Why does Sup Forums like edgeshit?

Why does Sup Forums like edgeshit?

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Cause this board is full of underaged edgy faggots. I am a moefag and i hate edgyshit.

>Why do teenagers like “mature and deep” works that make them feel like an adult?

You don't have to false flag to get the conflict going

Why must Tokyo Ghoul fags shit on everything?


pic one and only one
also, OP sounds like a shonenfag so I'm not surprised...

It's a bait image, there was an image like this posted about Trigger shows that died with like 12 replies every time.


>OP sounds like a shonenfag
Every anime he listed is shonen, retard. If anything he's a SoLfriend, the only intelligent people on Sup Forums.

I Haven't even seen anyone on Sup Forums talk about Hellsing for years
Why must OP be such a faggot?

Sounds like you're the faggot for liking Hellshit.


>Hellsing, a comedy
>Berserk, mature on levels entirely different from the gore
>lol who reads old shit
>HxH, plain old shounen series
>AgK was read for the waifus
>Akagi is about cute boys being tsundere

I don't understand your image user.

Why did you respond to obvious bait

>Hellsing, Twilight except shit
>Berserk, shitty anime and even worse manga.
>Devilman, Hellsing except shit
>Hunter x Hunter, whoever made this should be hunted for making this shit anime
>Akame Ga Kill, more like Devilman 2
>Akagi, a show to brainwash fujoshi into becoming compulsive gamblers

You deserve a bullet in your head along with your parents for giving birth to such a failure.The only redeeming quality about your existence is that it will be filled with suffering and loneliness and you will never be able to propagate your deffective genes.

good job for saving this shit thread and responding to an obvious false flagger

>i live such a boring and meaningless life that watching 2d characters do mundane shit is exciting to me
Why are you even living at this point really,why do you keep struggling and forcing yourself to live in a world that will never accept or acknowledge your existence?It must be sad being so pathetic that you crave basic social interractions and the only place you can get it is in a shitty fucking cartoon.
Same applies for every sing SoLfaggot.

Do you think i'm a fucking mod?It's their fucking job to delete these type of threads not mine.

Berserk is the most boring shit ever.

Imagine being this dumb and new

i love snuff mangas and animes like akame ga kill and danganronpa

I'm not new friend,been here since 2012.

>Hellsing was garbage from the get go. Completely irrelevant series that's only mentioned due to burger nostalgia (not unlike FMA).
>Berserk turned into garbage after author's brain got fried over idolshit and it will never be completed.
>Devilman was concise and extremely novel at the time, extremely influential title; understandably a classic, even if one does not like it.
Eat a bag of dicks.

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>using semi colon, the fedora of puncuation
Fuck off autistic faggot. SoL is still king.

>current Berserker
i wish

Well, with that last chapter, you may be getting what you want.

Fuck off

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There's nothing inherently wrong with violence in Anime/Manga. This 'edgy' meme is getting out of hand.

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True, but there's plenty wrong with Devilman.

>putting garbage like Akame and Hellsing together with actually good manga
Go back to your anime general.