Just caught up with the last couple of episodes

Just caught up with the last couple of episodes.
As much as one might not like it, Futoshi was right in his outburst near the end of the episode. What he did earlier may've embarassing, but him punching Mitsuru was 100% justified.

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And Mitsuru did the correct thing in letting Fatty punch him to spare him even more embarrassment.

Who cares. Mitsuru had 556 in the pocket already.

Tell me anons
How will the fit/lit duo play out?

In the end of the episode, everyone get what they wanted and deserved.

Sup Forums get to shitpost till next week.
Mitsuru get someone who actually care a lot about him and not constantly mocking him.
So does Ikuno.
Nana and Hachi get better performance out of two shitty mech.

Yeah, that's why Mitsuru took the punch. Didn't change matters though because Mitsuru outright claimed the girl afterward and she sure as hell didn't protest, so Fatoshi's white knighting was in vain.

and based milkman accepted that and didn't even flinch, what a fucking man

From what I see on a neutral standpoint:

1. Futoshi shouldn't be so pushy with his promise
2. Kokoro shouldn't go along with the promise
3. Kokoro breaking the promise is not surprising when we see how it was formed
4. She apologize for it.
5. Everything turn out better in the end.

I guess the only thing those fatties cared about is the first 4 points, and some might even argue that she never apologize for it. The rest of the things they don't care: Kokoro knew it was a bad thing to break promise and told Mitsuru just that in the Franxx, and to be honest she did it to help Mitsuru because everyone clearly see that he has problem but no one can help him. Another thing no one cares is that after this incident, Futoshi, Kokoro and Mitsuru all grow as a person, and Ikuno got to at least try to court Ichigo, which is exactly my point 5.

Futoshi turned out to be GAR as fuck in this episode

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He looks shredded as fuck in that middle left image. Will that be future Futoshi or just a mirage?

So you would rather an innocent homo get punched than the lying thot? You're fucked up in the head, dude.

He's got the bulk. A good cut would take him to built easily.

He's no homo, stop using head cannon


Yes it was, and that's why Mitsuru didn't even try to dodge. He knew he was in the wrong and he took it in stride.

>him punching Mitsuru was 100% justified.
How? Literally what did Mitsuru did wrong? Kokoro volunteered to trade; Mitsuru didn't even say he wanted to trade at all, let alone with Kokoro. Kokoro made the promise to always stay with Fatshit; Mitsuru never made any promise to not take Fatshit's partner. Mitsuru did literally NOTHING wrong. Cock-Whore-O is the morally guilty party and a lying cunt, and Fatshit created the problem by being a clingy beta bitch with no concern for Cock-Whore-O's feelings.

Is Futoshi lowkey the strongest pilot?
>Is able to pilot with Ikuno without any training whatsoever
>Pilots better with Ikuno than the homo did
>Also able to pilot well with Kokoro

>literally BAWLING his eyes out over his childhood gay crush

How was Mitsuru in the wrong? Kokoro instigated everything.

He's probably behind Hiro at the least because self-insert MC hax.

First hit attempt was not justified, as milkfaggot was unrelated to Kokoro's betrayal.

2nd hit was indeed justified, milkfaggot sperging for his boycrush put the whole team in danger.

How? It's not like Mitsuru seduced her. Fatty, like Sup Forums, is just a pathetic white knight with obvious double standards.

Futoshi should get an oni too. A blue one. This one actually follows the rules and he will join her and become the enemy. Yes. I would love that. Nobody expect the nice guy to become Sasuke.

>Futoshi should get
Fat people deserve nothing.

Nice people should though.

They need to delete/bad Franxx threads at this point. The shilling is next-level awful.

>Nice people should though

Keep telling yourself that, nice guy.

They are already deleting some. Just being lazy about it.

Futoshi is the nice guy. Not me.

That's not being homo faggot

>Kokoro didn't go STAMPEDE mode
This is what I'm the most mad about. The thing even has Unit 01's colour scheme, it would've been nice.

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I dunno, I got the price of admission: The fact that Kokoro willingly attempted it, the fucking crazy bitch, kinda drives home the whole "I'm secretly just as mental as the rest of us." angle.

Redemption arc inc

Honestly, sperging over the promise being broken is stupid. People say they're mad because it was broken five minutes after it was made, but that's the exactly reason sperging over it is stupid. If it is something the character has been beholden to from the beginning, then betrayal in the future warrants a strong reaction. A promise being swiftly broken shortly after it is made is laughworthy, so even if the work insists it is a totally big deal, the rational mind should not.

As you say, it was nothing more than a convenient device for plot and character development.

Futoshi is not a nice guy. Futoshi is a self-centered shitbag who also hates himself.
>constantly eating
>bases his self-worth on his qt waifu, immediately feels as miserable as possible as soon as she leaves
>actually cares little for her as a person, but rather simply "loves" her for the good feelings she gives him
>places blame on everyone but himself when things go wrong
Futoshi is a piece of shit that masquerades as a nice guy so that people don't hate him, because he couldn't stand if others disliked him as much as he himself does.

I assume that some are just such cancerously funny memefests of someone terrible trying to defend the show, that the mods are just too distracted or amused.

And Mitsuru agrees. That's why he didn't dodge this time.

>this entire post
why do girls even watch anime?
please leave

They just can't accept the fact that the promise you forced on a girl will be broken in no time. They thought girls should be like those characters in galgame, once you got them, you got them.

I just watched the episode. This meme is so fucking overexaggerated and forced.

Same poster as
actually, faggot. As I said there, Kokoro is unarguably morally in the wrong. She did a shitty thing, and the fact that she did it to a shitty person makes the thing she did no less shitty. But just being hurt doesn't suddenly make Fatshit a saint. He's a faggot.

Just neckbeard sperging out because they self-inert as the fatman Futoshi.

>girl ditches you
>punch the she leaves with
Perfect logic huh?

>>bases his self-worth on his qt waifu, immediately feels as miserable as possible as soon as she leaves
He actually loves her though. Always asking her if he did things right. Trying hard to get her recognition. Not his fault that Cockro was a lying bitch.

>>actually cares little for her as a person, but rather simply "loves" her for the good feelings she gives him
She's nice to him and act like she cares for him. She literally never tried to open up to him, ever. Every other interaction he would see is from his teammates. Which they bonded through driving the fucking mechs. It literally isn't his fault Cuckro never tries to open up to him. He on the other hand always open up to her. It also didn't help Kuckooro case that literally everybody else is honest with him.

>>places blame on everyone but himself when things go wrong
He literally ask what he did wrong when the lying bitch ask for a swap. What more do you want?

At this point people are just so fucking bored with this show. It's been 5 episodes of fucking nothing.

Weak arguments. Just lose weight, fatty.

Better than no argument am I right?

>He actually loves her though. Always asking her if he did things right. Trying hard to get her recognition.
You're literally proving my point. He gives no shits about her feelings, her status. He doesn't even notice she's missing in the beach ep for a while. He just wants her to validate his self-worth.

>It literally isn't his fault Cuckro never tries to open up to him. He on the other hand always open up to her.
True, absolutely true. Cock-Whore-O is overly passive at the worst times and then suddenly takes a really shitty action when the opportunity arises. I'm not excusing her, merely pointing out that Fatshit is, in fact, both fat and shit.

>He literally ask what he did wrong when the lying bitch ask for a swap. What more do you want?
Some self-awareness would be nice, rather than snapping at Zorome and Mitsuru. While Cock-Whore-O cunted it up to a degree unseen in any but 3D cunts, he is the one who created the situation.

>Futoshi was right in his outburst near the end of the episode.
Kokoro is a selfish cunt with zero regard for anyone else's feelings, but no, he was not. He should have been angry at Kokoro for always lying to him and then not even having the decency to talk to him about this in advance and instead just ignoring him. Instead he punched Milkman who didn't even want any of this.

I hope Kokoro gets what she deserves, too.
>Mitsuru turns out to be sterile due to that shot he took as a child
>Kokoro cucked herself out o the one single thing in life she actually cares about

>Literally what did Mitsuru did wrong?
He didn't protect her from harm. He knows that and took his punishment, swearing that Kokoro is in his hands now, leaving Fattie completely defeated.

I don't mind the past 5 episodes just being the characters dealing with internal conflict and puberty, but I don't want to be reminded of dumb shit I said and did in middle school because of it.

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>implying they're not all sterile
There's no way these test tube babies aren't sterilized by their various adjustments.

>she did it to help Mitsuru
Rewatch the scene in the flower garden between her and Mitsuru right after their test ride. The first thing she does is start a conversation about having children and when he asks her why she volunteered she refuses to give him an answer.
She did it because she doesn't like fatty and Mitsuru makes her wet. Not because of any considerations with regard to team efficiency. If that had been the reason she wouldn't have risked breaking a functional pilot for the sake of maybe saving one (she couldn't even know if he'd manage to sync with her) and she wouldn't have had any problem explaining herself to Mitsuru.

>milkman was assblasted this whole time cause hiro forgot his promise to assblast him

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You faggots always wish for doom and gloom, but it never happens because things you get mad at all almost always written as positive developments.

This anime keeps getting more ridiculous.

>implying Hiro forgot
He pulled a Kokoro. Made an awkward "Y-Yeah sure, totally, I'll ride in the FranXX with you... good luck with that Elixir thing!" Then when Milkboi survived, he dropped the tactical nandatte like he did on Ichigo.

I hope futoshi learns his lesson about being clingy fuck and relax with the munching. Or just drop being a clingy fuck at least. It would be a shame if kokoro going to be brain zap to zero due to reading the probably prohibited motherhood related book, the adult council might let her go and just observe her for a while.

You don't disagree with user. She did want to help Mitsuru, not because she's "such a nice girl", but because she's attracted to him.

And it keeps being about nothing. Test tube teenagers discovering love for fuck's sake. God bless Zorome for trying to progress some plot. That annoying little shit became the best character by a country mile after that episode.

>character who did not knowingly do anything wrong but is just naive and was being misled
>deserves all the misery
>character who was fully aware that she was treating another person unfairly (not the promise but her always lying to him)
>it's okay, she's innocent
sasuga, Sup Forums

>implying /ourguy/ BASED Zorome the Great has ever not been the best boy

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That’s enough Franxx threads for today, the next episode cant come any faster

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I was wrong. I see that now.

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Go on a diet, fatfuck.

Guilt, innocence, desert -none of that shit matters. Fatass lost the girl and must deal with that.

they are watching

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I don't know what you're trying to say here, Sup Forums isn't one person and Kokoro has been shit on a lot since the episode aired.

Who are these faggot elevens?

>You're literally proving my point. He gives no shits about her feelings, her status. He doesn't even notice she's missing in the beach ep for a while. He just wants her to validate his self-worth.
How is that validating his self-worth? He cares for her. Not himself. Not the person she thought was him. He ask for her if he did things right. He wants to hear her opinions. If she said anything else besides "You're doing great.". Maybe Futoshi would know more what she wants. This also ties in to the part that Kockoro didn't try to open up with him. Do you understand? She didn't even give him the chance to understand her. What she gave is a camouflage that's painted on a wall that she put up whenever she is around Futoshi.

>Some self-awareness would be nice, rather than snapping at Zorome and Mitsuru.
He didn't blame Zorome nor Mitsuru though for Cockro wanting to break up. His snap at Zorome is unjustifiable but he was angry at the time. His snap at Misturu at first was because he doesn't care they change partner, which basically mocks him for actually caring. This shows Mitsuru is a douche at first. The second snap was because he didn't protect Cuckro which obviously will make Futoshi angry.

None of this show that Futoshi is a self-centered shitbag.

>rides with best girl
>loves best girl
>best girl loves him back
>healthy interest in his girl's body
>she likes that he's interested in her body
>uncovers signs of a sick conspiracy
>brutally honest

>doesn't do anything to follow up on the weird ass shit he found out
>male with red hair

>How is constantly asking "Am I doing this right?" seeking validation?
You're genuinely too fat for me to explain this to. Lose some weight.

Fucking chink go back to where you belong.

>red hair
Zorome is brunette. In what universe is this a shade of red? Also, he may well have gotten mindwiped like 02 and Hiro did. He's definitely a manlet, though I'd hesitate to call that a negative.

it makes it so much easier to IMAGINE things with him

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Merely pretending.

>asking an opinion on the work you are doing is something done to validate self-worth
Wow user. I think I'm going to stop trying to please people. Fuck them. I should only care for myself. And people should love me for it. Wait, that sound too much like tumblr.

Yeah, see, you might have a point. If he ever asked her how SHE was doing. But he didn't. Because he only cares about himself, and his affection for Cock-Whore-O is entirely superficial.

He's not quite Subaru but he was similarly absorbed in his own waifufag fantasy and humanizing his character would show he also deals with insecurities of his own or has to recognize and overcome his flaws.

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That's actually a really apt comparison. He's basically a fat Subaru who acts nice so people like him.

Come on man, that other guy was clearly trying to paint this as her being selfless and just doing what's best for the team. That is absolutely not the case, she did this because she wanted to do this for herself, no other reason. She did not even ask milkman in advance if he even wants to pilot with her.

he was definitely pretty fucking obnoxious with his hatred for Hiro at the beginning but he's grown on me

Zorome didn't do anything about his discoveries because they're MK Ultra-ing his ass.

>How is that validating his self-worth? He cares for her.
You'll never convince them, man. The thought that anyone might actually be genuinely nice with no second thoughts is completely alien to these people because they themselves are incapable of it.

How I saw it, by user

Futoshi *munching on a chicken leg and looking at her like a big fat creep*: We'll be together forever, right?
Kokoro: Uh, yeah, sure.
Futoshi *licking the chicken meat sauce off his fingers*: It's a promise!
Nana: Alright, you now have the option to switch partners!
Kokoro: Oh thank god! Fuck you, fatty.
Futoshi *with snot coming out of every orifice*: NOOOOO YOU BELONG TO ME! REEEEE!
Mitsuru: I really want to suck Hiro's penis.
Ikuno: I really want to lick Ichigo's pussy.

It was just bants. And a fair amount of short-man syndrome. He got over it quick enough once Hiro proved that he was able to stop being a fuck, unlike Mitsuru, who still cradles his injured gayboner.

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is this Darling in the Franxx

No, it's shit in the shit.

That's what Killing Bites is

Maybe user was. But I don't have a problem with her action not being selfless.

No, this is Patrick. I'm not a darling.

No, its shrimp on the barbie.

>It was just bants.
It wasn't recognizable as bantz at first because we knew nothing about him. That's why I eventually started to like him even though he never really changed.

>i dont have a problem with her not being selfless
>but futoshi should be flayed and lynched for daring to love someone

Did he not ask? It's not like he didn't care to ask her anything. He did. He cared for her safety. If you think that's superficial than the love people have for each other is superficial.

alright, I was just pointing out that user was trying to paint her in a much more positive light than she deserves. she's not selfless and she even says so herself

Well, at least the OP is the best of the season.

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