Fate/Extra Last Encore thread

Subs are out guys. Based shaft giving us the audience what we really want.

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Wtf picked up

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Seriously this episode was kinda weird.

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will mc and nero become a couple

No, they can't become a couple because she is already mine.

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Hmm if the original Hakuno was a girl, does it mean that at the of the anime when rin finds the capsule the body inside it will be a female body?

Is that the last episode for now or another 1hour one to finish the course?

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This is two cour? Are they adapting ccc or something?

I wish my cute book was back.

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Ded series

And? Did they fuck or what?

Dick the book.

She didn't even appear during her own arc.

Its not like the first part is over anyway and they cant possibly defeat Gawain and Buddha in 1 hour that is supposedly left.

As always, the sexiest person in Fate ... is (You).

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>and they cant possibly defeat Gawain and Buddha in 1 hour that is supposedly left.
Guess you've never seen rushed shit. It can get pretty bad.

But Gawain and Buddha are not enough for another cour?

Depends on how many pure Twice talking about life and how humanity is shit episodes in a row do you want.

That reminds me of that Gag Manga Biyori scene where a battle shonen manga artist is told that his series is cancelled and given 3 pages to wrap it up.

Eh encore isn't that bad. I like it a lot better than Apocrypha

>Nero one shots Gawain
>Nero one shots Buddha

Truly the best Saber there is and was.

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Selfcest is the thinking man's fetish.

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Oh shit, that's sweet.

>that one SoL comedy manga that got axed and suddenly turned into a battle shounen for 2 chapters before ending like shit
I forgot the name but I'll never forget that manga. The main heroine was called Dust, which was retarded.

So what are the chances of them being Tamamo's master?
I doubt it's going to be Rin since she's already the only supporting character left after Rain disappeared.

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There is still Amari who could be the 6th floor master.

What if Amari's her Master? I think it would be fitting.

do have another hint to try to find it?

I think we have to resign ourselves to the overwhelming possibility that we've seen about all the Nameless and Tamamo this show's going to give us.

>meme sub

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The actual sub is great, that's just a joke someone made up.

Is Chyuu dead? Are we left with memesubs?

These subs are very good, actually. I prefer them to Chyuu.
And yeah, they're ded.

Episode 10 will also air on TV as a regular episode. After Episode 10? Who knows. Maybe it'll be an special. Maybe it will be like Dies Irae and air some final episodes as ONAs. We'll probably know after episode 10

>[sad loli noises]

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Too late, this looks like SHIT.

This series made me love Nero even more. She's just so cute and positive.

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These subs are good, but FAR from very good. They're full of mistakes. In every episode Kooritsukai has subbed, there are some mistakes that completely change the meaning that's being conveyed. Just from the top of my head, we have these three.

The first is from episode 7. The line you see, it is COMPLETELY made up. Not a single word here is translated from what Rin said. Rin used Gae Bolg, she was talking about how it works with Cause and Effect. But he just pulled this shit about "smile" out of his ass, probably because he didn't understand what she said.

The second is from episode 8. Here, Twice says "no one could defeat me." Kooritsukai changed that to "I continued to live." He removed any reference to the fact that Twice was fighting. It's a completely different thing to just live than it is to keep fighting and win. I am continuing to live, it doesn't mean I'm unbeatable. Later, Twice mentions how he killed people. Removing this previous reference to his fights, it makes it seem like he killed AFTER shutting down SERAPH. That's not what happened. It was lack of results in his fights that led him to shut down SERAPH.

In now, in this episode, Nero says "Didn't you awaken to become someone." He translated it as "You didn't awaken to become some other person." See the difference? The first implies Hakuno wanted something, he was seeking to have an identity. The latter is Hakuno rejecting something, he didn't want to become someone else. These seem similar, because both are about identity, but they, again, carry different meaning.

That's just what I could think from top of my head. There's many more small mistakes, changing words that could imply the wrong thing just out of his personal preference, excluding references to certain things by changing the word used. I won't deny his subs are GOOD. But they're far from "very good" due these mistakes.

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>made me love Nero even more
B-but your beloved, SUPER-LOVELY Tamamo-chan!

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I just can't take servant Nero seriously because Nero is someone who had actually existed and whose life was documented, and these two people are nothing alike.

Nah, I chose Nero. Tamamo has no shortage of fans regardless, so she's going to be fine.

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This is Thomas Edison.
Any questions?

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Nero is a weirdo with no nipples tho?

>b-but what about....
It doesn't change anything.

That's just the same codecast Lip uses.

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Why the fuck does Fate Grand Shit exist?

I mean just look at that fucking atrocious design and the latest Caster that came out on JP. The servant classes and the classes don't make sense whatsoever.

>you will never be able to hug her and pat her head

It's not fair

Between Chyuu,Apex and Kooritsukai who is better in your opinion (if you watched all of them of course)

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Yes. Tesla is better than you.

Well, actually it does.

How does it change the fact that I can't take Nero seriously?

APEX gets the translation best, but he has a few spelling and grammar errors here and there.
Chyuu gets the most refined subs, but get the translation weird and too literal at times, due to their lack of knowledge of Nasuverse.
Kooritsukai is still far above the memesubs, but makes a few mistakes here and there. Still good, prefer him to Chyuu, due to him being more familiar with Nasuverse terminology.

Because Nero is far from the most ridiculous example. If you can't take her seriously, you wouldn't be able to take Fate seriously in general, and that makes the entire argument pointless.

Robin Hood pleases old men for intel!

of course she has

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If you hate historical figures being reimagined this much, why do you watch Fate?.

Because FSN, FZ and most of FE were reasonable in their reimaginations or used characters that were fictional to begin with.

I can't take Nero seriously, and I can't take the more ridiculous servants seriously either. What's your point?

Does Nero personally please all his citizens?

The casters they announced were Sathach's sister and Anastacia Romanov and neither look bad, though

You're just a hypocritical idiot
Nero is not worse than "dude Broskandar", or SAIKYO NO KUUUUUUUUUUURU Gilles summoning Cthulhu
Go watch a history docummentary if you love historical accuracy this much and stop watching anime

That you can't take 95% of Fate servants seriously. Because you know, King Arthur was not a dickgirl, Medusa didn't wear latex bondage gear and Francis Drake did not have tits larger than his head.

No, Nero only pleases her sousha

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>Nero is not worse than "dude Broskandar"
She is.

>King Arthur was not a dickgirl
Fictional character.
Fictional character.
>Francis Drake
The explanation is alluded to. The reasons for Nero being as different as she is are nonexistent.

King Arthur and Medusa never existed at all

>Nero is not worse than "dude Broskandar"
>She is.
Imagine being so stupid that you actually think this. Read a greek book.

...So, did they fuck?

>implying it is a good explanation
>implying broskandar is even close to the real thing

I bet archimedes was like this too

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>historical figures
King Arthur, Emiya, Cu Chulainn, Medusa, Medea, Sasaki Kojiou, Heracles. How many of these do you think are historical figures? They're all mythological and fictional characters. Re-imagining them mean is more acceptable, because they are imaginations to begin with.

Zero had three historical figures. Their powers and appearance was re-imagined, but their backstories weren't. Gilgamesh was still the asshole, arrogant, wise and absolute king. Iskandar was still the moronic, impulsive, tyrannical and charismatic conqueror of the world. Gilles was still a madman who murdered children and had a fascination with Jeanne.

I'm fine with little re-imaginations to give characters more superpowers, and more appealing appearance. But changing historical figures into something completely opposite of what they are, that's going too far. They've taken a tyrannical ruler, turned him into a misunderstood young girl who only loved people and her only mistake was placing her trust in those people. That's going to far.

>implying broskandar is even close to the real thing
>implying he's not

>Gilgamesh isn't fictional

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Iksanders personality in Zero was the exact opposite of how he was in life.

>The explanation is alluded to.
No it wasn't. Just like it wasn't with Minamoto no Raikou, Minamoto no Yoritomo, Miyamoto Musashi, Oda Nobunaga, Okita Souji, Attila the Hun etc.
Fate is not about historical accuracy, if you didn't notice.
>She is.
Alexander the Great was not a 212cm tall hunk of muscles who rode a flying chariot.

Gilgamesh was real. His name is recorded in the Urukian king-lists as the 5th king of Uruk.

>No it wasn't.
It actually was, retard. It's implied that FE Drake is the queen. Not sure why you're bringing up all that other FGO fodder.

Sure, he was.

>That's going to far.
>but giving King fucking Arthur a vagina and letting a readhead Japanese highschooler rape his mouth is not
Fucking hell m8.

The FD explanation only ever comes up in Extra and has been dropped since then. For all we know, it was retconned and we're supposed to accept titty pirate as the actual Drake. Not that this titty monster being queen Elizabeth I is much better.

It's a fucking fan theory. It was never actually alluded to anywhere at any point.
>FGO fodder
>Altera, Oda, Okita
>FGO fodder
Fucking newfags.

If Alexander existed today you all would be calling him a soyboy. He was a skinny twink who was into traps, spent all of his time writing poetry and playing music, and was known to be very insecure and fall into fits of jealousy and petty vengeance. Also he was famously short and fair-haired, not a 210cm bara giant.

If you have ANY experience with Arthurian myths, you'd know there is no definitive "King Arthur" character. He has changed a billion fucking times since his inception. Every writer throughout the history changes him into something completely different. A benevolent, cool guy. A fat, lousy and useless fuck who treats Guinevere shit. A hotheaded kid. A noble knight. A fighter that takes down GIANTS. Now he's a robotic girl. The "fucking highschooler" part isn't her backstory. Fictional character that gets re-imagined a whole bunch was re-imagined one more time. Big deal.

Tamamo is a bad wife

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And Nero's black legend is 2000 year old propaganda by butthurt early Christians than never happened, but sure let's all just believe ye olden fake news because we're too stupid to actually know western history and get all of our info from memes and pop articles.

Nice blood.

>m-my university teachers are all right, the written records are wrong!

If that's not a big deal to you, then nothing should be.
Historical characters can be re-imagined just like any other characters. If you're not going for historical accuracy, then it's not a problem. Besides, in real life Nero is being re-evaluated. It became obvious that a lot of things people were thinking about him turned out to be nothing but slander and propaganda by Christians and his own political enemies (and he had no shortage of those, as the political war that ensued after his death shows). Nasu knew this when he was writing Extra, and he decided to take a fresh look on Nero as a person.
Fate is not a historical documentary. It can be as historically accurate as Nasu wants it to be.

>Historical characters can be re-imagined just like any other characters
Can be, yes. I don't like it.

There are no written records from his contemporaries that we can call un-biased. None whatsoever.

>records written by people describing their sworn enemies are accurate in their depictions and represent unbiased sources that should be taken at face value!
Get out, faker. Go pretend to be /his/ somewhere else where people are stupid enough to believe your garbage. Like maybe Sup Forums.

Yeah, only records from like 2 generations after his death. But no, let's not believe what people wrote about him. Let's make things up.
And Hitler was also a loli girl who loved humanity and wanted everyone to get along. The records about him, they were written by people who were his enemies. He was popular in Germany, so he was all good. The records are all biased bullshit propaganda.

Nerofags are pathetic. "H-he was a great guy if you disregard the written records as being bullshit because he was kind of popular!"

B-but I read some historians doubt it on wikipedia, so he MUST have been just framed!

Goddammit, I really enjoyed the episode and Nero was cute as hell this episode guess I will just accept it was guilty pleasure of mine

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>muh Hitler
All of Hitler's critics records are corroborated by the records the Nazis themselves kept, since they were meticulous record keepers who were proud of everything they did, you faggot shitposter. Can you say the same for Nero? The answer is "no".

>now wants to be praised
He's being influenced by her.

>Yeah, only records from like 2 generations after his death.
Yeah, exactly. Now, imagine that you have a guy who really hated Nero. That guy had a son, and he told his son that Nero was a demon. And then that son told his son the same thing. And that son wrote it into a poem, and you're saying that the poem was an indisputable historical fact.
Now for example, let's see what Josephus writes in his Antiquities of the Jews, book 20, chapter 8:
> But I omit any further discourse about these affairs; for there have been a great many who have composed the history of Nero; some of which have departed from the truth of facts out of favor, as having received benefits from him; while others, out of hatred to him, and the great ill-will which they bare him, have so impudently raved against him with their lies, that they justly deserve to be condemned. Nor do I wonder at such as have told lies of Nero, since they have not in their writings preserved the truth of history as to those facts that were earlier than his time, even when the actors could have no way incurred their hatred, since those writers lived a long time after them.
And now consider that Josephus, being a Jew, was not exactly a huge fan of Nero.

>don't trust Josephus because he's a jew
>but trust him when he says people wrote about him wrongly
I have no real intent to argue about Nero, fuck the faggot, but at least get your argument straight.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't trust anyone. I'm saying that you should read as much as you can, and you should evaluate everything using your own head. Think out of the box, learn the context, at least google Tacitus' past before you read his works. If there's one thing I know about history, it's that the truth is always somewhere in-between two opposing arguments. Nothing is black and white, and nothing should be taken at face value. That's not how academia works.