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You're a young farm boy ,one day,Rosine decided to make you her elf king and take you and Jill to her kingdom, after you bravely rescue her and Jill, what's going to happen ?

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>Casca unpotatoed
So what happens next?

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Elf queen told them to go to the Dwarve kingdom, to get better weapons and equipment and also find the white wizard who can fully cure their curse and heal



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so what's the conclusions as to the symbol of embryo demon? Was it the child of Caska and Guts that was corrupted by Griffith, or was it Griffith's spawn?

The first one Also the fetus became the Moon Child.

The same thing that always happens with berserk.
A hiatus.

>>Casca unpotatoed
maybe is time to get out of my reading hiatus

Bruh the last 10 chapters have been absolutely fucking incredible, get in there.

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It's pretty much a three way child, look it up, it's a combination of Gut's Casca and Griffith, how fitting

Casca reveals that she has really vague memories of her time as a potato, says that she wants to be BFFs with the rest of Guts' haremgirls, gets given a magic wedding dress by the Flowerstorm King, and then starts having PTSD flashbacks the moment she sees Guts.

Will Guts insert his harbl into her potato flower?

What happened?

Why can't Miura fucking draw any more?

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Bruh, that chapter has some absolutely top notch art, certainly just as good as the best in the series. I was a bit worried during the first few Elf Island chapters but now that Miura's fully used to digital I'm not worried. He's still the master.

Best song

Listened to that while reading, bet many others did as well. It felt very appropriate. Well, until the last page or so.

No, the fetus became Griffith's body. The Moon Child is at best their son's soul

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Hmm, I kinda thought Moon Child and Griffith shared the fetus's body or something like that.


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we are going to be H I A T E D boys.

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Do you have the shitstorm from when based Rickert BTFO Grif?

Any update on whether the next chapter is coming out in April or not? There's been no hiatus announcement right? Is Miura trolling?

Why didn't skull knight use the behelit sword to kill void during the eclipse?

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Maybe he's tried before only for it to fail.

he tried at the eclipse . void used some kind of portal and skullknight almost stabbed himself in the head. those godhand assholes are tricky

He was still melting them in his stomach at the time, but he did try to kill void. For some reason the godhand can't fuck with him either. They're in some kind of stalemate, or they simply don't see him as a threat so they don't really retaliate hard

That moment almost made me spill my coffee since I stand up from my seat when I first saw and open the page. Like holy shit thats fucking unfair. God hands and their portals and shit yo.

Griffith attacks elf island.

>Rosine decided to make you her elf king

If that means I get to have sex with her that's all I need. Saving Jill and leaving? Why?

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How come the vagoo isn't censured?

Becase Miura is based as fucking fuck.

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I get sick enough of reading all these people saying how Miura's art is "wrong" and needs fixing just because there has been a clearly style shift during Elfhelm, just fyi, I couldn't care less if you think the new art is worse or better or just as good, I'm completely fine with you thinking whatever, but when you go out of your way to edit the art itself saying you are "improving it" or that it's how it "should have been" you are insulting the artist, it's incredibly disrespectful, I think it's pretty clear that Miura knows how to draw way better than all of you ;) and most importantly Miura's the one who gets to decide how HIS MANGA looks or doesn't look like, you don't get to decide how the art is, how the characters faces look, how the eyes are drawn, you don't have any input whatsoever and your opinions are irrelevant, same goes to those that darken the scans on purpose, claiming that gives it more "ambiance", you are literally spitting on the artwork, deleting all of the detail that the artist spend hours working on, on his story, that he's been writing for pretty much his whole life, I am pretty confident Berserk is way more important for Miura that it could ever be for any of you readers, so be a little respectful of his work if you all like it as much as you claim you do.

Well as much as I want a sweet good ending with every one happy I only see tragedy and endless stuffing for guts.
Probably him turning in to a new skull knight or some thing just as shit for him.

What if his party have to put him down after the beast takes over. It'd be a good ending.

Because she turns children into monsters that rape each other to death for fun?

Only children she doesn't really care about, she was gonna make Jill a "special" one.

Im not as pessimistic.

This reads a bit like ironic pasta, but desu I completely agree.

The story goes back to Rickert as their time on their island fast forwards the rest of the world. Rickert is fighting hoards of demons on his own while wearing a gigantic plate codpiece to avoid having a now adult Erica jump on his massive dick during combat

They haven’t been on the island for day, one or two years have past at most

By the time guts gets back, there would be a proper falconia resistance force and then we move on to the final arc

Next chapter focus goes to Rickert.
100% sure.

The same bait will be in the next thread for sure

You now realize that all the children Rosine turned into little demons are bruning in hell and know no release from it.

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The last 10 years have been fucking shit. Gags, boring fights, stupid villains,and we still have no development on the majority of the cast. No one gives a shit about Roderick, Serpico or Isidro. Schierke being the writer's pet also takes you out of the story.

Maybe that's why a lolicon like you likes nu-berserk

Better than haunting world forever.

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Well, I did say last 10 chapters, to be fair. Although I wouldn't agree with reducing the last 10 years to "fucking shit" either.

>till next time
is that "hiatus" in moonspeak?

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I think it's more of the fact that they don't consider him a threat at all. No matter how strong he becomes he would always be just a human to them, no more dangerous than an ant is to a human. Also, if Void was anything like Griffith, he probably finds Skull Knight's struggling as something amusing. I figure that when you're a god with almighty powers, you'd do anything to amuse yourself from boredom.

>boring fights
>guts killing a literal god

Cant wait until Guts kills one. I bet Conrad will be first.

Is being reunited with the collective consciousness so bad?

Well, gee, user. I don't know about you, but I would definitely not want to part of pic related.

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He got his revenge on the count. Best day of his life nvm he's dead

I ask her if she wants to meet the *real* faerie queen, and then I take a knife, cut her palm, and draw a magic circle using her blood. Then I get Puck to cover it with faerie dust while thinking really hard about Elfheim, and call on the spirits of the four elements to open a spirit-path to Elfheim.

Since the interior of an apostle's body is a spirit-path to the Astral Plane, a circle drawn in her blood would create a region "inside her body" where passage into the Astral Plane is possible, similarly to the artificial behelit that Ganishka made. By getting Puck to coat it in faerie dust, hopefully he'd be able to align the spirit-road so created to lead to Elfheim by aspecting it with faerie magic.

Then we head off to Elfheim, and we use Rosalie's character development over the course of that arc (namely, her dying regrets over her actions that led to this entire scenario), and we ask the Flowerstorm King to de-apostle-ize her and turn her into a real faerie. Faeries are connected to the positive parts of the human psyche, and Apostles to the negative, but if an Apostle truly regretted their actions and wished to change, would there be anything fundamental stopping them? And, judging by the Casca dream sequence, I think that the Flowerstorm King has the power to enact that sort of transformation on a willing subject.

Valkirye Chasca will join the brawl!

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Pretty sure it's meant to be a wedding dress made out of flower petals.

Which is pretty darn lewd, considering how some flowers are also a metaphor for women's genitals, and I think her dress may have been modeled after them...

Well, Berserk is already pretty overflowing with phallic imagery, I'm all for getting some pussy in there.

That’s not going to happen soon, in real time or in context of the story

Flowestorm King knows what what Dark Elfs and Casca are for.

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You feel that confusion and uncertainty over the state of the future? That worry that things aren't going to be ok, even though it seems like they should be?

That's how Guts is feeling right now. Miura did it intentionally.

And we still have people going
> MUH miura doesn't know how to draw anymore.
Fuck, all the panels featuring the eclipse have looked fucking awesome. I also love that it actually does look like how an actual total eclipse looks.

Brotip: Miura did probably the 20% of that panel, the rest is on the assistants.


Is the manga taking 20 years to stop hiatus representing the amount of time they’ve spent on the island

Imposed love

Yes. He is a genius beyond our ken.

Well yeah, no point in drawing a giant behelit face 120 times when there's another panel to work on.

Did she will blame Guts about the exlipse? When they asked her about guts she didnt have fully regained her memories.

Doubt it

No, but she probably won't be able to be around him without screaming

Looks to me more like he was just the trigger to remind her of everything that happened between Griffith's rescue and pohtahtoh mode.

Also guys, do you think there is any way Casca can be a useful member of the gang, fighting wise? I'm thinking, get some good magic items going, train hard in the Elf King's enchanted gym, she can probably be around Serpico's level without it looking like an asspull.

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Just give her the axe Guts was meant to have.

That's not very dark Elf princess like

What about the curse around her heart? It was just a metaphor for her dark memories or it is actually a thing? Like idk turn her evil or something?

She's already fulfilled her role of an elf when she got raped

Just her being scared and shit. We'll see how Guts handles her after her initial panic attack is over.

No, if anyone is to take the axe, that could be Rickert after the timeskip

>STR weapon

nah, too primitive for him. Isnt the axe lost anyway? Im sure elfheim has better weapons. Also that knight guy who worked with Farnese in the holy see. He could use it.

Well, that's kind of a hot take, but there is still that behelit in Guts' bag, and Casca is about to go through a lot of conflicting emotions...

He's using more primitive hammers on a daily basis. Besides, blacksmith means jacked, user.
>implying he won't have a minigun strapped to his left arm and swinging the axe with his right.
Azan is the one other guy who could logically use the weapon (because Guts sure as hell won't) but he's weapon is a bit of a signature too (he's called Iron Staff Azan for a reason) and it's unique enough, I wouldn't want it gone.
Then again maybe Miura has been consistently shrinking him down, maybe he intends to make him an actual dwarf
> Isnt the axe lost anyway?
Probably, that's why I said "if anyone"

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>there is still that behelit in Guts' bag

It's for Serpico when he realizes that he's a non-character.

I dont think Farnese and Shierke are nearby and Casca cant sacrifice someone already sacrificed.

Also I bet elf island wont let sacrifices happen. There will be some badass magic response.


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guts is most likely just a vessel for it
i really really doubt any of them could make someone else pass through what they now would happen
if caska is desperate because she cant deal with pain, suicide is a much more feasible reaction
she also doesnt really have a particular link with those guys, nor can offer gats

What if Caska or Guts tried to use it to sacrifice Griffith?

no apostle can eat him

Man, Gboi really got messed up.

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At least the girls were cute.

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his delts are ripped for a guy who was tortured and paralized for that long

Can't sacrifice an apostle methinks

When did Farny become so moe?

yeah, 2% bodyfat will do that to you