Now that this shit series is over, can we all agree this garbage is an embarrassment to the Dragon Ball franchise?

Now that this shit series is over, can we all agree this garbage is an embarrassment to the Dragon Ball franchise?

Toriyama should fucking retire after the next Movie

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It was shit, one of the worst anime I've ever seen. That being said it was still better than OG DB and Z. Super at least had cute girls and a few comfy SoL moments. DB/Z was just retarded roid raged niggers fighting over and over. Shoennshit needs to die.

It wasn't a good anime, but you see, it is miles ahead of GT. You probably weren't a DB fan back when GT aired, but it was soul crushingly shit.

It goes DBZ > DB > DBS >>>Shitty fanfic like Dragon Ball AF >>>> DBGT

This is objectively true


Super was bad but GT is still worse in every aspect.

It was painfully mediocre, with stratospheric highs being being drowned out by lows.
Still far better than GT that shit was a cringey abomination from beginning to the end.

Still better than bnha

you are the reason anime is fucking trash fuck off back to your ilya threads

You better not be talking about Boku No Hero Academia

Fuck no it was awesome. I had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the thing wholly.

>all the retards on Sup Forums think the new designs "look like One Piece" and is shit.
>they all want takahashi and shida to use their designs
>takahashi says he likes the new designs and will adhere to it when animating on the movie
>shida is animating on the movie and said it was really good too.
>now shida says extra layers/shading is not animation friendly
um animationpablos?

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GT was trash but at least it had half as many episodes and didn't look as ugly.

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Don't worry I think this movie is the end of dragon ball.

At least Dragon Ball GT's Goku had more to his character than "dude, fighting, lol".


I'd dare to say that the relevance of Toriyama on Dragon Ball Super is as much as the one that Guillermo del Toro had on Pacific Rim 2.

I'm still waiting for el hermano de jiren tho

funny, since the descrption of super sounds like shitty fanfic

Star wars told me if you really like a series you are desperate enough too watch simple mediocre stuff, because there is literally no other way to satisfy your interest.

The better parts of super are filler though.

I wasn't desperate enough to stand more than a couple episodes of Rebels.

No way, I didn't mean THAT show, I only watched the first episode. I meant clone wars.

You said mediocre so I assumed that you were talking about Rebels.

>objectively true
Not with GT at the bottom, no.
DBZ >> DB = DBGT >> AF >>>> Shitper

>super had some cute girls
Agreed about everything except this, what in the entire franchise wasn't jailbait? Unless that's what you were talking about


Well it surely was a surprise that it was worse than GT.

Come on, it got better than GT when they reacted to fans being appalled at how awfully cheap Super was and started to put some effort into it.

I could agree Zamasu Arc wasn't so bad, but if you think the ToP wasn't complete shit we simply won't come to an agreement

>considering dragon ball AF

Welp, this confirms you're a spic. Opinion discarded

Is this the most pathetic post on this board?

There was a time goku and vegeta were trying to pimp out aged bulma

Being a slightly shinier turd 20 years later is not an accomplishment.

Making a new weekly anime was a terrible idea. Toriyama and Toei should just keep making movies.

GT was better