Quick post the best song from Bubblegum Crisis Sup Forums!

Quick post the best song from Bubblegum Crisis Sup Forums!

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This show sucked in every regard.

The music and aesthetics were great though.

Bubblegum Crash OP.

Mad Machine
Funky Doll
Konya Wa Hurricane

In that order.

No, you're thinking of yourself, you cocksucking faggot.

Episode 4 was fucking great. But overall, yeah. Not the best.

Funky Doll will always be the aerobics montage music of life

none. pre-historic show with a shitty pre-historic music genre that thankfully died out.

Go watch Attack on Titan, you faggot.

Kiss Me Boy

It had better animation, sound design, music, and art direction than anything airing today.

I just rewatched the first episode last week and no, it did not have animation worth noting. Its art is better, but animation wise it would have trouble competing with Märchen Mädchen.

And I say this as a long-time fan of the OVA series.

ugly as sin. old anime threw muddy shading on every characters face making them look gross. modern anime is cute and fun to look at.

Funky Doll is the best

it even has an unrelated hentai music video

None of you have gotten it yet.

>all these people bashing on bubblegum crisis
What the fuck happened to Sup Forums?
Why does it feel like people get more and more retarded with each year

I think many people eventually get tired of Sup Forums and leave. I was gone for 2 years, and only came back today to see all the shit in the catalog.

youtube.com/watch?v=aW7oJpi-RLY man the fitness culture used to be so much more fun, thanwhat we got now with all the thots and bullshit.

Aside from technology, everything about the 80's was better.


It always amazes me how this OVA gets better with every viewing, first time I watched it I thought it was good but nothing special, by the 3rd time I considered it a masterpiece. Interesting that while plot heavy shows tend to decrease in value the more you watch them, aesthetic oriented shows just get better and better.


Episodes 5-7 have much stronger animation than the first few episodes though. I can think of a few modern tv anime that have comparably good animation, but not in nearly as high of doses, and definitely not outside the realm of character acting. BGC was’nt the most fluid, but it really had a great sense of weight, perspective, and momentum to their combat scenes that I don’t see in most modern anime.

Just looking at two clips I don't really see it. BGC has a ton of strong background animation and does an excellent job simulating motion within three dimensional space while keeping a pretty high level of detail.


On the other hand, this was the best shot I could find from MM sakugabooru.com/post/show/45027

Which actually feels a lot like pre 80s anime in that it doesn't do a good job connecting its cuts together, everything feels very patched together, you don't get that sense of the characters traversing three dimensional space that you do in the BGC clip because they simply keep rapidly switching back and forth from different disconnected shots rather than showcasing their characters really moving through the space across many different dimensions.The reason being that doing so requires synergy between your background animation and character animation that is really hard to pull off and sustain for any decent amount of time. Likewise, the quick cuts are used to distract the viewer from the fact that none of the individual motions have that much going on in them. You don't get anything like the carefully crafted and realistically weighted trajectories and reactions of the tentacles and the mechas in the BGC clip in the MM clip. The only impressive part is that the explosions and water effects are very fluid, and that there is lots of hair animation during those short bits ( the least we should expect given that the art is of such low detail in most shots that it is much easier to do lots of animation than if you are working with more complicated 80s ova styled art). Other than that it is pretty lackluster in comparison to even BGC in its early episodes before the animation started to really get good.

At least it has some retro appeal. If you want old school schlock, this isn't too bad a choice.

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This show had the ambition and creative energy to pull off spectacular entertainment far surpassing the majority of todays ill considered shows; all without digital tech.
Go be a pleb elsewhere.

>Muh cute Moe

This is Mal tier mentality

You suck in every regard

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>pre-historic music genre
>he doesn't like 80s japanese pop
Get out

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>modern anime is cute and fun to look at
>this is what newfags actually believe

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It's not their fault their parents didn't raise them right.

Imagine actually being unable to appreciate this.

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you'd be an expert on sucking wouldn't you? should be a dick waiting for you to get working on any minute now.

Anri and Sylvie

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I like Bubblegum C as much as the next retrofag but it could've used a bit more polish. Now I know some fags will compare it to stuff by Sunrise, Ghibli and Gainax but really a lot of other anime at the time was better competitently shot. It looks rushed and I get that OAVs were still in their growing pains but man the first series goes through some pretty rough editing. People made fun of shitty anime like Chargeman Ken but CK was way older and on like one sixteenth of BC's budget and it still has better plot pacing and editing than BC. And CK is like the Plan 9 of retro anime. Obviously AIC had to cut the first series short and it really shows in the early episodes. You have to have the nostalgia glasses on for this series really. Honestly Pink Pineapple porn hentai ages and holds up better than BC.

Rock Me
Mad Machine
Funky Doll

The Trifecta of BGC’s OST