregnant
people will die, and all will change....

mitsuru is the worst pilot tho

>You are on a date with Kokoro when she gives you this look

What to do?

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Lose weight


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Should I watch this?

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Yes. Watch it for dinoroar.

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If you like teenage drama, yes.

Tell her that she a lying whore who will die before she gets pregnant

Cosplayers are the worst kind of 3DPD aside from whales

Sure Zorome, sure

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you missed one
>pic related

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I think I might actually be into NTR.

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Why are there so many infodumps in this show?

You mean Dinoslut?

Because you need to be autistic in order to understand anything that's going on, and there is many fucked up ways to interpret that shit-tier story they force in your face.

Dinoroar only cares about her darling. How could she be a slut? She's not Kokoro.

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Make direct eye contact
One thing to say
Make sure I get it right
Make sure she hears it
Yell it as loud as I can after you read the first letter of each sentence

I usually don't accuse other people of being things when their posts are shit, but this one post most definitely has a reeking stench of VEGfag.

What will the big twist in episode 12 be?

No, no. It's not true.
That's impossible!

that's actually pretty good

This was fucking stupid. I mean are they really going to put Berserker Mode into the show?
How many times is Gainax/Trigger going to remake Evangelion?

More NTR

Did her fangs grow or were they always that large?

The only way this would be acceptable is if they GAINAX everyone and reveal this world is set years after EVA.

Same, this episode might have awakened something in me.

I think it's just bad storytelling. They come up with new terms, and 'tools' on the go like the medicine from this episode. I'm sure it has a name, but they conveniently know about all these things and infodump them to the audience when the plot needs them to, like two pistils piloting the Franxx for example, it wasn't until now that it was brought up and even though they know it doesn't work Ikuno still wants to try it for some reason, feels like filler to me in all honesty.


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There probably isn't anything properly "defined" in the story other than the premise and the "intended" ending. Leaving everything inbetween up for "on the fly" writing which usually results in... bad... writing. Though I suspect the ending could be influence/changed through simple fan influence/backlash because of the periodic nature of the show.

why do you think nu-hiro didn't remember the promise with milkman?

Why did they make him gay?

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Yeah, this show made me realize I actually love NTR.

that water is way too fucking yellow

So Kokoro can go back to Futoshi

that's all Trigger will get
piss-coloured water that doesn't even look like water

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Serious answer: The Japanese put this sort of filter thing (kind of like a bath bomb but it's not a bath bomb) in their bathwater so they can soak properly. At least I read that once in a YouTube video eons ago.
Silly answer: Hiro peed in the tub because he was too lazy to get up.

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This episode showed me why this show is shit

The only characters worth my time are 02,goro,miku and zorome and maybe ikuno

Just four years ago you were complaining about characters being undeveloped and pointless. Now you want them to be undeveloped and pointless all of a sudden?

Kyoanus water only has HIV+ men in it, I'll take Trigger pudding instead.

>Free webm
Everyone can see you, VEGfag. You don't have to autistically dissect every last detail about FranXX to prove its "inferiority" or some stupid shit.

Back hand that lying whore, continue piloting giant mecha babes

How have your feelings about Kokoro changed from the latest episode? Do you like her more or less?

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I dont know who your onna about but i never said that

Also i spent 11 episode watching two love triangles form because Apperently one not enough
I want development but not like this
It wouldve of been better of milkman and cockoro actually confronted their current partners instead of having a love triangle which when we all know the end game

Ichigo by now shouldve of moved on from hiro but i doubt she ever going to return goro feeling till either their deaths or the last moment


Dropping the fatfuck and cucking him made her fly to the top.

More and less

She become less of a coward who only goes with the flow and first guy who grab her and more of a character with her own personality and wants.

horns look terrible but the rest is done really well


No we don't.

Futoshi gave the punch a huge fucking windup, and Mitsuru has been shown to be able to dodge before.
Fatman was hoping to vent a bit by getting in a small fight, but Mitsuru shut it down, knowing something like that is even worse for Futoshi's self esteem.


When you poo on me it smells so stinky you tickle me heeee heeeeee gilly gilly ooooo tickle perineum oh yes I like that hahaha I'm like cute little cherub stuck in a love bubble from digimon laughing haha tickle me sexually meow meow :3

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You guys suddenly like NTR only because the imposing third party isn't those drug-rape/blackmail kind of guy like in doujins. This time the guy actually has a better personality than the previous.

More but she but not for leaving fatty but opening up

But far below shit when it comes to best girl
Because she a shallow lying bitch

Stab her in the neck with my closest eating utensil.

Absolutely more. She's doing what they all should do, fuck the system, go with the one you like best. And her interactions with Mitsuru are the most interesting of them all.

>But far below shit when it comes to best girl
>Because she a shallow lying bitch
This. Im glad she came out of her shell but shes worst girl now because of it.

I almost had an aneurysm cringing from how absolutely pathetic the fatso was. Dude manhandled Zorome, tried many times to punch Milkman (succeeded in the last) and then literally fell to his knees crying while yelling to god and Earth how he loved Kokoro. It's like they picked every fucking trait that makes fedora's so unbearably ridiculous and distilled into Futoshi. I just want to see him suffer, now.

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Why is it NTR? The fatso was literally forcing Kokoro to accept his 'promise'. What was she going to answer? "No, fuck you"? When they were alone?

I go poopooop in panties now teeehee!~


Who else gets the feeling that they are setting Mitsuru and Kokoro to be the main characters after Hiro and Zero Two die/disappear at the end of the cour?

It not ntr thats an excuse for anons to shitpost

Kokoro never even tried to confront her partner once about his action thus she wouldnt try now

Nah, no way it'd be Mitsuru and Kokoro. If what you're saying really does happen, it will be Ichigo and Goro that will be the replacement couple.

>Wanting worser characters to replace better characters

How the fuck did you get that impression?

The Heart is calcinated.

Will we ever get a good fatty or semi ugly character
That will actually get development and not be there for the comedic effects

That's dumb. You're dumb.

Kokoro didn't do anything wrong by switching partners but she should have been honest with Futoshi about how she felt and not indulged him in his displays of love when she clearly didn't feel the same way.

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That guy from Gundam

Agree 110%.

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We know she didnt do anything wrong switching partners
Its how she handled it

Nigga, seeing again that scene it was just like the fatso was yelling and declaring undying love while Kokora was just "huh, okay" clearly uncomfortable with his demands.

The correct answer

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Because their relationship is the most complex one of them all, and complexity means that there is a lot of room to have character development, individually and as a couple. The other pairings other than Hiro and Zero Two are too simplistic to be the main focus of the series. Well, it's subjective I guess.

If Fatoshi wasn't a complete sperg about it, maybe I would side with him just a little more.

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How in the world are they "complex"?

There is no way that she was going to be able to refuse him when she was trapped with him inside the franxx.

I think you're over exaggerating. Just because they got a little character development doesn't mean they are the next protagonists. Every character is getting a chance in the spotlight.

They are flawed characters, the most flawed of them all. They feel realistic because of that. They don't fit an archetype, and I can see what the writers are going to do with them at all. That's why I call them complex, at least way more than the other characters.

>3D shit

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So when fitoshi happens who he gonna dick
He basically has no one now

*I can't

He will die, dude.

He has no option than fuck the other leftover cuck or die alone if she refuses

What? They follow tropes to the letter, there is nothing original about them.

He will die or he will dick the lesbian out of Ikuno.

He won't get fit.

Big Fatty Cock's gonna cure Inuko of the gay

Maybe individually they do fit a trope, but I haven't seen anything like their relationship before.