Has the show finally gone good? Or do you still want to drop it?

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Recent episode was probably the best we're going to ever get.

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Unexpectedly good episode in a garbage show, but since it focused almost exclusively on side characters it means theyre going to drag us back into Hiro/02 bullshit.

i will drop you

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>muh sales

>muh celeb and twitter trends

I have long hair so that can't be me

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The latest episode was downright hilarious.

Hey you can't keep blaming Ichigo for all of your problems.

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Jesus fucking christ she's so sexy.

Well, no one expected the worst episode so far having a positive impact in the preorders.

>do you still want to drop it

way ahead of you

Ichigo is cute! CUTE!

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dropped it on episode 6, I don't understand how people can still watch this garbage


Underrated post.

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It's the new SAO, except this time it has quasi-intellectual brainlets defending it instead of literal retards, granted those are the same thing alot of the time.
In otherwords:
>Why the fuck would I watch it past a few episodes when it was already shit with no real hope of turning out to be a good show
>Unless the creators literally 180 and stop gargling eachother balls while reading NTR doujins

I would continue watching for her, but god damn this is a trainwreck.
>Plus she will probably get paired off to whoever bloke is because lolwriting integrity amirite.

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Don't call me bro. I don't trust any of you.

It's getting intresting.

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