Will we ever see another series this fun again?

Will we ever see another series this fun again?

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Not with Gainax out of NGE money.

Yeah it's called Darling in the Franxx

just watch Getter Robo

Code Geass was more fun to be honest


lmao franxx cant even compare
hopefully Promare will be good

Promare, confirmed for 2019

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Yep, its currently airing! (guess which one im talking about :)!!!!)

Is this a troll

how the fuk is it confirmed for 2019?

imaishi directs a show every three years, he's said this before

No. Everyone is too infatuated with brainlet quasi-romance Franxx.

Maybe Single Fist Dude is comparable if you don't want a story?


Nah, it was boring shit. Ass visuals, shit characters, forced animation, meme dialogue, nigger rap soundtrack, etc. It was better than shit like Getter Robo, but that's not saying much because Getter at least has the excuse of being made in the 70s (anime didn't become good until 2000s)

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Didn't he direct both Kill La Kill and Luluco only 2 years apart?

>Dead Leaves - 2004
>TTGL - 2007
>PSG - 2010
>KLK - 2013
>Luluco - 2016
>Promare - 2019

I could've sworn KLK was 2014

started in 2013, ended in 2014

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i pity you, to have this horrible of a taste so you can't enjoy ttgl. it's like being circumcised, you can't really control it and it deprives you of enjoyment.

Probably not, the era of fun animation is over.

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How is hating TTGL bad taste?
>hraaaaaaaaa i'm shouting my attacks and screaming really loudly
>look guys the mecha is combining?
>lol the mecha is big like the universe
>believe in the me that believes in you xD
It's shit. Those that laud meme dialogue and fell for the hot-blooded meme are the only ones that like it.
>implying you were even around for the airing of TTGL
I hated it back then and hate it even more now.

What's a good anime then? Mr "patrician taste"?

>White Album
>Slow Start
>Eromanga Sensei
The only thing TTGL offers is retarded toy robots, generic hero speeches, and obnoxious insert songs. The shows I listed have solid direction, excellent animation, and great characterization.

This is some good bait

absolutely horrible bait

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not really. Trigger can pull it off, with yoh and sushio and more, with directions of imaishi. Just wait for promare

no point in arguing with him, he's a sad loser probably stroking his peener to slice of life and idol garbage.

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Nice adaptations you have there. Can you name any OVAs better than TTGL?

>everyone who disagrees with me is baiting
not how it works samefag
opinion discarded, go back to Sup Forumseddit.
>Carnival Phantasm (only good thing to come of Fateshit)
>Figure 17
>Hime-sama Goyōjin
5 off the top of my head, but I could name hundreds.


opinion discarded faggot, brush your teeth

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what anime is that image you posted from? why are you posting a non-anime image on Sup Forums?

if this isn't bait good god you have one of the worst tastes ive seen in a while, maybe even the absolute worst

idk whole thread went off course when you posted shit anime in a thread about good anime

No,it's not even a goblin. It's like an imp, just much more stupid.

That is not bait. He genuinely just have terrible taste. Leave him and his opinion alone.

>He genuinely just have terrible taste.
That's like 75% of Sup Forums. If everyone had your mentality no one would ever talk and threads would last months.
Actually, that may not be such a bad thing.

Yes, it was announced a few days ago

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translate runes what's it

fun is just a buzzword people use to describe shitty things. just because you enjoy something doesnt mean its good, let alone "fun"

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this. i'm glad mechashit is finally dead.

>What isn't good for me must be universally bad

Furahotto Uzzu , you do the rest, user

DitF is much better.

Your post is not funny or amusing.
Why do kids these days think being ironic makes them look cool?

Only feminine beta bois think ttgl is bad.

why do kids these days think everything has to be funny or amusing to them?

He's a fucking autist and his definition of fun can only be enjoyed by retarded autists

This. Everything he's made has unheard of amounts of forced drama, memeshit, forced hype, and western pandering. Smart people can see this and ignore his shitshows, but retards fall for his westaboo act and violently suck off his dogshit anime. Imaishi, his fans, and everyone who work at Trigger need the firing squad.

I don't get what's supposed to be so much fun? The mecha fights are just as stupid as their designs. It's pretty straightforward hero's journey story. Black and white morality just like all imaishi works. It even promotes toxic masculinity

Finally someone with good taste on Sup Forums. Anime is about kicking back, relaxing, and watching cute girls do cute things. TTGL is a bunch of roid raged idiots screaming and fighting over pointless shit. people call it "manly", but being manly isn't a compliment as you said: it's a detriment.
Toxic masculinity at its finest.

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They shouldn't try to just recreate TTGL.

>Toxic Masculinity
Fuck off.

Mecha is shit genre

Tell me more about your "muh manime", retarded shonenfag. We really need to make a containment board for shonenshit and mechashit. Oh wait, we already made one for mecha but /m/ongoloids crossboard here constantly. Thanks mechafags.

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No there are good stuff along with bad stuff like ttgl in mecha genre.

Are you a girl?

No, I just have taste.


Think you are missing testosterone buddy

I take it you didn't have a strong father or brother figure in your life? Were you mommy's little boy?

>Posts eromanga sensei
>"I just have taste"

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>eromanga sensei is bad meme
fuck off digibro

Fuck off and continue sucking your favorite eceleb cock.

Better be joking. Getter Robo in anime form is awful.

>he doesn't know
Manga accurate Getter Robo adaptation was announced for 2019. It's going with an art style similar to Daikessen.

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Yeah, I didn't know. Doesn't change the fact that at this point, and at least for another year, recommending Getter Robo anime to someone liking TTGL is a fucking crime.
I'll be looking forward to that new one.

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Armageddon was god tier, kys

Nu/a/ is no fun allowed.

What about a board for moeshit?

>anime as a whole should be just moeshit


Post source to this, I don't believe you.

Nah, moeshit and anime are nearly same thing these days.

Oh my fucking god, if you're serious..

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Why are you retards allowing one or two faggots to derail this thread?
Just ignore them and carry on.

So much this.

Audibly keked

>Eromanga Sensei
About as good as The Amazing Spider-Man 2