This show was pretty sweet, and the coach reminded me of the coach from Gunbuster

This show was pretty sweet, and the coach reminded me of the coach from Gunbuster.

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10/10 announcer episode
10/10 chuunis
10/10 high speed pole dancing
10/10 finale cat fight

Too bad the MC's were total shit.

They were total shit in the best way though.

Not even anmi's designs could save this shit.


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There's something about side-cars in anime that just works perfectly with the medium, even 20 years later, there's some 3D in the birds eye view shots but all the close ups were really nice, it's a crime we don't have more of it in general.

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best team

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It needed more racing and less drama.

and I thought it was a stupid show about some two cars. maybe I should give it a try...

I thought it fit the twelve episodes really well, there was only one race, everything else was about the characters and build up to it, basically the perfect premise for a 1-cour series.

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Don't do this to yourself, the MCs are completely insufferable, to the point where an entire 2 episodes devoted to yuri domestic violence couldn't save it.

I thought they were fine, I liked how they would always argue, it built sexual tension.

They were by far the most boring team and their conflict was dumber than the twins'.

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This was boring as fuck.

>add male interest
>show bombs into oblivion

Sure but it was SL 10th aniversary anime original project. They should have done more.

Since when do anime studios do anything for anniversary's, there's was no need to get expectations up for something like that.

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The races weren't exciting at all which kinda sucks in show about racing.

>the drama was terrible
That's the whole point. The anime was intentionally made as a comedy that uses how absurd the drama is as the joke.

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The coach for Gunbuster was a ripoff of a guy from a different series who behaved like an actual serious adult.
The coach in this show was a retarded autist though in a good way

What series was the Gunbuster coach modeled after?

He's obviously the captain from Vanguard Ace
If you aren't joking Top Wo Nerae Gunbuster is very clearly unabashedly a parody of Ace Wo Nerae

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Oh, I've heard of that, I didn't really have a reason to watch it though, you get a lot more references to Gunbuster in modern shows so if you prioritize either, your probably going to watch Gunbuster first.

>you get a lot more references to Gunbuster in modern shows
Oh so you are joking why couldn't you say so from the start

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I mean, if you count which one did it first you could say Ace Wo Nerae takes most of the references, but I think it would be hard to assume these days most people aren't just referencing Gunbuster without knowing what Ace Wo Nerae is.

Look, buddy, I'm not falling for this. Give it up.

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Did the MCs stay attracted to the coach, despite everything they experienced, because the writers thought it would be funny or because they were obligated to keep them in love with the coach?

It was a gag
If you didn't notice their fixation on the coach was played for laughs the entire series
Just like how the twins being the same person is played for laughs
Just like how the robot being a robot is a joke
Just like how the truly Two Car couple being a kind of bad pairing is played for laughs
Only the poorfag drama was entirely serious from what I can recall

you aren't supposed to take this kind of comedy too seriously

that's fine, i'm just playing devil's advocate for anyone else who would think so and a reason why they would.

Coachi is the supreme version of the senpai archetype, you can't disobey no matter that logical fallacy.

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Gooooooooooooood Mooorning Miyakejima! I like the racing in this as well though the amount is pretty scant.

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I remembered hating the last 7 or 8 minutes of the final episode because of the shitty status quo ending.