So who else would have made the same wish as 17?

So who else would have made the same wish as 17?

The guy went from nihilist to caring about ningen in quite a short time.

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The same fucking moron who wanted a cruise around the world instead of wishing for literally anything?

17 should have stayed dead

I wish all the universes were brought back into existence and then perfectly, safely, and efficiently fused into one universe if I was Goku and made that wish

that would be too complex for a garbage show like this

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Is OP asking a question where Sup Forums self-inserts themselves into becoming the winner of the tournament or as Android 17?

OP here. I meant any of the other tournament participants if they won.

I thought about that. Though if the issue is that there;s too many universes then why not bring them all to one.
Life seems pretty sparse as it is.

Anyone but Frieza in U7.

>Pride Troopers too prejudiced to save everyone
>most Z fighters think too small
>Vegeta only concerned with U6

Mfw best chances for multiversal survival was either due to a violent retard's desire to fight everyone or a wildlife ranger.

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He should have wished for a smaller forehead.

You know, I think I would have preferred that.

>The guy went from nihilist to caring about ningen in quite a short time.
>short time
Wasn't the end of the cell games and the end of super like a decade?

If you were goku youd be too retarded to articulate that wish

Toppo is a superhero, so decent to good odds he would have

Bergamo basically asked for the same thing before the tournament even started, that Zeno would call off the tournament if he could beat Goku

Ribrianne, like Toppo, is a hero in her own universe and also apparently had her entire universe watching as an audience, so she'd probably make a selfless wish for the sake of love and beauty

Nobody else comes specifically to mind, we didn't get to see much of how many other fighters would be noble enough

The call that saved the omniverse

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What would Goku have wished for, a buffet?

He didn't care about the universe getting erased when Goku first mentioned it to him.

Actions speak louder than words friend. He fought tooth and nail in that tournament for everyone. He definitely cared, and he's definitely a virtuous person.

In the manga at least Jiren expressed disagreement with being responsible for erasure of many universes, so there's that.

He's just a tsundere

He's kuudere if anything.

character development

A stronger enemy to fight

>Too many universes.
Except there aren't too many.
Zeno was unironically merely pretending to be retarded, after the whole Zamass SNAFU they wanted to test the lower beings, and start from scratch if they failed to measure up.
The whole thing was a ruse - a social experiment with an added bonus of jerking Zeno's fighting boner.

>Next saga is a tournament to decide the GoD of the new universe, with gets hijacked and leads to the new villain

I don't understand why everyone was so surprised by the wish. You'd have to be a fucking asshole to not do it. 18 saying "but you wanted a boat" was fucking ridiculous.

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What would Jiren have wished? I doubt Toppo or the other troopers would have restored the other universe especially 7 with the way they treated opponents as villains.

The whole "too many universes" thing was just a false pretense to get the tournament happening. It was either "mortals are still selfless" or "everybody gets erased"

>18 saying "but you wanted a boat" was fucking ridiculous.
The writing around the possible extinction of entire universes was really retarded in this arc. They acted like it was no big deal at all. Not just goku, all of them.

18 doesn't care for anyone besides her family. Out of anyone, she is the only one I expected to actually say those words.

Android 17 doesn't like being tracked.

Forced to own one of the largest ships in the world and Navigation Laws demand GPS turned on at all times.

>the Zenos bow to The Andriods

So which one of the 12 apostles is going to be the Judas that fucks Zeno over?

My money's on Daishinkan with the way he's being set up

He saved a lot of animals with his wish.

>Taking that seriously
When are you faggots going to realize that 95% of dialogue in Dragon Ball is banter and shit talk

That last episode was 10 out of fucking 10

He's a robot, he most probably already has GPS on 24/7

>The guy went from nihilist to caring about ningen in quite a short time.

Ten years is a short amount of time?

Why the fuck can Femboy 17 come back? But not best dad? ;_;

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what if the new movie is that he got wished back to life?

He saved so many lives anything else he did that was bad in the past is a drop of water in an ocean in comparison now.

The man is a bigger hero than everyone in the core cast and he just wanted his boat.

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>tfw Bardock is genuinely my favorite DB character
I know the episode where he fights Chilled isn't canon, but I like to pretend it is, and that Bardock is the first Super Saiyan

>we'll hold a tournament between eight universes and the losers get destroyed
>b-but zen-oh sama decided to destroy all these universes even before goku's proposal to hold a tournament, so because of him at least one can survive now!
>by the way, winner gets the super dragon balls and can wish for whatever
>z-zen-oh sama knew the winner would make a virtuous wish!
Should we have seen that coming?

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>"savior of the multiverse, destroyer of the most powerful mortal Jiren, amazed the God of gods Zeno-sama. People don't know his name, they just call him by the size of his dick (inches). 17

By all accounts it doesn't make sense.

Heck if we go by the manga then Grand Priest literally just suggested that the Xenos destroy 8 universes but Goku interrupted it with the tournament.

but vegeta/freeza tell the story of the legendary super saiyan that lived a 1000 years ago, not 40 years ago

How poetic was it that a human, albeit a genetically and cybernetically enhanced one, was the one to make the wish to save the multiverse?

He killed millions...... save centillions. Apologize.

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and king kai told the story about saiyans and tuffles and how meteors destroyed their planet
don't trust these characters ever


Technically that’s the only thing about bardock that’s canon as all of his other appearances were filler.

>yfw Frieza shittalks Jiren
Based emperor

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Lmao, those shopping skills,


when did he kill millions?

They didn't even beat Jiren.
He just ring'd out.

No, it does not.
Zen-oh has destroyed other universes because he was in a bad mood, and they never got returned.
Not to mention all the rules that the Grand Priest came up with when it was clear that Zen-Oh was willing to destroy much more, which included the whole development level thing.
This was a asspull plain and simple.

Most of the Pride Troopers would've wished for it, I could see Toppo maybe out of bitterness against Freiza do some weird specific wish to not bring back U7 or Frieza specifically. Jiren in his anime incarnation pre finale would've possibly wished for just something like "forever insurmountable power" though post Ultra Instinct he'd switch to reviving the universes. Most of the lead fighters from other universes would make similar wishes but you'd once again have issues with certain fighters being bitter and maybe excluding another universe. All the animalistic and dumb fighters are a huge liability and of course Frost and Frieza are the two you never want getting a wish.

Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?

I think Frieza would have just wished for himself to have all of Zeno's powers and to replace them as the King of All.

I saw both that and 17 being the winner coming from a while ago since both would be the only "twists" you could do that were predictable but not hugely predictable. I figured it was either the tournament was arranged in a way for everyone to prove themselves hence Zeno feeling pretty casual about possibly losing Goku and the angels being chill or no one was getting deleted and instead were just shoved into some limbo that they'd get pulled out of giving 17 his actual boat wish as a reward for selflessness. They made "The Boat" point way too strongly compared to everyone elses desire for it not to come up thematically in some form so from that point on I was on edge since following stereotypical writing rules that's the goofy "winning wish" that'll get changed last minute.

Depends if he knew that Grande Padre is making a wish for him, the whole "overthrow the gods" was just a Toei'ism not present in the manga, one that got phased out of the anime too.
That said, Freeza would probably revive the universes too, out of pragmatism if nothing else.
No one knew that Whis could tap him on the nose with his scepter and revive him, so he would prefer to suck it up to Goku and avoid antagonizing him needlessly to be murdered moments after revival.


His real wish was curing his autism and he finally did that without the super balls

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Why couldnt he have just worn this in Super instead of Goku's gi?

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If Toppo hadn't been schooled by Vegeta, he would have lost his sense of justice and would not have made a selfless wish. Ribrianne did not understand love until she was schooled by 18, so I doubt she would have had the thought to really consider her opponents' interests.

Pretty sure all Z Fighters would have done that wish user.


It's not really about being selfless, after seeing 7 entire universes being erased the first thing anyone normal would think is "can I restore them with the deus ex machina i just won"

You know i quit going to Sup Forums because it's nothing but negative shit, lately i have been lurking more of Sup Forums and it seems like i gotta keep moving.

i feel like he did it because he knows he didnt "win" he was handed the win and goku did all the work so he wished what goku would have wished for thats why he looks at goku before confirming the wish

Was Frost brought back with U6?

>He's a robot
He's not, he's a cyborg like 18.They are pretty much mostly humans but with an infinite source Iron Man-like Ki battery inside their bodies unlike the other "androids" that are robotic.

How was he still alive I thought he self destructed

She's the most autistic dipshit in the series and the Krillin knockout scene confirmed that firsthand. The bitch was still upset even after he explained the reason for the wish.

>made 17 a good boy
>ruined his sister by having her indignantly ask if he really wanted to give up his family vacation to save billions of lives
Balance is restored.

Name one character who can beat him.

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Why the fuck would they bring him back without even knowing who the fuck he was? He could be a dick for all they know.

You fucking cucks

it IS kinda strange Vegeta doesn't bring back his father or his race though but ok... that was never addressed. Does he even stil hate Frieza? Does he think the universe is better without the saiyans? WEREN'T IT ALL FRIEZA'S FAULT FOR FUCK'S SAKES?

What if the tournament time out and there are several people left standing.

Like for example it's 3-1 for Goku, 17, Frieza vs. Jiren. Jiren gonna get erased for sure, but who among Goku 17 and Frieza get to make the Super Dragon Boru wish

It's true that 95% of the fighters were assholes, brain damaged, or both but who the fuck would question a wish like that? She personally knows Bulma and could get the dragon balls in about 10 minutes yet the retard says that shit?

That made Frieza of all people look like the purest character in the series.

>seven universes

The highest number theoretically conceived is supposed to be a googolplex and i still don't think that covers how many lives 17 saved.

He's the greatest hero in anime history and he just wanted a boat.

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>The highest number theoretically conceived is supposed to be a googolplex
No, it's just a big round number.

Try Graham's Number if you want mind-bogglingly big. And there's bigger ones than that because that's how numbers work.

>short time
It was kind of always in 17 though, isn't it. The way he liked to drive by car when they were after Goku?

gohan probably wishes everyone back
i think toppo would have too

>You beat contestants by ring out

but he wore his father's gi

But he didnt wish for food or a stronger enemy

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Frieza is cool but his brother is Cooler

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Goku said he wanted to see Jiren again

El Señor

>dbs ended
>threads didnt
suffering never ends

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Well, he killed a few hundreds at least.

>Replace Frieza with Metal Cooler
>Have him avoid fighting but instead go full Von Neumann probe once the stage in adequately dismantled
>Turn that one member of the team into many different ones using the remnants of the stage, somewhat camouflaged being made out of El Grande Padre's super strong material, which would also probably make them much stronger than the original Metal Cooler
Being made out of the strongest material in the multiverse would mean that Caulifla could shatter him by being knocked into him, but having many Coolers would make it very difficult for a team to last to the end with more remaining members that U7. Or even if 100 Metal Coolers are still only considered one member of U7, you'd have to get rid of all of them for him to be considered knocked off. Everyone worked out well enough with Frieza and I'm sure he's stronger than Cooler, but that still would have been interesting.

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Ningen? He's wildlife protector. He brought back to life countless animals over all Universes. He's the greatest Wildfire Guard ever to be.

You faggots are gonna die out really soon.

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Don't worry the threads will stop give it 2 or 3 months.

>I'm a god-child with low patience and propensity for radical solutions.
>Ningens really seem like assholes who deserve to be erased by me.
>But look, there is that pretty cool one who is neither afraid of me nor wishes to use me for his selfish gain. He also spoke that he would like to have a multiversal martial arts tournament?
>Okay, let's give ningens a chance, and see how they'd act with with their universes at stake and what wish they would make if allowed to ask for anything.