You are Dekomori, what do?

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Use the anti-purity defense.

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Get fucked silly.

What now

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Did they kiss again in the movie?


rape Shinka and ask her to kill me

why do they kiss?

because they are friends

i don't kiss

if you become my friend, i will kiss you

Let Shinka have her way with me.

Just get a room already.

Cuck Rikka

Well, to be fair, Deko DIDN'T kiss a man.

The Shink is more of a man than you'll ever be

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Accept your fate.

i bugger little girls like Shinka for breakfast

You only brave on the internet.

come to my house, i will show you how brave am i

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Where do you live?

in your heart, baka

is there a summary of the movie anywhere?

The door to my heart is closed forever.

>Get to kiss Shinka
>Have to be Dekomori

Tough call, man

i cry and beg in front for 7 days and nights until you cannot stand it and embrace me the feverish me and take me right there in heavy downpour

You are homosexual.

i am bicurious and lonely


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>KyoAni created an original character for the sole purpose of meaningless yuribait that leads nowhere
>Making a movie entirely around some yuribait side characters in another show in order to hammer in their adolescence meme one more time

What the hell is their problem?

no IP

I'll keep staring at myself on the mirror!

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Masturbate furiously.