Does this shit ever get good?

Does this shit ever get good?

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The manga is much better

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I thought that guy had a mustache in the thumb

Looks good enough to me


Statistically speaking you probably have absolutely garbage taste, so that doesn't mean much

>Goes way passed the anime
>has over 155 chapters fully translated
>Covers events better than the anime counterpart
>the anime has some real QUALITY at times

Unless the manga isn't fully translated, always go wit the manga first.

What volume does the manga pick up after the anime ends? Also, the anime is worth watching at least for the excellent soundtrack.

chapter 47.

>Goes way past the anime
>has over 155 chapters fully translated
Redundant traits, firstly. Secondly, it's being translated is already implied by necessity. Thirdly, there being more of isn't a virtue by default. Especially considering this is shaping up to be little better than a typical shoujo, and the genre dramatically suffers from stories that drag on too long.

>Covers events better than the anime counterpart
I can hardly imagine it's even possible for the writing I've seen so far to be improved to the degree required to provide me with the meaning and fulfillment I lack in my life.

>the anime has some real QUALITY at times
The art you've posted from the manga is nothing to shake a stick at

In end it's still shoujo, those always tend to shit the bed at some point.

>already over 155 chapters
>Yona still has no clear purpose
I've given up reading for the content.

That's really ashame. I guess that's what I get for believing Sup Forums. Thank god I had the sense to get this on freeleech

>The art you've posted from the manga is nothing to shake a stick at

I wonder where that saying comes from.

>watching 8 hours of mediocre slog just to listen to the st

>Does this shit ever get good?
nah nah nah

>Does this shit ever get good?
Once you get good taste.

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>tfw you will never find out what the sword and shield shit is because by that point, you will have long since stopped caring

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>155 chapters, only adding more bishonen to her harem (and hurting others that won't join) then familyzoned them. The bishonens r a bunch of idiots too so they become her servants.

>Then when asked what do you want to do next? Plot-wise friends will open the path for her to go that would be irrelevant to her anyway. Her plot-wise friends r also a bunch of idiots and cunts, they r literally her human shields when needed.

I only follow this shit because I want to see how will the guy that killed her father's fate turn out. While being the best character of the series, he always got shafted REALLY HARD everytime Yona and her harem show up.

You get the point, it's a shoujo trying to be dramatic shit but in the end just a reharem romantic pool.

>Yona gains the power of making people she feels hostile freezed when she looks at them.

That's the general direction it looked like it was going into. It's really ashame; I was hoping this would be more than that. Fucking nuts


Also, and unrelatedly:

>Yona gains the power to make people she feels hostile towards freeze upon meeting her gaze
fixed that for you

>shojoshitters think they have good taste

It's not impossible to write a good shoujo type of story. I just haven't seen one yet.

Why do they all have red hair?

there are a lot of good shoujo, ccs, versailles, marimite, fruits basket, karekano, kimi ni todoke, utena. this just isnt one of it. the plot and writing is garbage, it's just a reverse harem intent on making the readers self-insert and masturbate to self-indulgence.

At least she is not a deadweight in combat.

>making an "when does X get good?" thread
>not a shitposting thread from the start

The "politics" in this were unbelievably retarded

Despite all the hullabaloo, I've never been able to retain interest in this show. The awful artstyle and dikey shit just rubs me the wrong way. Yuri usually holds my interest well despite the generally piss poor writing, but not Utena for some reason.

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>The awful artstyle
Fucking post-millenials

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Somewhat related, it seems to me that this artstyle is aging exceptionally slowly. Maybe it's just a matter of cognitive bias and early exposure on my part.

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>>Girl learns to decrease her boobs because coup d'tat and being surrounded by handsome men who tell her to decrease her boobs.

IMMHO; still better than the shit that feature dickless grass-eaters or the shit that don't feature any guys at all.

>trash is better than rancid feces
Sup Forums: Anime and Manga

I personally think it's ok to diss a show because the art doesnt interest you, after all there's still so much that you can read or watch. i grew up with 80's and 90's stuff and i still re-read all my major favorites like karekano, maison ikkoku, ichi, slam dunk etc so they don't feel unappealing to me.

>it's just a reverse harem intent on making the readers self-insert and masturbate to self-indulgence.
Not that bad. It has other things going on but they need to please its readers. It's pandering but not completely devoid of substance. Also, fruit basket is shit.

>It has other things going on
Like what? So far the developments I've seen have been pretty blunt, and just not written well.

>fruits basket is shit
last quarter or so maybe. good endings are a rarity after all. perhaps you're right still, i havent reread it in 8 years so maybe i just liked it because theres less options then or i was less developed.

I like the art style but everyone in the show was an unlikeable cunt. Mawaru is 10 times better.

Something about Soo Won cementing his authority, Yona gathering supports outside the court, both of them dealing with internal problems and facing external threats. And apparently something about prophet? I think. I don't know man I speedread too.

i wouldnt know, i dropped it after the first village. they built up the expectation of adversity but all Yona needed to do was show up and get what she wanted. it's as shallow as can be and i simply didn't expect more

>to provide me with the meaning and fulfillment I lack in my life.
Which you are looking for in drawings aimed towards young girls?


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I remember being reminded a lot of 12 Kingdoms when watching some of this, because of the surface similarities of the MCs being chosen and having a kingdom to fix (eventually?). Except that 12 Kingdoms was a better show. But that may just be nostalgia since it's been a long time since I've seen either.

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>Characters have better psychology
>MC is not a marysue
>Complex worldbuilding
I don't remember how they handle the politic but based on these points alone it already miles better than Yona.

It really was, although the writing really fell off after season two and went full POLITICS with nil character development. They had to ship in a whole new sub cast to develop because, for some reason, the main cast just had no development. IIRC the only character development the lead had in season 3 was a majorly redundant character regression.

One moment I'll never forget is Yoko sitting on the dusty and bloody throne of her kingdom after the usurpers were killed. And that time she ended her disguise and ordered the royal army to stand down after they betrayed their own code. Great episodes.

I think the author intended the story to be led by multiple main characters with their own arcs in the big picture (since if the show had gone on it would've featured one of the other kings) but really, the only one people seem to remember anyway is Yoko.

That would explain it. Difficult to swap out the lead cast in a story mid way through and remain interesting. Certainly wasn't pulled off here imo

I want Chiwa to get another main girl again soon

Yeah. From what little I've read about the source material, the novels are more like the Narnia series where there's one Narnia but different MCs that are somehow linked to each other. Also like 12 Kingdoms, the one Narnia book people bother to remember is Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.

I think I should rewatch stopani. Shit was so cash back in a days.

Saw this recently, it's one of the few shows to actually make me angry

It's a fucking reverse harem where every character revolves around MC and the team fucks around with no purpose.
The only good thing about the series is So "Make Korea Great Again" Won who did absolutely nothing wrong.

I fucking loved her design though.

Soundtrack is pretty neat too

she is lol what r u talking about?
Because she is too weak, her harem and plot-wise friends become human shields for her.

She literally did nothing, just fucking around and fell on her own then gained charm points with her harem. They will auto protect her with their bodies.

Count me how many time her archery skill as an amateur actually come in useful in critical moments? NONE.

Hey! Talk about good shoujo, you should try 'Please save my earth'!

Still make me depressed after 10 years.

cause shojo artists thought red makes you looks stronger and give you special treatments.

She becomes better in later episodes. She took down the pirate leader in last episode I think. Author maybe not the best shoujo mangaka out there but she knows how to please her readers.

Yona = cute.

>Why do they all have red hair?
I mean, Yona has a better reason to have an outstanding haircolor than most shoujo heroines, in a world based on Korea, she's literally the "chosen one".

It's got an interesting mythic/dynastic fantasy setting, and the plotline between the destined heir and the king-slayer anti-hero has been pretty well done.

It's shoujo to its core with the reverse harem but the characters are all likeable and not one-note so it's not a dealbreaker at all.

She gets a lot better later in the story after the end of the anime.

I liked the show. The only thing I hated was how it ended. It wasn’t even a decent cliffhanger
Just who the fuck thinks it’s a good idea to introduce a new character in the last 10 minutes

> Romance, Shoujo
It's probably trash, does it have a love triangle?

As always anime was made to advertise the manga, so they probably didn't really think too much about giving a proper conclusion to the anime, just enough with some climax near the end of the series to give it a wrap. They could be hoping to run for another season too.

Around episode 1.

Sort of, in the beginning. But for most of the time it's only the romance between the main two that gets developed.

At the beginning she has a love-hate relationship with the main antagonist but it got shelved and now she's romancing her main bodyguard, who's basically her dog. On top of having 4 magical pretty boys who exist only to serve and protect her.
It's a typical wish fullfillment garbage.

Unironically soo won did nothing wrong.

This. I want him to get together will lilli but it's obvious hes gonna sacrifice himself or some shit

Kono sekai is pretty good dude

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you're way too stupid to act stuck up

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You do realize Lili is an arrogant copy version of Yona, right?
>Being an ungrateful cunt
>Become Yona's human shield
>Literally did nothing but were considerred as a great figure because being bff with the heroine.

I wish she fucked off elsewhere and stop getting in Soo won's way. Her head is connected to her neck all thanks to her father's position.

You must be blind that didn't see the reharem tag.

Duh, I'm talking about the newest arc. She did nothing aside from using her special power to make people freeze for a moment if they stare into her eyes.

Everyone in this arc is deeply wounded but there is not even a scratch on her cause she is a special snowflake.

Such a retard writing -_-

There r a bunch of shoujo heroine with Red hair before her.

I'm only pretending to be retarded

Don't do that

When I first read the synopsis for the show and read people saying how much of a badass she is later, I thought that she'd go through hell and become a fighter too. I mean it is realistic that a 150cm teenage girl won't hold her own against adult men after a few months of training, and her biggest contribution to the power struggle is "commanding the dragons" who do the fighting for her. At least she kills a few men.

I don't care about how much everyone is shitting on the manga and how Kusanagi is clearly milking the series, Yona has been my top waifu for the past few years and that's all I need.

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you're free to waifu her as much as you want, people arent shitting on the design.

>the characters are all likeable and not one-note
if you find puddles fascinating then i guess that's true.

If that's what you got from reading the Manga your a retarded faggot

Don't you all have black clover threads to shit up?

I always thought this was just some poor man's Basara.

Basara and 7Seeds are the only ones "epic" shoujo worth reading.