Scrapped Princess

Ok, I finished watching this a couple of hours ago, nothing incredible but it was enjoyable, I just wish there were more Chris and Winnia moments but besides that, I have no complaints.

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>discovers lost technology
>Rebuilds it
>Unearths giant mecha gigants to wage battle against enemies beyond mortal understanding
>Her and her team take out two out of the three peacemakers while Shannon is screaming like an idiot.

Senes best girl.

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Pretty good show and to be honest, when it comes to "pairings" Chris x Winia was the only one I cared for.
I like Senes too, Fafal was another nice character, wish she had more screen time.

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I didn't much like Winia in general. Don't really think her and Leo really added a whole lot.

I agree, she was somewhat a bland character but her interactions with Chris were pretty nice in my opinion, wish the author developed their relationship more, that way both Chris and Winia could became better characters too.

I enjoyed the scenes where shannon guilt trips Cin. Also, I do simphatyze with steyr's actions.

>He looked so sad when he used me as a hostage so he could murder my friend. I wish I could get to know him more.

It needed more SoL with Zephiris.

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yfw Zephiris won the Onii-chan.

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>tfw LN was never translated
Does anyone know if its different?

Got this in the backlog for the longest time and finally marathoned this seeing its the same guy that made chaika. You can feel the similarity and both are still good.

This author is no genius but he sure knows how to write an enjoyable series, I had a blast watching Chaika and Outbreak Company, Scrapped Princess was fun to watch too.

Outbreak company was pretty nice but a bit meh to me when compared to the other two, due to not being a real fantasy.Still a good watch back then.Just imagine I posted the elfinsidethebag.jpg since I've lost the screenshot.

One of my favorites. I enjoyed the idea of "Should humans have free will or not?"

Oh yeah, Outbreak definitely is not as good as Chaika or Scrapped Princess but it was a fun watch and the characters were pretty likeable.

Two volumes where. I guess it's pretty different. Thing is the two that where translated where pretty much just Team Casul fucking around. Raquel's a bit flightier in the book. The anime basically made a lot of shit up for the sake of a full story. Because they used to do that.

Shame that there's no one translating this series, if things are that different I would love to read the novels.

There was a long time ago but they seemed to have all dropped off the face of the planet.

Zephiris doesn't die for one.

Zephy dies in the books? That's lame.

Nah, she doesn't die in the books.

Well she sure as shit didn't die in the anime. Are you talking about Cz?