Literal embodiment of Sup Forums is getting mocked and laughed at instead of getting sympathy

>Literal embodiment of Sup Forums is getting mocked and laughed at instead of getting sympathy


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f/a/ggots are busy defending a canon homosexual and a slut

Stay fat.

Just read the threads, if he were skinny most of the board would be on his side, aside from the few resident tumblerites. Its just that Sup Forums has a hateboner for fat people, as it should be.

Stay faggot

Stay mad.

It's because he isn't the literal embodiment of Sup Forums.

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I grew up and understood that relationships are more complicated than in my chinese cartoons.
That and that if a girl doesn't like you back then there's nothing to do but to move on asap.

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That's exactly why he's getting mocked

NTR anime

It's Sup Forums that's laughing.
Real Sup Forums posters know he's based.

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We aren't fat.

>Literal embodiment of Sup Forums
Please leave, this is a board for skeletons and little girls.

How can he be the embodiment of Sup Forums if he isn't a cute little girl

There is nothing wrong with being fat as long as you are not flaunting it though.

>There is nothing wrong with being fat
Stopped reading there.

This. Those talking about the fatso being "wronged" apparently don't know that no, if she doesn't like you back, no amount of yelling to the heavens you love her, sperging out until she humors you or acting like you're responsible for her r by making demands on her behalf will change that shit. Nobody cares about what you " deserve" or not.

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>not knowing that there isn't anything Sup Forums hates more than themselves
Also I'm sure that this board as more hungry skeletons than fat fucks

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>implying that Sup Forums isn't full of self-loathing faggots

It's one of the board's few merits

>implying that the faggot loner edgelord with no friends isn't the true embodiment of Sup Forums

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Speak for yourself you fat fuck


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Sup Forums hates themselves what a surprise

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>guy that attracts puss is the embodiment of Sup Forums


Because he is the embodiment of Sup Forums people assume they could troll others by mocking him. Is this your first day here?

Not to mention that I've seen a lot more butthurt over Kokoro being a slut than Fatoshi mockery.

This is, coincidentally, the same hand Fatoshi will use to masturbate nonstop using his tears as lube while Milkman is riding his waifu.

I should had clarified that it was minus the getting pussy part

/ourboy/ packs a punch

>implying it isn't the spineless beta white knight
Notice how Sup Forums shat all over Mitsuru for switching his partner with 02 back then, but when Kokoro does it it's suddenly okay.

>attracts puss
You mean being a pussy

Most definitely not, because Mitsuru is attractive to girls. Sup Forums would be the retarded loner kid that everyone makes fun of who thinks himself an edgelord when he actually is just pathetic.

>fat fedora character
Yeah no, crossboarder. Takumi is the embodiment of Sup Forums.

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>twig manlet homosexual
We are not that bad.

>Fatty gets to land a consolation hit after getting cucked to hell
Or should I say FAT ASS?

Those are crossboarders. Sup Forums hates Kokoro for being a slut and makes fun of Fatoshi at the same time.

To be just, no one is sticking any user from here in a situation where he will, for the good of the human race, obligatorily have one girl by default and is just swapping her.

>Doesn't care about 3DPD
>Is ok with being a neet living on a container full of anime figures
Fattie's problem was being attracted to 3D in the first place

Literally nobody in the show is the embodiment of Sup Forums you dumb faggots. Every character is more cool than we ever will be.

He's going after 3dpd, that's why he's getting mocked.

>Hiro gets cucked by his own choice
>hordes of anons defending him and pretending it wasn't actually getting cucked
>fat fuck gets cucked, not even by his own choice
>gets mocked
>somehow the fat one is the embodiment of Sup Forums
Yeah, OP. Makes sense.

I'm actually more bothered by his pathetic white knight behavior as well as forcing his autistic demands on girls.

If he was just a quiet (not fat) beta sadboy who got cucked then okay, I would be on his side.

>Sup Forums would be the retarded loner kid that everyone makes fun of who thinks himself an edgelord when he actually is just pathetic.
Basically the MC of Fap Note.

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He's mocked for thinking that he had a chance with a cute girl.
The true esscence of Sup Forums is disregarding real life because you are self aware enough to know that you never had a chance to begin with.

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>Literal embodiment of Sup Forums
I am not fat. In fact, nobody is fat like you, OP. You need to get help.

a promise is a promise

This. It's just easy bait.

>embodiment of Sup Forums
Fuck you. I don't remember turning into a clingy oversized fudgepacker who doesn't know the meaning of restraint.

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Well, at least at this time of the day. Americans are still sleeping.

>The true esscence of Sup Forums is disregarding real life because you are self aware enough to know that you never had a chance to begin with.

I crossboard here from /fit/, so fuck you. You would be surprised to know how much these two boards overlap.

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>Embodiment of Sup Forums
>when he's a faggot whiteknight
This board is usually mysoginistic to the point of being comical

90% of Sup Forums is fat. 9% are lanky bastards and only 1% are actually /fit/. I bet maybe 1 or 2 people who hate futoshi because he's fat are actually fit. The rest are just self hating fatties.

Though there are of course, many other reasons to hate him, other than the fact he's fat.

People are projecting their inferiority complex onto him.

futoshi is based

Where are you getting these statistics? The general consensus have always been that they're underweight.

No one seems to be talking about the Lesbian bitch and the fact that mitsuru wants to gay bolg Hiro in the ass

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>90% of Sup Forums is fat.
Citation needed

>Literal embodiment of /ck/ is getting mocked and laughed at instead of getting sympathy

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>Stay fat.
>Stay faggot

*He didn't deny that he is fat.

I apologize for not being a fatty.

In the last metrics, Sup Forums was shown to be a hungry skellington.

Because this is Futoshi's show now.

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>90% of Sup Forums is fat.
I see you have the delusion that everyone here is fat like you. Seriously get help.

Jesus dude, cut a little less deep will ya...

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I don't think people really identify with Futoshi in terms of personality or because they're fat (a lot of Sup Forums falls more into the chronically underweight NEET type).

It's more something like .

The idea that the fat, ugly, pathetic guy gets the cute girl is satisfying in the sense that it provides a fantasy that contradicts real world expectations - where this wouldn't normally happen. Having him get cucked by a guy who resembles your typical shoujo MC to some degree (arguably Mitsuru is quite a bit more pathetic - but still), being brooding, a loner, more handsome, introduces "realism" to the show, reminding people what the real world is actually like. And this breaking of the illusion by introducing the ugliness of reality is what upsets people.
They didn't care about Futoshi in particular and wouldn't have cared about him if he hadn't been cucked.

>Supreme Gentleman autism
>Sup Forums
fuck off back to /r9k/ faggot, with the rest of your Fatoshi kind

This is Futoshi's meal for tonight

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We hate ourselves.

wait wut, this happen in the manga?
or is doujinshi


user you're not seriously asking that right?


Literally me.

This I can't believe how anons are supporting kokoro.
It isn't only about the NTR or Futoshi being a repulsive human, the problem is she broke a promise she made. Even she admitted that she had done something wrong.

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Fat "people" are vile and disgusting. They don't deserve sympathy, only ridicule and scorn.

No she'll mostly ignore him as well

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This is not even the real dialogue right?

>embodiment of Sup Forums
I might be a pathetic virgin but at least I'm not fat

That's entirely the fatfuck's fault for being so overbearing and cornering her like that

Do you drink milk?

Everyone is this episode's focus is pathetic.
>Futoshi is classic white knight, putting his slut on the pedestal and idealize her. Despite being partner, he is the only boy who failed to pick up basic emotional and non-verbal cues that Kokoro is uncomfortable. Being a Fatass does not make him a piece of shit when characters like Boss and Musashi exist.
>Kokoro is a spineless, selfish lying cunt
>Mitsuru is an edgy faggot who hold a grudge from years ago and basically became a liability to the whole group half the battle when he froze up and had to have the fatass saved his ass while he bawled his eyes because his boycrush didn't give him enough attention. Anyone who said he is smart or actually aware of how fucked up the society is can fuck right off when he failed to even recognize that something abnormal happened to Hiro. He's as much of a sheep as anyone in the group, barred 02.

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Everyone on all sides is getting mad over nothing.


I'm suprised that there are so many lardasses on Sup Forums
I would have expected more of us to be skeletons, little girls and lanklets like our brothers in /jp/

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The one that allowed that attitude to persist was whorekoro herself. She is not a victim.

Can confirm. Lifting for waifus.

My nigga.

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>I crossboard

yeah, i eas sure it was just lolis shitposting here

Isn't /fit/ filled with manlets, balding people and self-hating fatties who try to compensate for their genetic inferiority by talking on the internet about lifting weights and self-improvement?

That's because if you don't like kokoro you're fat apologist neckbeard virgin and if you like kokoro you're beta soyboy orbiter. It just doesn't end.

>you're only allowed to use one board
Because people have one and only one interest in their life, yeah?

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he didn't even try to change her mind though, he just cried and attaccd her new bf

Most people on Sup Forums hate themselves. That's why they're here.


She is the victim.
>hurr why didn't she say anything
Before partner swap was a thing all it would lead to was 0 sync and getting killed. It's the fault of the autistic fat fuck who couldn't pick up on basic nonverbal cues and thinking just because he hold vasts amount of affection for someone that they feel the same about him. He didn't even get to know her as well as Mitsuru.

You can call her spineless but it's how the majority of both men and women would react in similar situations.

Most of Sup Forums isn't gay though