What is the go-to anime for this region now that Dragon Ball is over?

What is the go-to anime for this region now that Dragon Ball is over?

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Dragon ball re-air number 362

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They'll just air reruns forever like always.

Saint Seiya

Whatever loli anime comes next season.

Nothing because latin dubs are rarely a thing now

Too bad Toei is going to screw the pooch on that with a CG western co-production

you do know that brazil and mexico aren't part of latin amarica right?

When is Saint Seiya Super: Return of Ophiuchus airing?

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You must be retarded

They are part of Latin America, retard

Saint Seiya is the worst shit I've ever read.
No actual fight coreography, every fight plays out like a turn based RPG, every arc is structurally the same ( a boss rush with a time limit), and the characters are all autistic homos.

Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa or that new Mazinger Z movie
If anything, there's endless re-runs of DBZ Kai

Those beaners only knows Dragon Ball. They are a bunch of monkeys with shit taste.

sabes que eres retrasado, ¿verdad?

Speak english, you fucking spic.

brazil is not, speaks Portuguese, not Spanish, mexico is not, it's in north america. trust me on this one, surprised me too in college to learn this.


Do you know what "latin" means?


Latin American, as in, countries in the American continent that speak Latin-derived languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese).

From Wikipedia:
>Latin America[a] is a group of countries and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere where Spanish, French and Portuguese are spoken. The term originated in the French government in the mid-19th century as Amérique latine to consider French-speaking territories in the Americas (Haiti, French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy) along with the larger group of countries where Spanish and Portuguese languages prevailed. It is, therefore, broader than the terms Ibero-America or Hispanic America. The term excludes French Canada and modern French Louisiana.

oblígame, puto.

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Yes we are.

It's latin america not spanish america and a latin american country can be in north america because it's not a reference to geography but to legacy.

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Do you know what Latin means?

Latin America has to do with language not geographical location returd, and both Portuguese and Spanish are latin based languages.

I've know a lot of spics
this is the most spic post I've ever seen I my life

Latin America includes all Spanish, Portuguese and French (Haitian Creole) speaking countries of the Americas

USA might as well be Latin America with its ever-increasing Latin population. Thanks, Obama.

Go back to work, Jose. Your patron must be mad.

This is what allowing shounenshit on Sup Forums has done. Naruto was a mistake.

Based vela poster. Now go back to Sup Forums

You are somehow mixing latin America with central/South America. You can't get more retarded than that.

puto el que lo lea

>Dragon Ball is over?
Just like in Last Action Hero quote, DBS can't die while there are fans $$$$$$

ITT: Americans pretending to be spics.

Who here is from one of the grey shithole countries?

>What is the go-to anime for this region now that Dragon Ball is over?
actually everything latam watches anything anime.

we also have niños rata who watch anime all the whole afternoon.

C'mon Michael, stop pretending to be Jose

yeah. it's great
t. spic

>implying gringos can into tildes

~ese plz~

Nice one, but no spic poster actually uses diacritics so get back to Sup Forums.

Americans these days are spics

the season's moeshit

Here's the thing, spics also think Saint Seiya is shit, they only like one arc in the entire series, except they love that one arc to death

Do people from Spain love DBS as much as Latin Americans? I have a Spanish roommate who's really into Super.

We will all rewatch dragon ball in its entirety.
For some of us, we'll be seeing parts we never saw.
It'll be great.
Only the most depraved resort to watching moe.

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>the whole season
indeed latam watches the whole season.

We wait for the dub

Saint Seiya is mostly a brazilian thing

Los Supercampeones

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It's also huge in Argentina, when it comes to popularity is below DB/DBZ and Sailor Moon

*Super Champions

we go to one piece

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Don't think so, their dub was fucking disastrous to the point of stating Vegeta was a noble samurai or some shit

We will always have super campeones and Saint Seya now that Dragon ball is over but ill always have my Chaika-1

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Referring to DBZ btw

Since they all speak the same language, do Spanish speaking countries really have to do different dubs?

>**super campeones

>Already have my ticket for Mazinger Z Infinity
>tfw going with my uncle who watched Mazinger when he was a kid
Feels good

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>do Spanish speaking countries really have to do different dubs?
Yes we hate each other when it comes to dubbing just like you hate the british when it comes to english dubs of jap stuff too.

>muh onda vital

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Yeah different accents and the such, mexicans did a good "neutral" LA dub. Still a good foreign dub can beat a shit "local" dub and viceversa.

Fucking gallegos, They need to be wiped out

Mazinger Z and Macross/Robotech seem to be pretty popular with spic boomers

All of Central/South America use the MX dub of Dragon Ball.

Spain uses their own since there's slight differences in the language and also the way they pronounce words. Spanish people gargle G sounds and lisp S/Z sounds.

Heidi and candy candy in the female case

Don't forget the use of vosotros and slang only understood by the Spaniards.

I agree Mexicans have the best dubs on the latinamerican union but also colombia is slowly getting there on decent quality but spain will forever be hated.

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I know a couple of 40 years old with families and jobs who still keep their Robotech merch and bought the dvds when they got licensed here.

Yes, 99% of latams will immediately stop watching something as soon as they hear a Spaniard accent.

At least they will never be as bad as PT dubs, now that's total garbage.

Is there any spic website that contains a lot of animes and mangos with spanish translations that doesn't invade you with AD full of malware? is spicchan still cancerous?

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I heard that the spanish dub of DBZ (I'm guessing the first one) was kinda awful, with stuff like calling the Saiyans "samurai" or Goku being an uber asshole because the script was badly translated from english instead of japanese.

They do a decent job with video games. I don't now why they suck so much with tv shows

Actually anything that doesn't involve fighting is really obscure here, shit, even Madokafags are kind of scarce where I live, I've know one so far and you can't even call him a madokafag either.


Saint seiya netflix 2018

Los Caballeros del Zodiaco

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Now this is rare, one piece fags are rare but tend to have good taste, I've met 6 so far being 3 family and I'm counting someone who I literally introduced it to him.

Next Saint Seiya series

spics only care about dragon ball and that it. The real people who love anime and manga are people from the philippines.

Sakura card captor

what the shit,
why does he sound like he's beign skinned alive?

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Now this nigga gets it.

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Spicchan is a wonderful place, you should pay it a visit and stay there.

>CGI shit
No gracias

Sakura tends to be overlooked but its really popular in spicland

I'm sorry but i think ill pass your shilling, i hate going to websites full of other spics, they have shit taste.

I was actually telling you to get the fuck out of Sup Forums.

That is not what Aniki wanted user.

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For at least a week in April when it comes out, Mazinger Z Infinity. It's being distributed like a regular movie with a trailer shown before regular movies too.

Since even the No Game No Life Zero dub was spectacular despite the shitty audio, 80s kids are going to go nuts if the original Mazinger Z TV dub names are respected, and it helps there's right now a mecha movie with a Gundam reference tiding people over.

>he doesn't appreciate the moe of subtle yuri dumb tojis
Shut the fuck up you fucking nixtamalflake

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