How bad will the anime be, Sup Forums?

How bad will the anime be, Sup Forums?

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Bezerk 2016 tier bad of course

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Can't get any worse than the manga and its level-zero reader fanbase.

whos producing?

It will be a very good adaptation, but the quality will bring legions of shitposters and farmland babbies in force and forever ruin the threads

The manga becomes trash, once Thorfinn becomes a social justice warrior faggot.

Is this real?

Of course, Clang 2016 was the most QUALITY show in the year

Fuck off fightfags. NO ONE liked edgy thorfinn. Now he has a character

So you're saying this manga sucks in the beginning and sucks afterwards? Wow. Now it makes sense I see it in so many 3x3 threads. It's blatant newfag bait. Just know that getting an anime this late in your run likely means the manga will get cancelled if the anime doesn't bump its sales.


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Look nutlicker, the manga is kino af. You probably couldn't handle the farmland parts cuz you're too high on stupidity to understand the complexities of literature.

But worry not baboontickler, Papa user will forgive you IF you never post here again you little circumcised toddler sniffer

>can't fathom that people with actual taste different from theirs exist itt
>can't respond to the actual arguments made
Seek help. I cringe'd at your post.

Sorry that I can't wave a magic asshole and make your problems dissapear but what I can tell you is that you need to get laid. Asap, because all that bullshit you just wrote is an example of your mind on virginity.

Don't respond

You mixed up two insults there didn't you?

You mixed up your meds this morning didn't you?

These posts of yours really give me the impression you're a grown-up adult male that has read many a literature.

WIT can do no wrong


Flattery will get you no where you yellow toothed poopyhead

It wasn't flattery my dearest. If you were intelligent you might have known.

Mahoutsukai bad.

Cool story babe, now go make me a sandwich

HA you finally shutted the fuck up

Don't FUCK with the man of the hour or else I'll fuck you up so hard your tampon will fall out ya little coochie

He's not a SJW but an actual pacifist and Christian.

Ill be cautiously optimistic.