ITT best girls only

ITT best girls only

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Should be illegal for girls to be this best.

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Whore of Babylon a shit.

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>tfw main girl is best girl

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Time to cause a shitstorm.

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you have the best taste user.

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God, that guy is a fucking faggot.

If it's the show I think it is, you got best girl wrong. Here she is.

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There is so much good taste in this thread

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i agree user. i like threads like this were i can see other anons fav girls without too many people shitting on their opinions.

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Turn your trip back on Lelouche, you're not fooling anyone.

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I respectfully disagree

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Well at least you know you're wrong.

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Nope, just baiting ohtoofags. Thanks for the

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All Love Lab girls are the best.

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Can elves be 10/10 or do they lose points for being elves

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More like best slut

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She looks diseased.

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I see a lot of pics of girls other than Sento. Sento is the BEST girl period.

knife-ears are no better than dogs
can a dog be 10/10?

Kyoani's best girl period.

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here, save this instead

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Dogs are 11/10 goodest of boys

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wrong, that would be sento

S4 when
if nana can make 6 seasons of symphogear happen surely she can will dog days on earth

dubs confirm
i wish i could be as happy as that good boi

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You look diseased.

Sento doesn't beat Kumiko in any proportion except breast size.

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Close, but no cigar.

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after 16 years she is still my waifu

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Mi Mikoto

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Sento has a better personality, cuter design, cuter uniform

shes the best kyoani girl by far, not even saberclone comes close

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>ITT best girls only

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>best anything

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>not best everything
gross desu

I fucking hate you.

Best girl
Best MC
Best accent

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Best girl of all time, in my humble opinion, its a shame I never really find ghost girl stories all that often.

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Just posting an obvious one.

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>self-inserting as the cuck

Thankfully there's a best girl who's got this angle covered too.

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>best girl is a boy
Why does this happen every time?

What's nice is that she's no longer one.

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None of these girls are real... what the fuck...

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Source on this one?

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Not even in the same league as Shizuru.