Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 8

New chapter out, TL soon.

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Soon, as in, now.

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Thanks to the couple of anons at the Scanlation thread for their help with this page.

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>And even wetter if she does.

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And that's all for this week. As always, point out any mistakes and I'll fix them when I wake up.

Author comment for this chapter:
>The tankoubon is halfway done! I'll do my best to make it overflow with brother-sister love!

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that is one smug imouto
i like it

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Uta is the cutest imouto.

This is just too damn sweet.

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I always feel bad for the parents in these stories.

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Good lord they are so thirsty its great

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Thanks for the TL user

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A pretty tame chapter this time, huh. I expected things to escalate.

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Every time I read the chapter titles i see them as >tfw [title].
user my man, I know i am but a fag in a sea of bigger fags, but is there any chance you can add that to this/the next chap title?

we need to go lewder

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when/where are the raws released?

i was waiting all day for this but for some reason it didn't show in my catalog until now.
Thank you user

Thanks user.
The pout is a godsend.

onii-chan is the best
put his lap to your butt-wiggle test

thank you user.

>that height differences

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do you think the author will have to pull some shit like one of them is adopted or is he gonna go all the way in with their relationship?


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>e gonna go all the way in with their relationship?
is that legal?

Cute little incestoids.

Thanks user.
>I'll do my best to make it overflow with brother-sister love!
This is too good for us.

it's not legal. i think it's also the reason why in oreimo the author made kirino an kyosuke break up

*This author.

its not illegal to pretend getting and being married though

>all according to keikaku
the autor found a loop hole

Which is this from?

Siblings secret nest

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It's a bit complicated.
First, that law is limited to Tokyo Metropolis. Second, the law doesn't affect all (pseudo)sexual activities that would be illegal IRL, just the "unjustifiably glorified" ones, whatever that's supposed to mean. This is why Yosuga no Sora wasn't banned, since it had this whole "hurr durr incest bad" thing included. And third, I'm not really sure if it's really a strict ban, as in "you're not allowed to sell it, period". I recall some ramblings about retailers having to separate restricted publications from unrestricted, yearly limits, self-regulation etc. But as I said, I'm not sure, so don't quote me on that.

Picture unrelated.

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Jap publishers are known for self-censoring themselves like fucking pussies, so none of those details really matter.

More gyaru when?

I have a bad feeling about this.

Gyaru finally NTR Uta when?

you mean there will be a storm before the rainbow?

Damn this is so sweet, I'm gonna end up getting diabetes

Wow, that is a nice doujinshi tier face

Thank you, generous user

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That is a face I can only describe as comfy-smug.

>I'll do my best to make it overflow with brother-sister love!
I really, really like this guy

what was the manga that had the younger sister become self-aware and breaks the 4th wall to ask if anyone was watching the girl and her brother?
i kinda want to read it for myself

>that smug

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how disappointed would you be if this turned into Non-Blood Related love?

That's porn.

Rip proto-fujo meganekko.

What if they pretend to be non-blood related?

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>Haruka Hano

Sounds like the author is a girl anons. I wonder how much of a brocon she is?

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>last page
>she reaches to you
>you reach back

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How can you retards enjoy this? There´s not "hunt", the target just falls into your lap with 0 effort, there´s no thrill, no mystery, you know exactly what you will get the next chapter, is like eating at fucking Mcdonalds. Bland, cheap and unhealthy.

Fuck that shit, I have enough melodrama romance manga, I just want cute shit from this

>incest story
uh oh

Thanks for everything you do user

There's incest shoujo manga too, it's cool

>>incest story
She seems to be into it, though. Maybe she'll be rooting for them when she finds out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I know, I liked Angel Sanctuary

This guy really has some damn impressive reflexes

A magazine falls rather slowly. I'd be more impressed by catching a glass of water or something.

She says she only accepts women on "My pixiv", likes males from FGO and Granblue (plays a lot this one) in twitter and generally writes like a woman, so I believe she's either that or a very effeminate man.

Man I can't wait for the moment it all goes downhill.

You don't accept people on pixiv. Also I'm surprised you mentioned writing style but not the alternate pixiv and twitter accounts aimed at fujos full of King of Prism art.

I really don't get the point of making them brother-sister. This is just any other lovey dovey comic, and the sibling theme just seems like an afterthought.

>You don't accept people on pixiv.

The mangaka loves incest, so it's not really an afterthought. She is just drawing what she likes, a dramaless (for now) romance between two people that just happen to be siblings.

>muh food analogy
Back to your sales thread.

To make it different

No fucks given, I like it

>the monthly girlscomics
girls' comics
If she's talking about multiple comics, then the next bubble should be "but them on the way" to agree with the number.

>shoujo manga
Frankly, I like this better than girls' comic, but pick one and stick with it.

Different words.
The first one is the name of the magazine, ガルコミ, or Garukomi, and then they talk about shoujo manga as a genre on different pages.
I'm not too fond of Girlscomics either but if I left it as GalComics or Garukomi I thought it would lead to confusion with Gyarus.
I'll fix it before uploading the zip.

Oh, okay. I misunderstood that. It's hard to tell when a generic term is being used as a title with all caps fonts.

Maybe dropping the "the" at the beginning and just making it "Monthly Girls' Comic comes out today..." would be clearer.

Every day I come home and my stupid imouto looks at me with this fucking faggot look on her face.

Right, it flows better. I thought about using italics too but with that font it looks almost the same.

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You can just trapezoid distort that part in photoshop to make them more tilted.

thanks user

> no gyaru

10/10 chapter

This and danchigai are the rays of sunlight in my cloudy existence.

This is going to give me diabetes for sure

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Absolutely no drama for 8+ chapters, is that a new record?
This is the records I can get behind.

that's freaking me out pls stop!

Cute beginning to a (presumably) cute chapter of a cute series.

>The tankoubon is halfway done! I'll do my best to make it overflow with brother-sister love!
/our gal/

Absolutely disgusted.


Week after week I keep waiting for the actual story to start, but it's not gonna happen, is it? It's just gonna be cute pretend incest until the author gets bored.

Thanks for the translation.


Yeah, just sibling banter, right? They're not actually "in love" or "going out" or "getting ready to make babies".