Stop it Sup Forums, just stop it, please, it's embarrasing

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Well, yeah, eva was good

evangelion + pacific rim + gundam + vandread ripoff, why even watch this recycled garbage? oh, i guess they added doggy style piloting so at least they changed something

You're right, Franxx is actually good because it doesn't feel the need to shove pointless symbolism down the viewers throat in a desperate plea to attract pseudointellectuals.

yeah, please stop making more franxx threads

Will trigger niggers stop pretending their shitty show is popular?
They continously spam threads of it in an attempt to make it the next big thing on Sup Forums like Madoka and KLK, the threads are the definition of forced hype.

Stop it Sup Forums, just stop it, please, it's cancerous.

Is this show split cour I want to see if this shitshow will sell well in Code Geass's shadow

Don't worry
Once this turd ends everybody is going to forget about it

>advocating generals

No, user... YOU are the cancers.

And then the next Trigger anime airs and this starts all over again.

There's a difference between keeping it in one thread and having a general, you stupid reddit newfag.

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It's a big flop already.
***,726位/***,650位 (**1,519 pt) [*,*15予約] 2018/04/25 【Amazon.co.jp限定】ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス 1
**2,495位/**2,379位 (***,976 pt) [*,*16予約] 2018/04/25 ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス 1(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]

how much better would this anime be if the Franxx were intelligent AI and had no need for pistils

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Tell me about your banner and I'll show you mine. Then we will see who is the newfag.

If it was a degraded Eva it would still be better than this mech bait & switch that only has teenage drama.

Crunchyroll astrosurfing campaign.

This must be a troll.

Are you hitting on me? Neck yourself.

It's literally edgy star driver down to the plagiarized mech designs.

I rest my case.

>be retarded
>claim you win when nobody can make sense of your retardation
Ok kid.

Whats the matter pseud? Afraid people caught onto your series' gimmick?
Anno himself literally admitted that the symbolism has no meaning. In other words its literal padding. Sorry to shatter your illusions.

You were not around for the last banner sortie. I have nothing to talk to you about.

Wait, so you're literally trying to say you're an oldfag because you submitted a Sup Forums banner? I can understand how you don't even know what a general is now. Neck yourself retard.

You're right this isn't like eva at all.

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I'm not defending Eva, you're defending Franxx. Franxx is objectively bad if you have more IQ than a starving african child.

Whatever you say EVAfag. I bet your the same kind of person who jerks off seasonal moe crap because you must fit in with Sup Forums at all costs.

>he said while creating another franxx thread to fit in with his Sup Forumsros


Fuck off generalfag.

>doesn't know what a general is

Sorry friend, but Trigger is the future and moe is dead.

>he hasn't seen flop in the cuckshed's sales

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2/3 of the top dogs this season are moe and the 1/3 is a drama from kyoani.
Your shit flopped honey.

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>implying sales matter to overall popularity
Citizen Kane bombed at the box office when it came out, whats youre point?

>Citizen Kane

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Flopped studios are everything but the future.

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>the most influencial movie of all time
Call me when your moe reaches nearly half the influence kid.
Not even true. Merch still makes the majority of money.

>Call me when your moe reaches nearly half the influence
This coming from a faggot who complains about "too much moeshit in anime".

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>the onaholes will save the show I swear

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>Countless "Good" anime abandoned because of bad sales
>Shitty anime propelled forward because of good sales
>Shitty anime abandoned because of bad sales
Guess which one "Meme in the Cuckshed" is faggot? If you guess option 1 or 2, you're fucking retarded.

I mean future influence, as in "people will remember this in a week and not just treat is as regurgitated crap". McDonalds is super popular, but does anyone remember the time they ate there as a unique experience? No, and neither does moe.

are you comparing Darling In the Franxx and Citizen Kane?

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>he thinks people will buy figs of a slut and star driver clone mechs


>nobody remembers moe, they just coincidentally put it in every anime
t. "franxx is the citizen kane of anime"

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>"Limited Edition 02 Onahole: So loose you have literally no hope of guessing howmany people used it before it was packaged and sold to you!"

It would be a fucking boring sausage fest.

who will buy a preused, milk filled onahole?

You can't honestly believe some fans didn't have the immediate reaction "We get five Talburn waifus?!?"

I never said that, stop strawmanning me.
Of course it will. Thats how the industry works now. Do you think that BD sales are relevent considering how they are declining overall for all anime?
Maybe if you have shit taste sure, but Franxx is a good series regardless of what morons like you think.

Only the "muh speculah" autists kept trying to over-analyze it like it was Eva. A lot of other people are enjoying it for the relationships.

They're literally mediocre looking versions of Tauburn.
Just get a fucking Tauburn
>he thinks people will buy kokoro's 30 centimeter diameter onahole

Who tf said its like eva?

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I find it cute that you believe it, too.

you definitely were implying that Darling in The Franxx is similar to Citizen Kane

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Yeah just like everyone forgot Gurren Laggan and Kill la Kill right?

>children don't buy BD
>but somehow they'll buy fragile expensive merch

You people sure are obsessed with putting your dicks in stuff huh. I guess it makes sense to have childish humor considering you like childish stuff like moe.

That part is true, though. Most Evafags are pretentious pseudo-intellectuals.

That's correct. This is far more nuanced than Eva.


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Projecting much?
No I wasn't, I said financial success doesn't always relate to popularity. Both are great in there own ways though.

Why is Citizen Kane great

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>Kokoro Onahole: After ordering you just receive a picture of some other guy using it

It has good plot and characters unlike moe.

Yeah I will. Problem is that it's Figuarts that is doing the human characters, and they suck at anime characters.

FranXX is only popular in the west bro. Even muh twitter trends are mostly westerners posting waifu shit and NTR.
Your shitshow is literally going to get pushed aside by the spring lineup.

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I laughed so hard my cat woke up. Thanks user.

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>It's good regardless of everyone else thinks because I personally have no taste

>Series is shit in every aspect but a few characters and animation already expected of the studios involved but is in no way indicative of the quality
>It's just people stuck on over-analyzing the aspect I consider bad myself

Yeah I don't really hang up on much past its immediate relevance.

Okay, this one made me laugh.

I want to burn Kokoro alive!

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Let me guess. You were too young when eva was the hot shit and now you're being contrarian
KLK is rightfully forgotten, please don't put it into the same line as TTGL

Thats definitely not the reason why people think its great

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The whole point of discouraging generals is to stop people from spamming pointless threads with no discussion whatsoever, which is exactly what the retarded redditors spamming 5 threads for the meme anime of the season are doing
Neck yourselves, you human shits.

I want to get married by my parents because I'm never getting laid otherwise!

The opposite is true for your borefest though.
You have no taste. It has artistic merit, objectively this is true if you just look at the style which hasn't really been done before (the mixing of certain types of westernized style into anime).

I hope you're prepared to justify that.

It has teenagers piloting doggystyle and ntr

>Ichigo Onahole: After ordering you receive a handwritten letter saying they aren't actually making them, with a crusty 02 Onahole crammed haphazardly in the same package.

The same way Fate/Stay:Unlimited Budget looks pretty but is still a steaming pile. Nothing of value added or lost to the industry beyond the experience and paychecks to the artists.

Well, at least FranXX isn't literally just a melodrama for teenage girls and housewives featuring an autistic discount Saber.

>isn't literally just a melodrama for teenage
>Hey, do you promise to be with me forever
>Nevermind lol, I'd rather pilot with chad thundercock
user, are you alright?

Yeah instead it's melodrama for teenage boys and tumblr landwhales.

>triggerfags saying moeshit
>when Darling has more SOL than most other mech shows

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>Is still a melodrama for teenage girls and housewives featuring an autistic NTR cutout

Whatever you say dude. Franxx has nothing to do with Fate so im not even sure why your comparing them.

>implying EVA wasn’t just teen drama

It actually had cool fights instead of some lego shit

Nah, franxx is just forgettable in every regard.
VEG, however, will plague specific threads out of sheer and overwhelming production values.

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>Claims the nice and unique artstyle/animation is the best thing going for it that will influence anime to come
>Unlimited budgetworks was the same thing, but still better
>Everyone ignores these two "nice looking" shows because they can't produce them and corner-cut at the same time

you can make threads as much as you want, if no one replies that just means you're irrelevant and suck dicks.

I said artistically it is great and influencial, not that realistic animation is influencial because it obviously isn't. Your strawmanning me by going back to me saying franxx was influencial rather than being remembered as good, which it will be, so deal with it.

Sunrise is shitting out mecha every season, the only reason franx'll be remembered is because of ntr memes

Or maybe thats what you kids will remember it for cause you are obsessed with it to an unhealthy degree.

This show is literally targeting horny teens, so it'd work as intended

Sounds more like VEG to me.


You must watch Sargoy of Cuckad with howmuch you overuse the word "strawman" to defend yourself from arguments.

And spergs trying to defend it, at least on Sup Forums. Or celebrities making untimely references on social-media like that one pink-hair twitter thing I vaguely heard of.

>Everyone ganging up on you with memes for being a fucking spergy autist defending a shit show without end in sight or concessions
>"They are the obsessed losers!"