Shingeki no Kyojin

Zeke is talking to Levi, Levi is talking to Zeke.
Try and change my mind.

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What the fuck happened to the last thread?

Newfags crying about it being a general. Like anyone cares other than autists.

Mikasafag mod
annie is best shingeki

Nice transformation scene



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Did you animate it?

>Annie shitposting in Sup Forums from her crystal

Idk why but a lol'd so hard reading this shit. god i'm fucking autistic


nobody cares what you think


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not even an anniefag but if she gets Ymir'd offscreen after all this flashback development I'll be properly annoyed

also you'd have to be an idiot to think Zeke's death wasn't staged

Not an Ymirfag, but her getting offpage'd had me properly salty

Why was Grisha's backstory so much better than anything else in the manga?

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it's annoying in general when that happens

because isayama doesn't like consistency


Some of the best parts of the manga have nothing to do with the main cast

Damn, the female cover is so good.

You either think Dina is still alive or you're retarded.

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>secondary character
>develops into a primary.5 character
>gets killed offscreen to be substituted by a dumb and uninteresting character
congrats isayama, you really knows how to portrait real life

>Annie will never mount your chest and rub the goods against you

dubs of sadness

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Most, if not all of the best moments are the best because the focal point isn't one of the main trio.


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you don't need to be any kind of characterfag to recognize lazy writing

>You will never shoot Annie in the chest with your gun

reporting in from the crystal

>you will never be the bullet that penetrated annie

>you will never penetrate annie

What can I say, am a comedic genius.

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stop, don't remind me, I want to die

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dumb satan

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>you'll die in a world where she didn't even exist

>Reincarnation in your perfect world isn't a thing

I thought I was the only one that holded that hope

You're never alone.

>hates Reiner
>thinks strategy is for nerds
>/fa/ as fuck, the bomber jacket is on point
>bravely attacks SnK and Ackerman, has no time for fear
>utterly demoralised all of /u/ and Tumblr without even trying
>majestic titan beard
>cucked the panzer unit (why else would Pieck need crutches to walk?)
>redheaded manlet with a dumb name, but has evolved beyond such mortal trifles
Porco is a chad

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>bomber jacket is on point

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porco is good as dead unless something saves him

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Hello animator-kun.

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>fuck she's gonna know about my pedophilic incest fantasies
>where's Falco at?

Reiner won't let a Galliard die on his watch this time.

Reiner will save Pork just like Marcel saved him.

Damn right.

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I like this new form for sure, I just don't know why it had to be given to this nigga, or why Ymir had to die for us to see it.

I thought the Cart was pretty lame at the wall but as a supportfag, I'm starting to appreciate It more.
Especially after seeing all the shit that can be put on it.

of course I could just want to put it inside Pieck

Hi, Annie.

>utterly demoralised

I wasn't around for the reaction, you think archives are still up of that shit?

Annie you da best

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I love her.

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So how the fuck does Levi do his super autist spin without getting tangled up in the wires of the non gun ODM gear?

>You will live on forever inside me
>touches belly

Because she was selfless and, despite her tough girl act, didn't want to be responsible for BR's deaths. Something like that is probably how Isayama justifies it.

Hackerman magik.

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Does that mean that our OC's get the voodoo when we steal that skill in the game?

He disconnect the wire when he does that?I am curious to see how they would do that in a movie version

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Reiner raped and impregnated Gabi during the festival

It's been a while since I read it period, I can't figure out why she went with them period other than her coming to grips with the fact that she'd never get that Historia puss

I can't. You're beyond retarded

i hope. I want pedo-kunt to get cucked so hard

Should be Falco though, because he hates Falco and will just try to self insert with Reiner.

>ywn cut annie's hand

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Grandpa Zeke wouldn't want Pieck-chan dead.

Which is why the pit was there, to keep them away as long as possible. Unfortunately they fucked up because it was probably Armin's idea

Better than commander kakegurui.

>spend god knows how much time and effort making a scooby doo trap door and leading the warriors into it
>don't bother to watch the hole
What did Paradis mean by this?

What's up with Levis chin?

He didn't really seem to give a shit about Blert though. I doubt he cares about any of the warriors.

Nobody gave a shit about Bert. He is not a good indicator.

Ikr poor guy got drawn by isayama rip

You can make your OC Hackerman themselves.

i hope gabi gets crushed

>manga has timeskip
>instantly turns to shit

Marley was a mistake

>he thinks the Marley arc has been shit

It HAS been shit.

Honestly, what would you have preferred to happen? There's nothing more on the island for us. Everything there has been solved.

Are you saying you just wanted it to end instead? Because I can understand that.

I politely disagree.

>>majestic titan beard

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>reiner still has nightmares about Bert dying
>porco breaks formation to avenge Bert

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I have no idea who this is but it's not Sup Forums. I also don't know where the fuck did you come from, but you need to return.

>porco breaks formation to avenge Bert
How hypocritical. The guy who ate Ymir is whining one of theirs was killed.

I have no idea who this is but it's not Sup Forums
Can't you see? It's clearly Porko

>I also don't know where the fuck did you come from

I jump from board to board

>but you need to return.


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Is Warhammer-chan the last remaining major foe?

The hobo literally gave its life up by choice

Depends on if Reiner is going to wake the fuck up from his angstcoma

Seems like she used up all her titan juice also


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Will they release the Season 3 trailer this friday? That’s Eren’s birthday.

She is Annie tier locked in a crystal aka literally irrelevant tier.

She running back to save them doesn't change the fact they wanted her eaten to begin with. Just because she accepted it doesn't mean they didn't kill her.